Heathrow Third Runway Take Off Delayed

Plane landing at Heathrow

Plane landing at Heathrow

The lobby groups have lobbied, the Davies Commission has deliberated, a recommendation has been made and a decision to proceed taken by the Government. All of those things are true except the last one. It had been expected that a ruling on whether to go ahead with the construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport would be taken this month. That is no longer going to happen after the Government announced that the decision would be put back to next summer to allow for further work on the environmental impact. Air quality and pollution remain real concerns.

Business types reacted with disappointment to the news whilst environmentalists and residents were broadly positive. For many, whichever side of the Heathrow debate they sit on, it just means more months of uncertainty and a chance for yet more lobbying.

The news also means the decision will take place after May’s elections for London Mayor in which the staunch anti-expansionist Mr Zac Goldsmith MP is the Conservative candidate. A funny co-incidence if there ever was one. David “no ifs, no buts” Cameron is caught in a tricky spot when it comes to biting the bullet on the third runway decision. The business lobby is campaigning hard for it but many influential London MPs and their constituents are vehemently opposed. The deferral could be regarded as giving a glimmer of light for the opposition groups although on the face of it, it feels much more like a convenient political fudge. And we haven’t even got near the judicial reviews yet. This one could run and run.

* BBC News
* Teddington Action Group – local opposition group
* Richmond Council – opposed to Heathrow expansion
* Back Heathrow – pro 3rd runway


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3 responses to “Heathrow Third Runway Take Off Delayed

  1. Twickersargyle

    I (fairly) confidently predict that the Third Runway will never happen. Even if approved, it will become so mired in legal challenge and review by wealthy West Londoners that it’s whole point will be overtaken by events and technological developments.

  2. twickerman

    Whst a monster truck up!

    Could be the next Chilcot Report.

  3. Twicktor Meldrew

    What a gutless govt we have. Innovation will mean environmental issues will be a long way to being tackled by the time the thing is finished. What backbone does Cameron have!