Pic of the Week: More Spring

A bit cold, wet and miz outside? Not yesterday it wasn’t. It was bloomin’ luvverly, especially early in the morning. In fact, the view from Richmond Hill looked a little bit like this…

Twickenham, as seen from the wrong side of the river

Twickenham, as seen from the wrong side of the river

Twickenham, you’re lookin’ good!


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8 responses to “Pic of the Week: More Spring

  1. gutted

    Houses under 400k in Twickenham? I wish that would true, but that was about 2 years ago. My main issues with the new development is it’s not helping low or medium wage couples/persons. It’s not the very wealthy that are suffering a house crisis, so why do we keep building properties for them.

  2. Gutted

    The houses only start at 1.2million, so lots of first time buyers ready to start their new lives.

    • Boss

      Can’t first time buyers get a flat? I did.

    • gutted

      Yes they can, they start at around 600K.

    • Riversidevoter

      You can buy a house for even less than £400k in the area shown in the picture. Plenty of first time buyers come to Twickenham because it is a lovely place to live. I helped someone who had that to spend and we saw lots of lovely cottages around the green being sold by couples who had started their families there, and even a Teddington flat with a river view. Of course when it comes to affordable housing for those on low incomes the Council has a pretty abysmal record but for young couples starting out it is very popular.

  3. chris williams

    And notice how well Regal House chimes in visual harmony with the vista. Soon to be boosted by the high rise station development. Such a boost to the visual environment. We should all be so grateful.