Church Street Shows Solidarity Following Paris Attacks

Twickenham’s Church Street showed its solidarity with Paris in the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in the French capital. The street is well known for putting out the flags for big rugby matches as well as a host of other occasions and only weeks ago the town welcomed thousands of French rugby fans during the World Cup. Decking out the road with the French tricolor made for a fitting show of support and respect after the horrific events of Friday night.

Church Street, Twickenham

Church Street, Twickenham


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4 responses to “Church Street Shows Solidarity Following Paris Attacks

  1. An abhorrent act as was the explosion bringing down the Russian Jet only a few weeks ago and the appalling loss of civilian life experienced on a daily basis in the Middle East,

  2. Thanks to whoever put these flags up (Bruce and Shona Lyons?). A lovely gesture.

  3. ahogshead4me

    Well done Church St. Sometimes the love for France of large numbers of people in this country gets drowned out by the yobby bellowing from the tabloids.

  4. I was impressed to see the flags up so early on Saturday morning. Merci beaucoup Twickenham.