Twickenham Riverside – Are The Natives Revolting?

Extract of design from LBRuT website

Extract of design from LBRuT website

Arguments over the plans for Twickenham riverside rumble on as LBRuT’s 11th December deadline for feedback fast approaches. The idea for the newly purchased site running down Water Lane from King Street to the river hasn’t met with universal approval. OK, forget universal approval, it doesn’t even seem to have met with widespread Twickenham approval. We recently ran a simple 24 hour poll on Twitter. It read: “What’s your view on LBRuT’s new design concept for the Twickenham Riverside development?” and it offered a choice of two options:
(a) Broadly right
(b) Simply wrong

121 voted, not a large sample we’ll admit and not a very scientific poll but the results were:
(a) Broadly right 37%
(b) Simply wrong 63%

Interesting. Comments on other social media platforms tell a similar story. The Richmond & Twickenham Times ran their own poll and managed to find a few more people in favour, but not too many more.

The regency style development complete with amphitheatre, flats and shopping arcade has generated plenty of heated debate and the slanging match has continued in the press. The R&TT reports on local Lib Dem Head Honcho, Gareth ‘Red Robbo’ Roberts accusing the current conservative administration of hypocrisy over comments made back in 2008 by Geoffrey Samuel, now the Council’s Deputy Leader (from central casting), about not handing over public land for private development only to come up with a plan in 2015 that could see up to 40 flats on the site. Different times, different plans? You decide.  And to help you do just that we’ve even included a link below to the housing-focused scheme favoured by the Lib Dems back then too.

Meanwhile, the Twickenham Lido brigade say they have been talking to other architects, including Kemp Muir Wealleans (KMW) who were not selected for the Twickenham gig, about alternative options. Where this one will go we just don’t know considering that El Brute seem dead set against any kind of lido plan whatsoever. “This lido’s not for building” as a fictitious local Conservative Councillor might yet say in a bizarre tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

Whether it’s ‘Lido a-go-go’ or ‘Lido a-no-no’, many residents are still expressing reservations about the idea of housing as part of the scheme, about the scale of it, about whether it really opens the town to the river and about the regency styling which harks back to the glory days of, well, Richmond, rather than lil’ ol’ Twickenham.  As you know, the chosen architects for the Twickenham site, Q&F Terry, redeveloped Richmond Riverside some years back and their new ideas for Twickenham fit squarely within their remit as ‘designers of new classical buildings’.

In the spirit of referencing the past, we tracked down these images on the excellent Britain from Above website. You can see how Richmond’s current Terry-designed riverside has a nod to its previous incarnation. As for their plans for Twickenham, perhaps less so.

Richmond – back in the day

Britain from Above - Richmond Bridge 1949 Original image -

Britain from Above – Richmond Bridge 1949
Original image –

Before – Twickenham in 1928

Britain from Above - Eel Pie Island, 1928 Visit page

Britain from Above – Eel Pie Island, 1928
Visit page

Now – Twickenham in 2015

Twickenham Embankment from Eel Pie Bridge

Twickenham Embankment from Eel Pie Bridge

After – Twickenham in 2020?

Extract of design from LBRuT website

Extract of design from LBRuT website

The El Brute consultation remains online for your comments. The Council has said it will listen to feedback and that the design can be modified. Will the modifications be sufficiently wide in scope to satisfy all those who have expressed reservations? Will a silent majority now rise up as one and voice their support? Who knows. It would be fascinating to see the consultation feedback. There’s also a pop-up shop on Church Street where you can scrutinise the proposals and talk to a responsible adult from the Council. It’s open until 9th December on Tuesdays through to Fridays (11am – 3pm) and on Saturdays from 11am – 5pm).

The deadline for your own comments is 11th December. Have your say here. Have your say there.


* LBRuT: Twickenham Rediscovered concepts and consultation – deadline 11th December
* Twickenham site designs – PDF
* Quinlan & Francis Terry Architects
* Twickenham Lido
* KMW’s Ideas for Twickenham
* The 2009 Twickenham River Centre Plan
* Britain from Above – aerial images


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67 responses to “Twickenham Riverside – Are The Natives Revolting?

  1. This week’s print RTT has one letter (p 18): ‘New design ’cold and vacuous’‘ by Jim McClusky.

    • Sally

      Our very own Lord True has made it into Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs ! Again! This time his award is for his u turn on accepting RFU fgifts…”flashy freebies” when accepted by other paroles..just tribute when accepted by M’Lord..and Lady True and all. I scanned the RTT in vain for a mention.

    • Sally

      -sorry that should be “accepted by other Parties”

  2. Today’s print RTT has three letters: ‘Riverside project a ‘jumble of unrelated pieces’‘ from David Johnston; ‘Come together for a solution’ from James Woodford; and ‘About time we know (sic) about plans’ from me:

    Sir:- There is no need for a fresh competition to choose a design for the Riverside. The Council invited five architects to submit their proposals but has only published the one from Francis Terry. One of the others has been published by its authors, the local firm Kemp Muir Wealleans, at

    Another, based on discussions with the Lido Group, has been discussed in outline only at; they have been threatened with legal action if they reveal any details. We know nothing about the other two schemes.

    The way forward is clear: scrap the Terry scheme, publish the other four and let the residents of Twickenham choose.

    • Alexis

      Mr Squire really seems to have no shame.
      Here he is repeating his letter in the R&TT, slamming the latest Tory proposals without reminding us that he was pretty vigorous in support of the even worse LibDem plan to sell off the majority of the site for luxury housing which cost them the election and probably Lourie’s knighthood. Phew!
      “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” I bet you regret that faux pas Chris! Something he has studiously neither acknowledged nor denied.
      If he were a bit more constructive rather than instructive/destructive, I might bother to read more of his posts. Until he does, I will leave him to his political posturing.
      PS: Time for a change of LibDem spokesman, Gareth?

    • Justin Welby

      A happy (and charitable) new year to you, Alexis!

    • Alexis

      My thanks to Mr Welby for his good wishes.
      “Charitable”? I will try my best but some people, particularly LibDem activists and Barry Edwards of UKIP will undoubtedly continue to challenge my best endeavours.
      Whilst I may seem like a rabid Tory – I’m actually not, I’m simply firmly opposed to the local LibDem regime which ruled us for so long under the iron hand of Sir David Williams.
      On the national stage, I am extremely concerned about the mess the Labour party has got itself into which looks as though it might last for years – we badly need a viable opposition to apply checks and balances on Tory ambitions and Labour was the only party to provide it.
      Whilst I found Miliband bright but utterly ineffectual, his legacy is a disaster for the Labour party and is bad for all of us.

    • Sally

      Alexis, may I just say that your wit and firm courage in dealing with Mr Edward’s grandiose claims and silly threats raised you to a very high place in my estimation.
      Everybody-if I have read previous posts correctly, any day notw the appalling attempt to push through the riverside development will start up again. Time to get the FOI requests ready.

  3. This week’s print RTT has 4 letters on the Riverside (pp 18 – 19): Accurate reporting from Muriel Sprott; Artists’ (sic) impression of an opened up riverside from Jennifer Wyatt; Development is inappropriate and does not suit area’s needs from Deon Leonard; and Contest for designers from Jum McClusky.

  4. twickerman

    Below are the next steps and proposed timeline according to El Brute website.
    It appears from this that we ‘revolving natives’ won’t be consultated again until the planning application is submitted. The planning application timeline of just 3 months suggests a rapid rubber stamping of the fait accompli deign. This seems to be wildly optimistic.

    What Happens Next
    Following the completion of the consultation and the feasibility study and after careful consideration of the comments and feedback, the Council will publish a more detailed programme along with the development strategy and project governance for the next stages of the scheme. Cabinet approval will also be sought to proceed with any development, along with the submission of any planning applications.

    Proposed timeline

    November to December 2015
    Public consultation event

    January to April 2016
    Outline design and feasibility study incorporating consultation feedback

    May to September 2016
    Further design development to prepare information for planning application.

    October to December 2016
    Planning application submitted

    January to April 2017 Phase one: Bath buildings/embankment to commence (Developer appointed from February 2017)

    May to December 2017
    Phased development/construction to Spring 2019

    January to December 2018
    Phase two: King Street properties to commence

    January to April 2019 Completion

  5. Claire

    Not a Twick local, though not far away, but am friends with several and certainly support the protest – don’t much like the sound of ‘ the design can be modified’. I’m sure I’ve heard that line before!

  6. Sally

    ‘ El Brute say “they will listen to feed back and the design can be modified” The heart sinks.
    I am not sure what is about to happen. The consultation is over and El Brute have a pile of feedback forms which are hopefully roundly negative .
    Do we get to see any of the feedback?
    Are they going to just chuck the concept? Or hang on to the edifice and make some token changes?
    If the latter what can we actually do? What are our options?
    Does anybody (Twickerati him/herself?) have aenough Lego to do a model?, Or a flag high enough to put up at the site and show how high the top of the thing will be? These devices worked very well during the Gloriana protests.

  7. Sally

    This just in!
    To Lord True
    My Lord
    We of Greed and Snobbery developers trust you are pleased with our plans to landscape your back garden and open it up to view. We feel sure you will agree that a four storey block of flats filling the area more than meets the brief, and that you have noticed the little tunnel through the middle which affords a view of the back fence.The flats will certainly alter the view for your neighbours .
    We enclose our plans to build a tower block over your front garden path. You did mention that you had rather a lot of rugby visitors expected and needed the path improved. It is true that the game is long gone, but our profits are always with is and we expect to start immediately.A little shade is a small price for being the sensation of your neighbourhood.
    Your fellow Councillor Mr Rolloverandbeg and friends say they will support anything you build anywhere .
    Always a pleasure
    Mr G Reed

    • Alexandra

      We love the irony, congratulate you on the wit, but are getting the impression from this thread that these power-drunk people will subvert anything and everything to their purpose.They are like theatre impresarios on the sharp end of a bad review.. so it’ll be… “pleased… landscape… open” says Mr and Mrs Majority. We need a serious plan of action here. We must not allow this to happen to us.
      This ‘monstrous carbuncle’ is ripe for stirring up the national press, already pretty anti Prince Charles and all that retro Quinlan Terry pastiche. Can we not involve RIBA, the Architectural Association? What does MP Tania think? We’re ready to do some research on this and exploit every contact we have.
      Outraged Iain and Alexandra.

  8. illiad1

    yeah, I see SO many ‘busy people’ with kids in pram, on cycle with all the gear, beer drinkers, mocha latte drinkers… these are the kind of people that moan, and then I ask them how did you vote??? usual green party, fancy party, didn’t bother… My answer is “SO you have NO RIGHT to moan, your pointless attitude got the BIG party in, that only thinks of money!!!” 😡 😡

    • Nick

      What’s so fancy about the Green Party?

    • illiad1

      Nick: didn’t see the commas? 😀 😀
      Don’t know any girls that think the green party is ‘saving the planet’ and forget about saving their *local* green space ??

      sorry girls, but when a party is outnumbered ten to one, guess who will win….

  9. ahogshead4me

    Beware the online ‘con-sultation’. As usual, it’s framed to achieve agreement and consent. The questions tend to be of the ‘what are your thoughts about something nice being built’ variety so it’s quite difficult for a reasonable person to make clear their opposition to the proposals reasonably. Given this, I took the UNreasonable route and entered ‘wholly inappropriate’ to most questions. I recommend this method as it makes opposition absolutely clear. (It’s also quicker).

  10. Today’s print RTT has a news story:’‘Unacceptable’: Twickenham Society slams riverside proposal’ (p 1-30 and a letter ‘Not a lesser copy of Richmond’ from James Barrett (p 18).

    • twickenhamalive

      As a member of the Twickenham Society I attended the meeting mentioned in the article by Doug Orchard and it was a full house.

    • Sally

      I was disgusted by Councillor S.saying, darkly, that yes the scheme was slated by the Twickenham Society but…how many were at the meeting. eh?…as if the TS meeting was a tiny group of mad dissenters. Councillor S knows that everybody in Twickenham will love the development. He doesn’t need evidence. He will ignore dissent .
      It’s like dealing with someone in the grip of a cult. You can’t ask “Is there any form of negative response from locals which would cause you to alter your views about this?”
      Who can forget Councillor Flemming stating that the majority of Twickenham residents wanted Orleans Gardens built on ..There were huge resident protests and catastrophically negative feedback I and several others then wrote to ask her on what she had based her statement about the majority supporting the scheme. Wistful thinking? Religious belief ? Making things up? No answer.

      At least we are clear that Councillor Samuels will promote this scheme no matter what residents say.
      Lord True and Councillor Flemming want it ergo Councillor S wants it. While numbers matter when it comes to Twick Soc meetings, three is just fine to decide to put a block of flats on the riverside.

  11. illiad1

    I hear there is a a good actual protest going on!! 😀

  12. michelangelo

    I was told outside the pop-up shop yesterday, by a Council chappie, that only 200 consultation replies have been received (paper and electronic).
    Please give your views, if you haven’t already done so. Constructive would help!

    • I don’t believe only 200 replies have been received. If anyone cares make sure you submit your views by this Friday latest – its the deadline.

    • Here is a call to the Twickenham Riverside Trust to state their views on the proposed development. Bear in mind they were set up after the Lib Dems lost the Council to and I quote:
      * Preserve protect and improve, for the benefit of the public, the riverside and its environs at Twickenham
      * to provide charitable facilities there for publication recreation and community activities
      * to advance the education of the public in the history and environment of the area

      Please can the Trustees and their members please advise Twickerati of their consensus view on this ‘fait accompli’ being forced on us by LBR? I will name them personally if they have forgotten who they are. Maybe Counsellor Chappell could help since I understand her close relative is on the Trust? Apologies if I am wrong….?

    • The Twickenham riverside trust is a public body so there’s no mystery about its trustee; see and They are: Sheila Hale, Jeremy Hamilton-Miller, Adrienne Rowe, Edward Davies and Anne Perry.

    • Chris, in your list of Trustees you have left out Ishbel Murray, the Assistant Director of Environment, who is also a Trustee.

    • Walkinthepark

      The problem is that many people will simply be unaware of the plans. When I was dropping leaflets around enlisting comments in the consultation on the Gloriana there were plenty of people who did not know about the proposal, even parents of young children in Central Twickenham. This time there as been little publicity on site or leafleting. I have met many people in the borough who have no idea. It is what the Council rely on, the silent majority staying silent and uninformed so they can claim to speak for them.

  13. To get an idea of the scale: go and stand on the Eel Pie bridge, and look across to the tower on St Marys church. The top of the tower would be level with the top of the Terry scheme – four storeys on the riverside, with luxury flats with balconies giving wonderful river views.

    It would be the end of our lovely open riverside, forever. The best views in the whole area are up and down the river, from the corner of Water Lane and the Embankment. They must be preserved for all of us, not a privileged few.

  14. Alexandra

    Hello, I came upon this lovely, lively site yesterday, after stumbling out of El Brute’s pop up shop showing the proposals for the “Town Square” in a state of disbelief and utter despair. Everything is wrong. The brief is wrong: they never intended to give us a Town Square at all. Why expensive flats and more shops to go bust when we need open space? The choice of architect is crazily wrong: why a Quinlan Terry design for the residence of power-crazed Ruritainian Dictator when what we need is a space that reflects our laid-back, lovely Twickenham and all the things it is. (Not Richmond, being numero uno)
    El Brute say they are open to tweaking the design, but they have to do much more than that. They have to scrap this self-agrandising folly and start again with a simple brief, preferably to landscape architects and garden designers. This unique site (thank you to the Council for acquiring it) needs imagination and vision, not millions upon millions of pounds.
    We need a revolution! A united opposition rather than a motley crew with differing agendas. I’m ready to march with a banner for Open Space and Common Sense…

  15. This week’s print RTT has 2 news stories; and four letters: ‘Historical remarks show ‘hypocrisy’ of Tory plan’ and ‘Festive dig at Tories over views’ (p 14); ‘Let us not be fooled’ from Terence Smith; ‘Appalled at Riverside proposals’ from Richard Coelho; ‘New lido? There are already several pools located in vicinity’ from Alexandra Kingston; and ‘Our riverside’ from Trevor Sutton (pp 18-19).

    • Alexis

      I have always admired Mr Squire’s determination to promote the LibDem cause, however misplaced it may be.
      Here we have him, yet again, listing the anti-Tory letters in today’s R&TT with a certain degree of smugness. Let’s not forget that Mr Squire was the LibDem “webmaster”, whatever that means, when he was peremptorily sacked by his dear leader, Serge Lourie for posting or hosting the infamous “Liar liar, pants on fire!” slur aimed at those who had dared to challenge his determination to sell off the Twickenham Riverside for luxury housing. Plus ca change?
      Unsurprisingly, Mr Squire didn’t draw our attention to the flood of protest which ensued, nor did he ever apologise for the tacky slur on the LibDem website.
      I’m with Alexandra – why don’t the various protesters get together as RUG did to stop Lourie?
      PS: Apart from his rather tacky Advent calendar, where’s LibDem leader Gareth Roberts?

    • Sally

      Alexis-yes, it’s grimly funny how the parties are cancelling each other out on this one.The more outraged the Lib Dems are, the more the Conservatives can point out the hypocrisy, (You wanted housing all over the site too) and the Lib Dems then counter accuse .(And you said you would never put housing there)
      I suppose, bluntly, some third of forth dingaling will show up in a minute to swear that their Party would never dream of such a thing Heavens no etc etc. The pressing problem for residents is how to. stop this horrible development.

    • Agree with Alexis and Sally et al. This is no time for party politics. We need to motivate people to make sure voices are heard on the supposed Con-sultation esp online asap. We cant always leave this to RUG – get social media useful! Email the council, do the online, email the Riverside Councillors, email Cllr Samuels and Lord True etc…..
      My partner and I did the stand outside Santander last time with other people including local Conservatives and RUG/SOR, Cllr Scott Naylor etc -amazing how quiet they are this time! Rik and John Reekie have been doing a stint on the corner of Water Lane and King St but others need to action not just words….

    • Twickenham Riverside is too important to think too much about the past. We are where we are now.

  16. illiad1

    EVERYONE… Please ‘have your say’ at the council link above, too many times I have seen people complain, and forget to tell the *important* people about it!!! 🙂

    • twickerman

      I’ve had my say, which was simply to keep the car free section of the Embankment (providing the cycle route is maintained) and to scrap the rest of the horrendously oversized development concept.

      A four storey monstrosity on the edge of the Embankment is totally out of scale and character with the neighbouring buildings.

      Widening of Water Lane is key to improving the link between King Street and the river and it could be done with with some attractive planting and small retail/cafe outlets to harmoniously join the attractions of Church Street with those of the Embankment.

      I look forward to hearing more about the combined Twickenham Lido and KMW market hall plans that offer so much more than the Terryble mansion blocks.

    • Right Illiad1 – everyone needs to get on and have their say but now its URGENT – deadline is Friday! No politics please – just those who care about OUR Riverside!!!

  17. Rachel

    I also think the problems started with the moving of the bus-stops. I think the ending of the bus lane outside Sandy’s is an accident or road rage argument waiting to happen as vehicles struggle to get in the left lane to avoid being stuck behind someone who has decided to turn right at Cross Deep without getting caught by cctv for being in the bus lane. The pavements are mis-matched & don’t enhance Church Street, let alone the rest of the town & look like they will need cleaning frequently. The proposed “square” is a joke, another excuse for luxury apartments to be enjoyed by the privileged few. I was imagining a communal area for exhibitions, shows, dancing, markets, food fairs & celebrations. I would certainly not park my car in an underground car park next to the river either.

    • Colin Heath

      Do not worry about parking in an underground car park near the river. The parking places are only for the development – not the rest of us. Local traders have reported a loss of footfall since the bus stops were moved. Now the council are proposing to remove the convenient parking on the Embankment that is used by people shopping in the town centre. It will have serious unintended consequences for the town’s shops.

    • Anonymous

      The removal of embankment car parking will have consequences for people living in the flats above the shops too. My daughter lived there for a while when she was a student & parking was a nightmare.

  18. Liam Nagle

    To me the design shown above looks like they are taking a chunk of Twickenham riverside and giving it to speculators for development as expensive apartments.

    • observer

      Perish the thought ……

    • Sally

      Yes. That is exactly the case.
      It’s only when you stand and look at the site, taking in the little houses boatyards and gardens, that you see this,is just Lord True and co,wanting to sell the site for luxury 4 storey flats. Surroundings and character of the area be damned. It’s is a horrible thought.
      That quiet and charming area is one of the beauties of Twickenham. I went for a walk past the site recently and finished up at Orelans playground and gardens.Appalling to look at the gardens and reflect that it could have been dug up and built on and that our council would have found that perfectly acceptable!
      How Lord True must aspire to the Kingston riverside ziggurats.

  19. Lyndon

    To compare that design to anything resembling a village square is a joke. And it will still make the riverside and the high street feel completely separate. I was expecting a square facing onto water lane that opened up the line of sight to the river from the high street, not two huge blocks of residential masonry. Why are they trying to make a new version of Richmond Riverside? It should be something unique to, and in keeping with Twickenham’s heritage

  20. Sally

    It is remarkable that even in the RTT it was acknoledged that Twickenham, shops have suffered greatly of late. They attribute the drop in profits to, in order of impact:
    The street works- with the pavements already a fetching shade of grey
    Moving the bus stops
    The World Cup
    This certainly squares with the views of every local shopkeeper I have asked.
    Nevertheless, our council carry on stating as fact that the RFU brings prosperity to us all, that it is an honour to have them there and that we should be very nice to them and give them what they want . That shifting the bus stops was a great concept .Although the Cup has been and gone without a high rise on the station there are no plans to can that idea. That is a good one too because the RFU would still like it and what area isn’t improved by a high rise?
    Finally, they maintain that it is far better to spend money pushing the riverside development then invest in the machines and staff needed to clean the new pavements ..
    It is not even a . “We know best” attitude. It is the attitude of insisting that an idea is wonderful and universally loved in the face of all evidence to the contary which manages to filter through heavily biased consultation documents. We are presented with a done deal and told that it is very democratic that we are allowed to give feedback on features of the deal.
    The development is not in keeping with the area. It is huge, it is domineering and it does not meet any of the requirements of the brief. Does the architect not have eyes? Look at the riverside. Low level houses and boatyards a hundred or three hunters years old.
    I would be every interested in the consultation feedback. I imagine there will be much searching for positive comments to put to the fore.

    • anonymouse


      I don’t think the RFU are interested in the station development now that the RWC is done and dusted and profits bagged.

      5 NFL matches at the stadium will help boost profits over the next 3 years (at least).
      But, announcement of the 23 Oct 2016 fixture has thrown Solum’s station plans into disarray as that weekend was scheduled for station works (according to planning app). Additional fixtures in 2016/17/18 could seriously delay development of the station towers (yet again).

    • illiad1

      anonymouse: I am surprised that solum would wait almost another year to start the station development.. do check! 🙂
      I was expecting them to use the lack of rugby in jan and feb to get it moving…

    • anonymouse

      The station planning app 11/1443/DD19 (not yet approved) states that the main works are due start in July 2016.
      Six weekend station closures, aka ‘booked disruptive possessions’, are listed from Jun2016-Jan2017. One of these is the NFL weekend. The closures are critical for construction of the ‘podium’ over the tracks. The station entrance and tower blocks cannot be started until the podium is completed.
      Inevitably, losing closure weekends impacts project timescales.

    • illiad1

      thanks! 🙂 , I thought the project was ‘ready to go’ but of course, there is nothing ‘simple’ about the ‘planning process’ 😡 I had a lot of URLs for planning, but they then changed it all! I will leave searching it to those that can handle the way it is organised… ( 1653211 instead of a good descriptive name…)

    • illiad1

      that last one was for anonymouse… :/ :/

    • anonymouse

      Try this:
      I imagine planning approval will be given shortly, bcos its only a sub-app.

    • illiad1

      anonymouse: thanks 🙂 ‘traffic management’ ?? even the PDF title is ‘off’ – surely it should be
      “Twickenham Station Redevelopment: Traffic Management Plan” 😀 😀

      Being in education, I have had too much of this ‘fuzzy management thinking’…. {roll eyes} at least there are god diagrams! :E

    • illiad1

      ah, I think I have got it.. 🙂

  21. I grew up in Twickenham long enough ago to actually remember the swimming pool being open (just). Even with the lack of development over the decades, that riverside area will always be one of the areas I remember most fondly about the town. Have to say, though, that regency style design is just staggeringly boring and certainly doesn’t reflect anything about the Twickenham I remember. The design that illiad1 linked to is much more exciting, and links King Street right to the river, which is surely what needs to happen here. Hope for the rest of your sakes that some common sense prevails 😉

  22. illiad1

    well If I was asked (unlike the *secret* poll) then this design would be a good prospect… (it was one of the losers..:( )

  23. SJ

    The Lido would make Twickenham a ‘destination’ people would could to swim or have picnic’s by the pool.
    The problem with Twickenham at the moment is that it’s not somewhere you go to… pass though
    Make Twickenham a destination with the Lido. It will bring lots of people to the river side and shops
    We don’t need more empty shop spaces , we need something to bring people to the town centre…..
    A pool over looking the river would be amazing and would get loads of visitors.

    • illiad1

      the problem started with the *removal* of the king street bus stops!! It caused people to look round while waiting, noticing road to river, nice shops down Church rd…
      now you have boring bus stops with a plain view, it could be mistaken for the edge of st margarets, no interest, so you stay on until you see the green… :/ 😦

    • Gladiator

      Sorry, I don’t think your dream would come true. The Lido is based on the Bristol model ie it will be a club (membership at Bristol is £627 per year), and children admitted weekends only (again at Bristol). Essential to get full and precise details before voting for what might be an expensive white elephant (or hippo?)

    • Gladiator, read and the frequently asked questions..