And Your New MP is… Tania Mathias

And so there we have it. Twickenham has spoken. And so have Hampton, St Margarets and Whitton. Even little old Teddington piped up. Bless. The polling stations have closed and the votes have been counted.  The result? Vince Cable is ousted and we have the Conservative Tania Mathias as our MP for the next 5 years.

Are you surprised? We are. It’s one of the shocks of the night.

It was always going to be a two horse race between Vince Cable, Twickenham’s MP since 1997, starting off as clear favourite with his 12,000 majority, and the Tories’ Tania Mathias. A tale of two doctors, if you will. Over recent weeks Tania Mathias and her fellow Conservatives have been busy trying to chip away at the Liberal Democrat lead and even overturn it but it’s felt like something that they’ve been working on, if not for this election, then for the next one whenever that might be. Last minute visits to Twickenham by Messrs Clegg and Cameron added to the excitement and gave a fleeting sense that this might actually be a seat where an upset could take place but was a Lib Dem victory in real doubt? It didn’t feel like it but then again politics is a funny old game.  They might well have taken a battering elsewhere but Twickenham seemed a relatively safe seat for the Lib Dems. In the end Cable’s 12,000 majority was overturned to give a 2,000 majority to Mathias. It’s a big big swing from yellow to blue. In his speech on the platform Cable said it was a “terrible night” for the Lib Dems and put the result down to a “well organised national campaign by the Conservatives”. For her part Mathias was gracious in paying tribute to his long service as an “amazing local MP for Twickenham” who it will be an “absolute privilege to follow”.

So, after 18 years as Twickenham’s voice in parliament Vince Cable must find something else to do with his time and Tania Mathias will have to get ready for a new career ‘up West’.

And what of the other candidates? Labour’s Nick Grant finished third picking up more votes for Labour than in 2010, with Barry Edwards of UKIP and Tanya Williams of the Greens trailing in behind. Again, no surprises there. Despite all the heated UKIP-related debate on this site and elsewhere, there was no big change to the landscape in the political garden here in Twickers.

Six candidates. Five are now disappointed

Six candidates. Five are now disappointed

What does all this mean for the next Government? After having a high profile MP for many years and a member of the cabinet for the last five,  Twickenham’s MP will be a backbencher. At this precise point in time we don’t know the final outcome of the election but a very narrow Conservative majority looks likely. If it isn’t it may be a while before we get any sense of what coalitions might be viable. As they might say in the non-existent film Carry on Governing, “Just how well hung is our parliament going to be?” It’ll take a little while longer to find out. Discovering what it all means locally for the likes of schools policy, Heathrow expansion, job creation, affordable housing and mansion taxes may take longer still.

And that’s all for the moment, we say ‘Thank you and farewell’ to Dr Cable and ‘Congratulations and good luck’ to Dr Mathias.

The 2015 Results
Tania Mathias (Conservative) 25,580
Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat) 23,563
Nick Grant (Labour) 7,129
Barry Edwards (UKIP) 3,069
Tanya Williams (Green) 2,463
Dominic Stockford (Christian Party) 174
David Wedgwood (Magna Carta) 26
Majority 2,017
Turnout 77.3%

The 2010 Results (BBC website)
Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat) 32,483
Deborah Thomas (Conservative) 20,343
Brian Tomlinson (Labour) 4,583
Brian Gilbert (UKIP) 868
Steve Roest (Green) 674
Chris Hurst (BNP) 654
Harry Cole (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality) 76
Paul Armstrong (Magna Carta Party) 40
Majority 12,140
Turnout 59,721 (74.8%)

* BBC Twickenham Constituency Results
* Cable loses seat – BBC

Our previous General Election items are now both closed to new comments but can still be read here:
*  The ‘All New’ Election Spectacular
*  The Original ‘Defunct’ Election Spectacular


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97 responses to “And Your New MP is… Tania Mathias

  1. Bored with this now. Closing it to new comments.

  2. Amir Tahir

    ‘The Lib Dums are untrustworthy and a disgrace and this is a fact that has been proven time after time by exhaustive repeatable testing’ B.Edwards 15/05/2015
    Come on, Twickerati, enough is enough. It’s becoming a freak show. Do the decent thing. Help the man.

    • Alexis

      Come on Bazza – me old china. Time to stay on the canvas.
      The count is over, you lost. The crowd have stopped booing and are on their way home.
      So, once you have recovered, best you get back to the day job – whatever it is or was.
      Good luck

  3. barryedwardsukip

    Do you know the more people like Dell Boy imply comments are unwelcome, the more freedom of speech is threatened on this forum and every time you put a thumbs down, you show your own bigoted ignorance. I hope that each one of you who do this (and you know who you are) are proud of yourselves, because no-one else is. It displays a unique hypocrisy which is spoiling this opportunity for everyone else to have decent local debate. It seems they believe “All comments are the same, but some are allowed more comment than others”. Think on Orwellians,

    • Sally

      A thumbs up or down is a vote by the reader and could therefore be seen as democratic. You idea of freedom of speech seems to be that you can hold forth to an uncritical audience without difficult questions. And with their hands tied behind their backs.
      “Orwellian”, eh? Gosh.
      “-if he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself..The sealed world in which he lives would be broken and the fear, hatred and self righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate.”

    • Amir Tahir

      As I said, Twickerati, duty of care ………….

    • dellboy

      I was referring to your incorrect statements not comments

  4. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    The indefatigable ‘Scientist’ seems to have joined the Lib Dems.

  5. Purple Haze

    It seems like all things political are getting a tad boring and becoming a distraction. So how about a Charlotte Church vs Katy Hopkins styley punch-up between our local kipper and any takers? Then we can settle everything once and for all? 😉

  6. Amir Tahir

    Here’s something to get some of the more rabid righties reaching for the hypertension medication:
    ‘Conservative officials threatened the BBC with far-reaching reforms, such as changes to the licence fee funding system, if it did not alter the political balance of its coverage of the general election campaign, Tom Baldwin, one of Ed Miliband’s senior advisers, has claimed. Baldwin writes: “BBC executives and journalists have told me that there were regular, repeated threats from senior Tories during this election campaign about ‘what would happen afterwards’ if they did not fall into line.
    He says: “It is a disturbing suggestion that a democratically elected government would seek to stamp on and silence dissent from an independent broadcaster.”
    But he claims there “has been a long-standing campaign by the Conservative party, fueled by the commercial interests of sections of the press, to attack the world’s most successful state-funded public service broadcaster as a giant leftwing conspiracy”.’

    Guardian May 13th

    • boanerges

      and here’s some news about differences of opinion in another camp: it seems that the Unions wish for a more left-wing leader, while others think the policies of Mr Milliband , their ex, were too far to the left. Let’s wait to see who wins out

  7. Anonymous

    Some might say that Barry and his ilk should be deprived of the oxygen of oxygen !

  8. Sally

    I often wonder what David Cameron really thinks of Boris Johnson. Boris seems to have his feet under the table of power yet not to have an actual post. Who has got what on who?
    I don’t know a single public service worker who is not terrified about the coming cuts. This is not just the cruel reality of necessary services being closed and depleted it is of having the service remits extended: “We have closed X, you will now cover that too” alongside funds being slashed.
    In a Borough which has the odious Richmond magazine (Suggested alternative title, “More money than sense”) its easy to forget we still have people in terrible need.

    • Alexis

      Sorry Sally, I hope you don’t mind me hijacking your post but amidst all the hullabaloo about Edwards, I have only just noticed that our local LibDem supremo, Stephen Knight has also stepped down blaming Nick Clegg and the so-called Orange Book – he’s a LibDem leftie, so that’s understandable.

      He says: “My main focus now needs to be on my role as a London assembly member, especially with the GLA elections next year.”
      Elections? Does anyone remember him getting elected? I don’t, I thought he got his well remunerated seat on the GLA via buggins turn aka the LibDem List. Take note Doc B – this is what you get under PR or AV or whatever.

      Who will take over? My money is on hotshot Hampton Councillor and joint deputy leader, Gareth Roberts – he’s always been a tireless defendant of every aspect of LibDem policy, even the indefensible. In his favour, he can be quite amusing although he often seems a bit too pleased with his own brilliance for everyone’s taste, mine included.
      I know there are only 15 of them these days but, since that is nearly double their parliamentary presence, there’s probably a reasonable alternative. Any other suggestions?

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Hi Alex, I also noticed the news concerning Stephen Knight and wondered if Twickerati was going to do a piece.

      Do not forget that there is a ppc vacancy too. Certainly Gareth Roberts has further rungs to climb on the political ladder and is basically a good politician and sort of likeable. He always had the better of a certain Riverside Councillor on the comments section of the R&TT but perhaps it was an unfair contest?

      So…a new Lib Dem ppc and a new Lib Dem council opposition leader to be found. The Lib Dem rebuilding commences.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      …that should have been a certain FORMER Riverside councillor who defected…you know I refer too….(-:

    • Alexis

      A good point Ex-TR. I had forgotten about the PPC vacancy!
      I wonder if he is the same Gareth Roberts who stood for election as a LibDem, albeit unsuccessfully in Conwy (now Aberconwy) about 10 years ago?
      I know there are lots of Gareth Roberts in Wales but; an ex-miner father now Liberal Lord Roberts, sometime MP for Conwy?
      If it’s our very own Gareth it certainly looks as though he has the right pedigree for higher office, if only he could stop being quite so pleased with himself.

    • Anonymous

      its easy to forget we still have people in terrible need.

      Like the young people who are squatting in Heath Road because they need a roof over their heads.

    • nemesis

      Shouldn’t you be up in London rioting?

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Hi Alex…it would seem that Gareth is now (until further notice) the most senior Lib Dem in the borough. If he does run for Westminster he likely will be knocking on your door sometime in 2020…an event that will bring joy to you both I am sure.

    • Alexis

      Thanks Ex-TR – if Gareth does knock on the door of my sub-mansion in 2020, I will be euphoric! If so, he will be the first politico to have canvassed me since one of Toby Jessel’s helpers did unsuccessfully in 1997.
      All to look forward to, although, let’s not forget the two other serial LibDem wannabe’s Meltzer and Crouch. I doubt many of the 50 or so displaced LibDem MP’s will want to wait until 2020 since there is very little likelihood of a by election.
      PS: I’m enjoying the cryptic clues but still haven’t unmasked you – keep them coming!

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Hi Alex…Sorry no cryptic clues meant. I do not know you in ‘real’ life nor you me. I have however followed your many comments in the R&TT in the days that Gareth and Lucullus were regulars and always found the exchanges entertaining. (I do not know them either).

      You also are a regular contributor to Twickerati and if i may say, I have rather warmed to you in these past weeks. Throughout the election you have been good natured and rather witty in the face of the indefatigable UKIP candidate, not to mention resolute in your opposition to his threats and insults.

      You are a good egg!

    • Alexis

      It does seem to run in the party doesn’t it!
      PS: Thanks for your kind words Ex-TR – much appreciated.

    • barryedwardsukip

      I am so pleased that Gareth Roberts has been recognized for all the rude and aggressive behaviour that he has displayed over the past 5 years. He is the perfect choice to lead such a disgraceful organisation and this will mean that the Lib Dums will never be elected for anything ever again. Wonderful!!.

  9. Amir Tahir

    I think you have a duty of care to your contributors and that, accordingly, you should now consider bringing this topic to an end to prevent Mr Edwards embarrassing himself further. Mr E will probably see it as a Stalinist move to curtail a free-born Englishman’s right to free speech but, in the fullness of time, I’m sure he’ll realise that it’s for his own good. There’s only so much damage a man should be allowed to do to himself.

    • dellboy

      I differ slightly from Amir, Edwards is like an unwanted house guest and should be asked to leave.
      It is obvious that only one opinion has merit in his view, his own. Misusing statistics to try and prove a point hasn’t worked, saying global birth rate and immigration are the same is naive; then extrapolating the local population growth for decades ahead till it has doubled and then raving about the lack of infrastructure is stupidity.
      Edwards needs to be starved of the oxygen of publicity.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Perhaps Twickerati should hold an EU (Edwards Unwanted) referendum?
      In or Out?

    • The general rule is ‘light touch’ moderation which means commenters are allowed to post what they like and deleting comments and “bans” are only a last resort. I have explained that to one or two people by email too. This can lead to repetition, deviation (but not hesitation) and so some times the ability to make new comments ends up being closed when it gets really boring. This usually occurs when things deteriorate into the world of “You’re an idiot”, “No, you’re the idiot” etc etc.

      As an aside, I once started a thread on a football forum saying how strange it was that online, every one wanted to have the final word in an argument and wondered who would have the final word on that particular item. I think it got to 2,000 comments before the site host took it down. We’re not quite at that point yet but are getting close.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      I have taken a look at Mr. Edwards website under the Getting Britain Working tab and to my amazement he seems to be claiming some sort of victory.
      He also still persists that his vote has increased by 350% despite being told it is 252%. (Indeed in one of his rants he did get it right).

      The facts are:
      1). 95.1% of the Twickenham constituency did not vote for Mr. Edwards.
      2). He or his party are 500 quid lighter because he LOST his deposit.

      That is all that needs to be known – and now perhaps Mr. Edwards will concentrate on his day job – whatever it is.

    • Sally

      There have been a couple of articles lately which suggest viewing UKIP zealots as you would members of a cult. The behaviour seems similar, and it seems to attract the same types of individuals. Shared characteristics:
      1.Blind devotion to a leader who is above questioning.(If Nigel’s account differs from the medical specialists they are wrong./part of a Conspiracy. Nigel taking EU money but seldom doing the work for which he is paid is fine .Nigel is honest when he acts on his vow to quit and honest to go back on that in 72 hours .He is a hero !An honest plain talker! He has come to save us!)
      2.Polarised we- they view of the world. (“The lib dem yellow book…just because you hate Britain…if you are not with us you are…”)
      3.Teach or imply that their “superior” ends justify means.
      4.Doubt or questions discouraged.(see 1)
      5.Chanting catchphrases claims and slogans which are nonsensical but repeated ad lib. “Space not race” Fighting for British….” The EU is… We aren’t racist..”)
      5.lLeadership dictates how members should feel and behave.(Sudden outbreaks of kippers simultaneously threatening legal action )
      It is an interesting view. And something of a problem on a jolly local forum.

  10. Sally

    Mr Edwards
    It’s OK. I used to work with people with delusions. It’s an interesting field ,one you could consider if you ever get any legitimate qualifications in psychology.
    1. You really have trouble with the idea that if you put yourself up as a candidate you will be asked about the more hooky or inflated claims you make about yourself, your “expertise” or qualifications. You can even be asked about things you don’t want to dwell on such as not living in the constituency. Or a employment history slightly less grand than your claims of being a polymath would suggest. You would have got on a lot better if you had not tried to big yourself up as an expert. Perple in the constituency are not stupid and many are pretty well qualified. Or can think.
    Throughout the campaign you did a lot of foot stamping when called on any of this stuff. You threatened and insulted. I think you may not have the personality for a political career. This is , as another poster pointed out, very small potatoes.
    You were called dishonest because you were being dishonest.I know it’s difficult ,but stay with it. You wee asked if you were the landscape gardener listed on the website. You said you weren’t. That it was “wrong” and indeed “poor research”. It was you, so you were not telling the truth. When this was pointed out you threatened. It would be with a lot to read the transcript of that police interview.
    You were asked if you were going to alter your claims about HIV Iin view of the report from public health, or do you ,in your startling arrogance think you are more qualified than the experts? It looks like it’s the latter.
    Of course you will be back. Any public cause will be blessed with you trying to get on the bandwagon. It’s ok.

    • Alexis

      Since the BBC closed down their election coverage with some dramatic words from those who had won and lost, I thought I would extend the same courtesy to Mr Edwards and note a few of his pearls of wisdom – these are just from the latest batch, so no threats of dawn police raids etc:

      “You are just making yourself look more and more stupid”
      To Floyd

      “Even you might be able to follow it”
      To Ex-Twickenham Resident

      “Alexa you are so stupid”
      I can hack it and I suspect that Sally can too.

      “Don’t be such a baby, haven’t you got anything serious or interesting to say”
      To Sally

      “It is you that is the bully, always has been sally”

      Part of Mr Edwards mission statement:
      “I am only interested in straight talk – Answering questions accurately and my answers being based in fact – I will not compromise or mislead”
      Does anyone agree that he has lived by his mission statement?

      “You see I am not done, I am just getting started.”
      Scarily reminiscent of the Terminator – be very afraid!

      All to look forward to – what fun!

    • Alexis

      Interested readers might like to check out Nigel Farage’s gaffes here – sorry, I have only just spotted it, in particular, the one about HIV.

    • michelangelo

      Sally – I think your comment of May 13 is rather patronising of the almost 4 million people who voted UKIP last week. Are they all deluded (in your opinion)?

    • Sally

      On the 13th I said UKIP zealots. Didn’t say deluded.
      I did refer earlier to delusions when addressing Mr Edwards but that was in reference to Mr E specifically.

  11. This from the garrulous landscape gardener is comedy gold ‘I have already congratulated Tania and commiserated with Vince, but both stuck their noses in the air like they had just stepped in something’ – yeah, funny that. Increases my respect for Tania and Vince somewhat.
    Vince’s loveliness is universally attested to, but since he helped the Tories form government last time, his supporters can hardly complain if people either just vote Tory, since that’s what they’d get anyway, or vote Labour or Green because they didn’t want the Tories. Reap/Sow…you know the drill.
    Tania believing in free markets and/disapproving of socialism doesn’t tell us much – neither socialism or the abolition of free markets were on offer in this election from any of the parties. You might as well say she’s in favour of air. What we will get from the Tories is the usual mixture of socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor, combined with unsubtle hints that they’re the same as UKIP if silliness about migration becomes an issue (remember those mobile ‘go home’ billboards that someone actually spent taxpayer money on?)

    • barryedwardsukip


      You are just making yourself look more and more stupid keeping on with the Gardening rubbish.

      Your knowledge of the Tories and Lib Dums seems to be minimal. I was a Conservative for 4 years, I should know.

      Everyone knew, maybe except you, that a vote for UKIP, Labour and Greens could only HELP the Tories in such a Lib Dem held seat.
      So tell me Floyd, at what population number would you say the UK has too many people? 70 million, 100 million, 200 million 500 million a Billion?

      Wake up and show some responsibility, the UK is a small island and we haven’t the resources or space to provide public health services, school placing and housing for the rest of the EU. It is not about race, it’s about space.

    • jbuzza

      I think I got it, barryedwardsukip is a parody of a parody account ?

  12. I agree with Barry Edwards analysis that Vince lost because fewer Labour supporters voted tactically for him, plus there were significant rises in the UKIP and Green votes. I note that the majority of voters in Twickenham did not want Tania Mathias as their representative as she only got 41% of the vote whereas last time Vince had 54% and I hope she will remember that when she is in parliament. While Vince has always replied to any communication I have sent him, I asked Dr Mathias three times during the election campaign to tell me her views on what measures she would support to bring about a just peace for Palestinians and she did not have the courtesy to reply. However, she did state at a hustings meeting that she would be in favour of applying sanctions against Israel to try to force them to comply with international law and UN resolutions. I hope that now she will stick to her word, especially as Israel has just formed the most right wing administration in its history, with someone as “Justice” minister who has advocated genocide of Palestinians.

  13. barryedwardsukip

    What actually happened in the 2015 election and the maths are not that hard. Ex Twick Res – Even you might be able to follow it because I wish, just for once, you could just consider the facts, instead of all this other rubbish you come out with.

    Vince Cable in 2010 got 32483 votes of 59721 = 54.3%
    Tories in 2010 got 20343 votes of 59721 = 34%
    Total number of votes for Vince and Tory = 52826
    Therefore Vince’s majority in 2010 was 12140 = 20.3%
    Total of votes for UKIP, Labour and Green = 6125 = 10.2%

    Vince Cable in 2015 got 23563 votes of 62004 = 38%
    Tania Mathias in 2015 got 25580 votes of 62004 = 41.2%
    Total number of votes Vince and Tory = 49143
    Tania’s majority in 2015 was 2017 = 3.3%
    Total of votes for UKIP, Labour and Green = 12661 = 20.4%
    An increase of = 6737 from 2010

    UKIP went from 868 to 3069 taking 2201 votes from Vince (253.6%)
    Labour went from 4583 to 7129 taking 2546 votes from Vince (55.5%)
    Green went from 674 to 2463 taking 1789 votes from Vince (265.4%)
    Tory went from 20343 to 25580 taking 5237 votes from Vince (25.7%)
    (NB – the votes could not have been taken from Tania, as her votes increased)

    So here is dispelling the first false claim, in reality the Tories did not win, as the 5237 increase in the Tory vote from 2010, was not enough to have over-turned the 12140 majority. The change in the vote was helped by the Tories and well done to them for this; but the real outcome, was decided by the other parties. So the Tories have a great debt of gratitude to the other parties for this result, because they took the needed votes from Vince.

    The next false claim, that UKIP only takes votes from the Tories, also ends here, because in Twickenham, UKIP took votes from the Lib Dems. It has been proven that UKIP not only takes votes from Labour (Red) and Tory (Blue) to make UKIP purple, which puts UKIP squarely at the centre of UK politics. But now it is apparent that we also take votes off the Lib Dems, a party that claims to be a centre party, (but of course it isn’t really, its a party that would just let Brussels run Britain). For this and the many other crazy ideas and false promises, the Lib Dems have been wiped off the political map and now UKIP, by vote, are the third largest party in the UK.

    Votes won % Change No seats Votes per seat
    Conservatives 11,334,920 36.9% +0.8 331 34,244
    Labour 9,347326 30,4% +1.5 232 40,290
    Ukip 3,881,129 12.6% +9.5 1 3,881,129
    Lib Dem 2,415,888 7.9% – 15.2 8 301,986
    SNP 1,454,436 4.7% +3.1 56 25,972
    Green 1,157,613 3.8% +2.8 1 1,157,436
    DUP 184,260 0.6% 8 23,032
    Plaid Cymru 181,694 0.6% 3 60,564
    Sinn Ffein 176,232 0.6% 4 44,058
    UUP 114.935 0.4% 2 57,467
    Social Dem & Lab 99,809 0.3% 3 33,269

    But look at the seats compared to votes!!!!! This is seriously wrong, not real democracy and an insult to the voting public, we really do need to look again at proportional representation again. The SNP gets and MP per 25,972, if UKIP had the same proportion, we should have got 149 MPs.

    It is an absolute fact that UKIP had to increase the number of votes received in 2010 for the Tories to have had any chance of winning in 2015. Even given the increase from Labour and Green, the Tories would not have won without UKIP taking Lib Dem votes. As UKIP got 3069, a 253% increase, it was always clear to me, if UKIP did not win, the Tories winning would be the next best thing. As the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens are all EU parties; it is with particular pleasure that the Labour and Greens helped to remove the Lib Dems and that they therefore contributed to getting the EU referendum.

    UKIP wants the UK to remain the UK, as an independent country run by Westminster; regaining our freedom from an oppressive foreign rule from Brussels. The EU is not a country it is an organisation, it is a extreme socialist administration (the new USSR) and people don’t realize the EU is not the individual European countries. So this election has brought Saving the UK one step closer and I am proud to have contributed to this end and the Tories have now promised to give the UK its EU referendum.

    There is no way that Tania Mathias can break this referendum promise to the British people, as it is now set in stone, an EU referendum in 2017, or the Tories are total liars and would never be trusted again. But while we are on the subject of trust, I would like to know one other thing from Tania and after helping to get her elected, I deserve to know. During the election she made an absolute commitment to stop Heathrow; so will she join Zac Goldsmith in promising to resign if Heathrow expansion goes ahead?

    I have been promised an EU referendum, so I am very happy to have helped, but I also witnessed a promise from Tory Tania – No to Heathrow; so is Tania going to do the honourable thing like Zac??

    P.S. 1) And what no-one has had a childish dig at me on this website!!!!
    2) I have already congratulated Tania and commiserated with Vince
    , but both stuck their noses in the air like they had just stepped in
    something.Ex Twick Res – You really are a bit naive about who these
    people really are, actually Nick Grant and his party workers, were the
    only party that had appropriate behavioral acumen.
    3) Alexa you are so stupid – I don’t care about the deposit and the Lib
    Dems lost £170,000 in deposits. What is important is that the country
    will now get an EU Referendum, that is priceless.
    4) Why should I have any sympathy, have your seen what Vince
    wrote about me? I still wished him well what ever he does in future.
    5) And finally Sally you should really learn some style and stop being
    personal and start talking about the issues for once. You are only
    embarrassing yourself and everyone sees through your nonsense.
    The Sir David video is great, he wants people to share it and I
    was the only candidate in the election that wished to agree with and
    to promote his views, so please drop it, it is soooooooo boring.

    • nemesis

      Your bloated verbiage does nothing for the cause, nor do you do yourself any favours.

    • Sally

      Mr Edwards. I venture to think I am not alone in wicshing you would take your spiteful poorly thought out views elsewhere. However, you still have not answered any of the questions put to you. These are clear, reasonable and most admit of a brief yes or no answer.
      When your views are categorically disproved or you are called on your bullying and threats you withdraw for a bit then come back avoiding answering the questions and spouting your usual spiel.
      So once again:
      1.Legal threats to posters for catching you out on your denial of your gardening past? How dare you show your face on this forum after that? Do you think your views would get a warm reception after that behaviour? And those terrible sub Sweeeny style threats. “Well, my old son…” Do you think that makes you sound tough? You sounded childish , inadequate and spiteful.
      2.Do you accept the public health study on HIV services in the UK which exposes you and Nigel’s claims as a lie, being as they are based on one clinic and filtered through a tabloid? Or in your blind fanaticism will you ignore any evidence.? (“What Nigel says is true, and anything which contradicts that is part of a conspiracy. BesidesI am a really important scientist, no, Scientist with my basic degree from 30years ago and landscaping experience. I am ! I am!”)
      3.Attenborough talks of population in the developing World. He suggests aid, empowerment for women, help with family planning, education. Nothing about any of your views.
      I would say most people I know, who have actual doctorates, university positions and bodies of well regarded peer reviewed work published in eminent studies-would never, ever be so arrogant and pathetic as to try to annexe Sir David . You want to stop being called on it? Stop putting Attenborough all over your campaign literature,

      You would get on a lot better if you stopped trying to bully people into thinking you are clever. What is wrong with landscaping? The plants don’t see through your arguments and there is lots of fresh air.

    • jbuzza

      In Twickenham, all the main parties benefited from the collapse of the LibDem vote. Of the 16.4% of votes lost by them only 3.5% was picked up by UKIP. Obviously the Tories did best (+7.2%) followed by Labour (+3.8%) with the Greens increasing the least (+2.8%).

      The share of the vote for UKIP increased 9.5% nationally so Twickenham seems to represent a pretty poor effort from them. This despite the LibDem collapse being greater in Twickenham than the national average (-15.2%).

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr. Edwards, glad to see you have worked out that the percentage increase from 868 to 3,069 is 253% and not the 350% that you tweeted.

      Your analysis fails to take into account the 2,283 or so new votes in 2015 and where the 654 BNP vote of 2010 went? I certainly do not think the extra 2,201 votes ukip gained were all from the Lib Dems.

    • Amir Tahir

      ‘The EU is not a country it is an organisation, it is a (sic) extreme socialist administration (the new USSR)’.
      Yes, of course it is, Mr E, and Angela Merkel taught the Baader-Meinhof gang their bomb-making skills.
      Barry Edwards should put his statement at the start of everything he writes so that people will know not to bother reading the rest of his drivel.

    • Sally

      Where will he pop up next? Which lucky local cause will have Mr E trying to hitch a ride? Or will he turn to other things?
      Nightmare scenarios involving Mr E !
      An unexpected dinner party guest:”You’ll all be wanting to hear the Truth !”
      A blind date:”Before we sit down, let me see your passport.”
      A tour guide for a week’s hiking holiday:”You are all so lucky to be led by an expert. Now, what we have here is a British view spoiled by EU rain, blown towards us by migrants. Somebody check that bird’s nationality.”

    • barryedwardsukip

      Ex Res,

      The numbers above have been adjusted because some of us know how to take care of numbers and accuracy without having to be picked- up on them by others. No my analysis clearly shows a larger turnout, but this was insufficient to save the Lib Dums.

      It is in the constitution of UKIP that no member of the BMP or any other far right party can belong to UKIP. We sign a legally binding declaration to that affect and we expel individuals that have have racist views. UKIP has zero tolerance on this and will be leading an all party campaign to stamp out racism in politics, including the Tories, Lib Dum and Labour. But especially by the Greens;Tanya Williams seem to be the only racist politician in Twickenham. Her comments about the Jewish community were shocking and I hope legal action ensues. I wish all the other parties were as responsible. 12 Tory Councillors across the UK were imprisoned during the last Parliament, you didn’t hear much on that did you.

      I am surprised by your comments on the distribution of votes, this was very astute of you and I agree, they came from Lib Dem, Labour and Tory.

      Oh and Amir, read the Lisbon Treaty and the definition of communism, I cannot put a fag paper between them and you are totally naive, if after understanding these document, you would come to any other conclusion.

    • barryedwardsukip


      I suppose its just left to comment to you.

      No my “my old son” I won. Vince Cable and his ideas to give the UK to the EU are over.

      My analysis of the figures were clearly not for you, some actually like knowing the facts.

      You have been nasty, destructive and anti-free speech to my participation on this website from day one, so don’t try and take the high ground. Your attitude is anti-democratic and frankly is just plain old rude.

      You see I am not done, I am just getting started and I am quite happy for reasoned intelligent debate at anytime. Your type of personal sniping is why people have been turned off to politics and I would be happy for your participation anytime, but drop the personal insults, no one is interested.

      And by the way like Sally you should stop being a coward and give us your real details

  14. nemesis

    I don’t think this result should be seen as an endorsement of Cameron – more a fear of full-blown socialism as anyone who lived through the early seventies would know. The Unions holding the country to ransom, Capital controls, Super-tax, going cap in hand to the IMF and endless strikes and blackouts. It is well known that Vince would have been far happier in coalition with the Labour party. It is perhaps that thought that bought out all the reluctant voters.

    • boanerges

      I think it is entirely appropriate to unseat a member (Cable) of a party that purports to be Liberal and Democratic that voted, against their coalition colleagues, to block constituency boundary changes and the Medical Innovation Bill.
      “As ye sow, also shall ye reap”

    • Alexis

      I hadn’t planned to say anything more about UKIP’s Barry Edwards now that he’s electoral toast, however, since he has chosen to insult you, I and Ex-TR, a final response from me is probably warranted.
      I wonder why on earth he pumped out all those turgid statistical analyses – who’s he trying to impress? What difference does it make? You lost my old son! Why not accept it graciously rather than lashing out at those who have dared to challenge you? It’s slightly reminiscent of the old sport of bear baiting which I am a bit uncomfortable with.
      I’m surprised he wasted so much time and vitriol on his losers post to us – fortunately I can speed read but it was still hard going and I have to admire his tenacity and indefatigability which might even deserve respect in some quarters – does that remind anyone of someone else who also failed to win a seat?
      I’m now done with Edwards – hopefully.

    • Amir Tahir

      ‘full-blown socialism as anyone who lived through the early seventies would know’.
      Edward Heath, Conservative Prime Minister 1970-74. Poor old Ted, he’s been accused of many things, but ‘full-blown socialism’? Oh dear.

    • barryedwardsukip


      Don’t be such a baby, haven’t you got anything serious or interesting to say, or are you just going to keep up the LIb Dem mantra of “stirring endlessly and in politics sometimes you have to lie” (Charles Kennedy). The Lib Dems are history, caught out for the liars they are, give it up.

      1. Sally as you well know, the report to the Police was in connection to Dr NHS calling me dishonest during an election period which is a serious matter, I could not give a moneys about being called a landscape gardener, everyone that knows me knows this is untrue and relly doesn’t matter at all I have been called far worse by bigots. It is a non-story.
      2. No, the figures were from St Marys Hospital London; another error.
      3. No, watch the video again, another flaw in you argument, it is for all countries and as the UK has the largest net migration in the EU, we have the problem as much as anywhere. David Cameron has already accepted the UKIP logic and confirmed there will be a EU referendum.

      I endorsed Sir David’s view, he is is own man and you have no standing on the matter. Who told you you could interrupt freedom of speech and tell people what to say and do? In future I will be doubling my use of his videos and other educational matter from the Optimum Population Trust

      It is you that is the bully, always has been and you would do a lot better by letting people live and let live, why don’t you want people to debate the issues, what are you scared of? It is you who should stop being a coward and give your real name, no-one can take you seriously hiding under the unscrupulous veil of anonymity.

      I will be around a lot longer than the Lib Dems will in future, get used to it, it is still a free country.

  15. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    I notice the Magna Carta party have suffered a 35% decrease in their vote. What the heck went wrong? Much soul searching at Runnymede I bet.

  16. Vince was a reasonable guy and seemed to do good work locally for causes but as a business secretary i cannot think of a more anti-business snide and ineffective person and struggle to think of a constructive idea for business that he personally came up with himself in his entire tenure. Coming from a borough with lots of people who work in the city – constantly harping on about banks/ city workers being evil is not the way to get people on your side. I look forward to a more effective appointment in the role and a government that can continue to reduce the deficit and eventually start to pay down the debt which will probably stand at £2 trillion at the turning point in a few years time. Failing to address this would have been an intergenerational crime against our children.

    Many congratulations to Tania. First item in inbox, sort out some more and longer trains with SW trains please !!!

    • Alexis

      Very well said Mr Hargreaves.

    • nemesis

      “Ditto” Alex and Mr. Hargreaves.
      I’m guessing Dr. B is still nursing her wounds.

    • Riversidevoter

      Coming from one of the households that work in the city I have to say that Vince had a point, there is something wrong with the culture, particularly the valuing of risk over risk management. I think some form of reform /regulation is needed, believe me many of the banks are still sailing blind into troubled waters without sufficient understanding of their risk. And in terms of understanding overseas markets Vince did a far better job than his Conservative colleagues. I worry what a hash they are now going to make of dealing with overseas business markets as a result of the sense of entitlement, we are no longer the GB of “My Island Story”. Vince did actually take the heat out of a couple of major faux pas with his quiet good sense and sensitivity. One of the reasons I feel so pessimistic about the coming years…..

  17. The changes in vote %s in round numbers: Lib Dem -17%; Con +7%; Lab + 4%; Green + 3%; UKIP +3%; and Others 0%.

    Swing Lib Dem to Con = 12 %.

  18. nemesis
    At around 4am lost LD deposits stood at £61,000
    A little while later “Okay we’ve lost track now. B#ll#cks.
    Now; £170,000.


  19. Gutted

    I voted for Vince because he’s done great work and I didn’t want a conservative. Double whammy this morning!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Purple Haze

      ‘The long walk to freedom’ …and a happy retirement?
      Vince Cable was a good MP but the vote was against his party, not him.

  20. David B

    I sincerely hope that those who switched from Lib Dem to Green and Labour this time are very happy to have a Tory MP representing them.
    Good luck, guys and I hope the self-righteous glow in the polling booth lasts for the five years of full-on, unmoderated Tory Government you have played a small but significant part in ensuring. You will miss Vince, a good man and a thoughtful and effective politician, more than you realise.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Now is not the time to play the blame game. Everyone is entitled to vote as they deem fit.

    • Sal Magundi

      Clegg should have ruled out another coalition with the Tories. The Lib Dems wrote their own suicide note in 2010.

    • Alexis

      Isn’t that a bit of sour grapes David B? I remember voting for Vince in 1997 when he seemed like a welcome change from the Toby Jessel years. I’m afraid that I rapidly became disillusioned and have never voted for him since. No David B, I didn’t have a “self righteous glow in the polling booth”, I simply exercised my right to vote as I saw fit – isn’t that the way the democratic process works?
      Incidentally, I was mildly amused to note UKIP’s Barry Edwards claim on his Twitter stuff thus: “Massive 350% increase in UKIP vote causes Cable removal”
      Whilst I’m not in his league as a mathematician, psephologist or polymath, I can’t make his numbers add up to 350%. OIther candidates seemed to play a larger part in Vince’s downfall. Nevertheless it was still a pretty laudable increase in UKIP’s vote, but not enough to avoid the ignominy of yet another lost deposit.
      Even though I didn’t vote for him, I was impressed by the Labour candidate who increased his share of the vote by a much more meaningful 55% – Perhaps the local LibDems should think about their hubris and ditch the mantra: “Labour can’t win here”? With the right candidate, perhaps they can.
      PS: I wonder if Doc B is hunkered down in a darkened room with smelling salts to hand – it really isn’t a day to be a LibDem activist is it Gareth?

    • It doesn’t make any difference since the Lib/dems decided to prop up the Tories. The other parties built up their support this time and will do so again in the next election.

  21. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    A good and honourable man who both led and reflected my own views of the British political landscape. (I did however, not agree with his mansion tax proposals and informed him of this at the time).
    Always a clear and analytical thinker and one of the few politicians I have genuinely respected.
    Good luck for the future Dr. Cable.

    Congratulations to Dr. Mathias, I hope you will serve the constituents well.

  22. vanw1ck

    Oh, people of Twickenham what have you done? Vince Cable is pretty much all you can want from an MP – a good and principled person, active locally and an important voice of reason at a national level. It seems like madness to vote him out. I went to the hustings and listened to our new MP Tania talk. She is clearly intelligent, and apart from a philosophical belief in the free market which she says made her a Tory, seems to have a lot of common ground with Vince locally (focus on more school places, opposition to Heathrow 3rd runway) so good luck to her. Really really sad to see the back of Vince though. As Tania herself said, he has been an amazing local MP and in my opinion he has done a huge amount of good both for our local community and our country.

  23. Jon

    As a former Twickenham resident and someone who still has business interests there I’m disappointed to see Vince lose. I met him a couple of times and was impressed by his humility and grasp of local issues. He was very supportive of the residents of Heath Gardens’ campaign to block CTD Capita’s expansion and plan to run presses 24/7 in the industrial estate. He deserves credit and respect for his long service.

  24. George

    I am disappointed for Vince and would have liked to have seen him have one more term before retiring. He was well respected by most people around here especially those who had dealt with him on personal constituency matters. Tania will be on the back benches so would do well to build her reputation as a local MP with all that spare time she’ll have.

    This election has been a disaster for the Liberal Democrats and the idea of a working Conservative majority fills me with dread. The small moderating influence of the Liberals in the coalition is now replaced by more Tory seats and there will be a stronger voice for the right wing of that party.

    The idea of a Labour SNP coalition was also depressing. Would Ed Miliband really have ruled out a coalition with the Scots if it meant passing up being PM? I doubt it. Perhaps we will see some new found SNP Labour harmony in opposition. I doubt that too.

  25. Riversidevoter

    I thought I was a floating voter and really did make up my mind at the last minute but this morning I feel as if we have sunk. We have lost a fantastic MP who really did represent our interests. let’s hope Tania can step into his shoes but it doesn’t feel like it.

  26. upend

    on the plus side my prediction of a lost deposit for UKIP came to pass. Happy to claim my prize in the form of a pint, Barry.

    • Sally

      Has he lost his deposit? Oh happy day !
      Oddly, Mr Edwards’ website contains no mention of this, just rants and a tweet to our own Twickerati again claiming erroneously that he and Sir David Attenborough would be in agreement about population problems. Excepting that Sir David was talking about the developing world and suggesting aid ,family planning and education, apart from the mere detail of Sir David’s qualifications, wisdom and compassion, it seems there is little to chose between them. “I endorsed his views” writes Mr Edwards as if such an endorsement is a prize indeed.. Odd that it keep in slipping Sir David’s mind to mention Mr Edwards .Any day now…..

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Hi Sally, As Alex pointed out above Edwards tweeted “Massive 350% increase in UKIP vote causes Cable removal”. This tweet speaks volumes…whilst most ppc’s are conciliatory after the event and recognise their shared experience of campaigning, Edwards can’t resist a dig. Set aside the fact the maths is wrong and the basic tenet very questionable indeed, the fact that he couldn’t even tweet something approaching graceful shows a distinct lack of class. This however does not come as a surprise.

  27. I feel bad for Vince, he is a good man and has done a fair amount for the area over the years, someone new could be good (being positive), but time will tell. What annoys me though is I have lived in Twickenham all my life, I also have two businesses in Twickenham, one being on the high street (retail) Bottom end on Heath Road….. I have Vince come in a number of times as a customer but once recently on his campaign visit. Even seen Nick come in on his campaign visit. Vince has also been at the house (Staines Road), and again so has Nick. Whilst Tania not even once have I seen her around…. No doubt she has been focused at King Street and Church street but still…. Will us businesses on Heath Road ever get any support???

  28. Rickytwicky

    The Oakeshott Report on Twickenham polling intention predicted this result a year ago. Not a surprise.

  29. Sally

    I didn’t vote for him, yet I am sorry for Vince Cable. He seems a good and clever man. It is a thousand pities that being in coalition turned out to be such a poisoned chalice.

  30. Matthew

    I suppose that Vince should’ve done some local campaigning. We didn’t see a LibDem until 40 hours before the poll opened.

    To be honest, the only local work I’ve seen Vince do in 8 years of living here was a rather “sitting-on-the-fence” email about the Gloriana proposal.

    • Riversidevoter

      Well one thing is for sure when Lord True and his friends come up with their next bright idea for our community Tania won’t be siitting on the fence……..

  31. Hester Huttenbach

    Maybe the planning application on the lamppost outside 2a Lion Road to convert Vince’s constituency office from office use to residential preemption the result.

    • Chris Shaw

      wasn’t the original planning application for that building to be residential turned down?

    • Yes: it was a retrospective application as the house [small but 2 beds and a yard behind it] had been built on what was a business yard without permission. Permission was given for commercial use only as it was a commercial site. So it was leased to Vince Cable instead until May 31 2015.

      He was expecting to move out and looking for a new office in Twickenham. The owners now think they can get planning permission and sell the property.

  32. upend

    very sorry for Vince. You should have insisted over tuition fees.

    2 people this morning that could have been Chancellor, now unemployed.

  33. I’m sorry to see Vince Cable go. He has, as said here, been a good and committed local MP and I’ve voted for him on that basis, rather than on the party basis. All good luck to him in the future and thanks from me for his long service.

  34. Pat Pending

    I always thought Vince Cable was a good local MP. He helped a lot of people with local issues and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Tania Mathias also came over well in the last few weeks and I hope she does a good job representing the people of Twickenham although I doubt her voice will count for much on any Heathrow expansion discussions.

  35. Twicktor Meldrew

    Rumours will fill The Mirror and The Star that Vince is up for Strictly Come Dancing.

  36. Dorothy

    Congratulations to Tania. Egg on faces this morning especially to the Lib Dem activists who were adamant on twitter that Cable would win.