Good news for all those people (i.e. pretty much most of Twickenham) who were angered by the volume of rubbish in the streets after last May’s Marriot London 7s tournament at the rugby stadium. The fancy dress themed rugby party left a trail of litter and discarded alien outfits across the town centre. The RFU have responded to complaints from residents and discussions with the El Brute to scale back next year’s event. The plan?

* Attendance will be capped at 35,000 per day, a lower level than before.
* Stadium bars will have restricted opening and the police will have ‘dispersal power’ around the stadium and in the town centre.
* The RFU and LBRuT will work together on a ‘comprehensive street cleaning and toilet plan’.
* The fancy dress theme will be dropped in favour of a more family friendly approach.

Letter from RFU
Letter from RFU

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In the ‘Dear neighbour’ letter the RFU say they take their relationship with the local community ‘very seriously’. Comments or questions can be emailed to

So, positive steps it would seem and all those stag do’s will have to look elsewhere for their drinking session in the sun next May. A victim of its own ‘success’ perhaps?

* Twickerati pics from May’s Marriot London 7s