Our last High Street Update was way, way back in February. It was a time when the election, new road surfaces, bust-ups over school sites and questions about landscape gardening seemed but distant dreams. Halcyon days some might think. But we are where we are. And where are we? We’re in the place where it’s time for a quick update.

Food Hall goes here...
Food Hall goes here…

Let us begin with some good news. The launch of the new food emporium in Twickenham is getting ever closer. The Church Street Food Hall plans to open its doors in May. It will be in the former Langtons book shop premises on Church Street. The responsible adults behind the scheme have steamed up with various providers of essential victuals, including the likes of Borough Wines, to bring a range of food and drink to the twickerati (that’s you, btw). It’s an interesting idea and we wish them well. Will the new food hall help bring in the extra footfall that Church Street so badly needs? Let’s hope so. It needs it.

Church Street Food Hall poster (click to enlarge)
Church Street Food Hall poster (click to enlarge)

Staying in Church Street, Wild Goose has flown the nest and we hear rumours that another store very nearby may soon be bidding farewell to Twickenham. On a more positive note, the Lovers Lights pop-up shop that has been occupying the old Mercado store is moving a few doors down to take up residence in Monica Boxley’s old place.

My word, we’ve got all this way in our update without a single mention of a new cafe. How can this be? Well, to assuage your concern we can report that the former cafe Bellissimo on London Road has had a makeover and is now open longer and later and describing itself as a cafe / restaurant. Good luck to ’em is what we say.

Bellissimo, London Road
Bellissimo, London Road

For those who love a mobile phone accessory or two (and choose to actually buy them from a real shop rather than online) then the newly opened Sanbei on Heath Road could be just the ticket. Here at twickerati we’re not overly familiar with current trends for mobile phones and associated accessories so we’ll leave that one for the kids to take a view on. And if Heath Road is simply too far to go then there’s something very similar just launched on King Street called Phones4All  for all your buying and selling mobile phone requirements.  If you think its branding looks exactly the same as the now defunct chain Phones4U then help yourself to a biscuit and a spotters badge.

On Heath Road, Heath’s Sandwich Bar has moved from its spot tucked away around the corner from the florist to a new site across the street at 158 Heath Road. In fact, it’s in the shop formerly occupied by the Tai Fok takeaway. This means we’ll never get the chance to tell people to ‘get Tai Fok’ ever again. It’s a massive shame.

Heath's Sandwich Bar
Heath’s Sandwich Bar

Staying on Heath Road, remember Scruby’s the old furniture store near the funeral directors and Wild About Flowers? The rumour seems to be that Tesco own, or at least owned, the site. Despite the Tesco Express setting up opposite a while back there’s been nothing doing at the Scruby’s site for a good few years. Until now. So, what’s happening? A mini-Waitrose? No. Plans to develop the site into flats? Nope, or at least not yet! A BBQ rib place? Negatory! The signs of life are actually human habitation. Squatters seem to have moved in.




And finally, in other news and reminders…. the Rugby Store on York Street has closed. Word is that they might be looking for another shop in the town and with the World Cup now only months away they’d be foolish not to. Bensons for Beds is now open on York Street.  Also mentioned last time but now fully open is our trio of American influenced places: The Shack, Blues Smokehouse and the Chicago Rib Shack. So far we’ve only been to the Shack but we liked the place. Feedback on the others is also positive. Elsewhere Flavours of Sicily the Italian restaurant opposite The Three Kings has been open for a while but is having an ‘official’ opening party for locals on 1st May. That particular location doesn’t have a great recent history so we really hope they get more luck than their predecessors.

And that, little friends, is that. It wasn’t a big High Street Update and it most certainly wasn’t clever but we hope you found it useful in some small way.