Springtime in Twickenham

The sun’s been making quite a few appearances over the last week. At bloody last. If all this sunshine has caused you to forget why you love Twickenham, here’s a quick reminder…


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2 responses to “Springtime in Twickenham

  1. Alexis

    Good stuff Doc. There were we thinking tht Dr Burningham was suffering from a sense of humour bypass – silly us! Here are a couple of her previous slap-downs to me and another:

    “Definitely without wit.” SM Burningham 21. 04. 15
    “Such wit. and so unarmed.” SM Burningham 23.04.15.

    Now we know that it’s OK to have a pop at invisible Conservative Councillors, how about the well-nigh invisible Riverside LibDem C’llr Michael Wilson? Where was he, David Trigg and Denise Carr when Lourie was determined to sell off Twickenham Riverside to property developers despite intense local opposition?
    Even more concerning, where was our MP, Vince Cable? Funny that he didn’t get involved in local issues when the LibDems were in power but popped up all over Gloriana once the Tories were and tried to push through an equally unpopular project.
    Keep up the humour Dr Burningham.

  2. Spring has certainly arrived. Sighted today in Victoria Road the ‘lesser known Twickenham Riverside Conservative Councillor Benedict Dias’ (aka Benedictus Diceus). We all thought the Riverside Councillors has become extinct breed following the local elections twelve months ago, But suddenly a sighting has occurred – can’t be because of the May 2015 National Elections – or do the Conservatives suddenly [want] our vote again?