Haymarket Media Twickenham Bound?

Bridge House from... the bridge.

Bridge House from… the bridge.

If, like us, you thought Bridge House, the nondescript office block opposite Twickenham station, was en route to becoming flats then think again. Word has reached twickerati HQ (yes, we do very occasionally get told things here) that the building on London Road is set to become the new headquarters of Haymarket Media. As you will know, Haymarket’s riverside base at Teddington Studios is set to be turned into an upmarket residential development, the plans for which were approved last year.  Although it will keep its Berners Street office as a central London hub, Bridge House will become the company’s new HQ. The company has previously said that it is also intends to have some staff based at the planned ‘REEC’ education campus in Egerton Road in Twickenham. Bridge House might not be the most impressive looking home for a modern media company but its central Twickenham location right opposite the station makes it attractive.

Given that Bridge House has been languishing in an unloved state for some time now, this move looks like a good result for Haymarket and a good result for Twickenham.

Bridge House on London Road  - to become home to Haymarket Media?

Bridge House on London Road – to become home to Haymarket Media?


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7 responses to “Haymarket Media Twickenham Bound?

  1. Amir Tahir

    The first sentence of my post of April 25 wasn’t intended as rhetorical question/exclamation. I’d like to see the plans if anyone has a link.

  2. Pat Pending

    This is good news. Having Bridge House occupied by a large company will be good for Twickenham and will give some extra business to the local shops and cafes along London Road.

  3. Dinosaur

    Not so good for the local charities who were using the office spaces for free that have now had to move out

    • twickerman

      That was a temporary opportunity that benefited the charities.
      Good news that Bridge House will continue in office use rather than conversion to flats.

  4. Amir Tahir

    Has anyone seen the plans for the ‘development’ on the Teddington studios site? 267 flats, is it? Involving a ‘relaxation’ of planning limits on height according to reports. Presumably it will be modelled on that hideous lump just downstream and designed so that the maximum number of punters will be able to see 3 sq metres of water and pay through the nose for ‘river views’. Not that the average purchaser will be able to see much from Singapore or Dubai anyway.
    Welcome to the Thames Canyon.
    How on earth is this allowed?

    • Mr Squirrel

      I don’t think it’s that bad, and it’s only 3-4 stories high. It’s not like they’re going to be building skyscrapers in Teddington. A similar development in Brentford Lock looks really good. Some of the negative comments here blow my mind, surely this is a very positive development for Twickenham town centre.