Pic of the Week: Fooled?

When we ran our April fool item about Richmond Council selling naming rights to the proposed Twickenham Town Square we didn’t really expect many people to take it seriously. In fact, we didn’t expect anybody to take it seriously. Imagine our delight when we discovered that someone had written to the Richmond and Twickenham Times to complain that the idea ‘lacks class’. Quite right too! Whether they really fell for it or just wanted to build on the joke we’re not entirely sure, but either way we appreciate that they took the time to write to their local paper about it. Respect, and indeed thanks, are due to Mr or Mrs “Name and address supplied”. Sir / Madam, we salute you!

Who's fooling who?

Who’s fooling who?

* The original item
(complete with a couple of very minor edits made after midday on 1st April)


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14 responses to “Pic of the Week: Fooled?

  1. barryedwardsukip


    El Brute has bought the site and there will be a square might as well be called King Sq. No chuckling, for the time being. I don’t mind whether you know not.

    • Alexis

      I’m not quite sure whether this is an unfinished post or anything really – let’s be charitable and put it down to the fact that Barry EdwardsUKIP may well have been tired and emotional after firing off so many posts at that time of night.
      Out of kindness and, since he stands no chance whatsoever of election, I’m going to ignore any of his future stuff over the next 17 days and promise not to chuckle (at least in public) about his inability to say yes or no.
      Holes and shovels spring to mind Mr Edwards – I suspect that there is also room for Mr Farage in the one you have dug for yourself.

  2. The recent election thread’s spat between the UKIP candidate and several critics has made it into the Electionballs in today’s Private Eye (#1390 p 8): ‘Borders Control’ ‘ . . “As a future legislator” he explains . . ’ Future what? Shome mishtake, shurely’

    • Alexis

      Well spotted Mr Squire,
      It’s now over 24 hours since I asked Barry Edwards UKIP a simple question for the second time and have been greeted by stunning silence which some would probably describe as blissful. Nevertheless he probably deserves another 24 hours to recover his composure following a somewhat lacklustre performance at last night’s hustings in Teddington. There was only one heckler who bellowed “Rubbish!” at him before I had to leave at 9.00pm.
      I know these political warriors find it hard to acknowledge that they have past or present form – how silly is that, after all, who doesn’t?
      LibDem hotshot Councillor Gareth Roberts got upset and had a pop at me for posting anonymously here and elsewhere following our mildly amusing spats on the much missed ONCOM where real names were obligatory. Just like Barry Edwards he has stubbornly refused to answer my simple question, oft repeated – have you ever posted anonymously yourself? Strange that isn’t it?
      After 3 years of asking, I think I can safely take it as a YES!

    • barryedwardsukip

      Hi Chris,

      Yes I’m famous at last, its all very exciting and you could say for all the wrong reason, but let’s see how this all ends up, before we start making jokes, I remember the last time, people had a go at me, I still have the “Liar Liar Pants on Fire” screen shot. I haven’t see that for ages and oh yes the Little Yellow book and all that other wonderful Lib Dem memorabilia.

      Thing is “being wicked, acting shamelessly, stiring endlessly and sometimes in politics you’ve got to lie” (Charlies Kennedy) is not really my style!! I’ll just have to leave that to the Lib Dems, from whence it came.

      I did have high hopes for you and really thought that you would have given up all that nonsense after the last episode.

  3. Alexis

    Tricky these yes or no questions aren’t they Mr Edwards?
    1. Lie and risk getting caught out – in which case you might regret involving the police in that other matter.
    2. Tell the truth and either proceed to go or accept yet more ridicule.
    3. Ignore the question and risk the fact that everyone will assume the worst.

    We all know how reluctant politicians are to give a straight answer to a straight question. Which is it to be Mr Edwards?

    • barryedwardsukip

      Here is you answer, none of the above.
      I’m bored with this and the Police will sort it out.

      I remember ONCOM very well, you would have been banned from there.
      I know you think you are funny, but you are the only one.

      Your questions are rhetorical, because they are not straight questions.
      Ask me a sensible question, if you can think of one and you will get a sensible answer.

    • Alexis

      So, I join Dr NHS cowering in my semi waiting for the dawn knock on my door do I Mr Edwards?
      Why so? – because you’re bored? Can’t answer a simple question?
      Here are a couple more simple questions for you:

      1. On what grounds have you reported me to the police?
      2. What is the crime number?
      And here’s a supplementary question:
      What are your views on wasting police time?
      PS: I suspect that “none of the above” sums Mr Edwards up pretty well.

    • barryedwardsukip


      How lovely, you are finally going to stop your stupidity, peace at last.
      No sensible question to ask then.

    • Alexis

      So Barry Edwards UKIP, what’s so insensible about these relatively simple questions?
      I do think that someone who cares about UKIP should tip off Mr Farage before this farrago of rubbish becomes even worse – or perhaps not!

    • Sally

      You will not get a reply, Alexis, because the questions are not to Mr Edwards’ liking. Hence he is is moving to threats and insults .For all the claimed scientific know how, the man seems only able to cope with his own and the UKIP party line. My impression Is that anything which doesn’t”t fit won’t cause him to reexamine his views, its a sort of narcissistic defence.
      As an old partner in bickering I have to admit you are often very funny and this is in sharp relief when held up against a lot of humourless rant.

    • Alexis

      Thank you for your kind words Sally, at least we have something to thank Barry Edwards for and lets hope that our rapprochement isn’t temporary, although I suspect that we will still have minor differences of opinion!

  4. Alexis

    Barry Edwards UKIP was suckered by Twickerati’s April fool and suggested that a better name would be “Kings Sq”. Intriguingly that was also a suggestion from the “name and address supplied” correspondent who wrote a similar letter – as above.
    On another thread, now temporarily closed, I enquired whether Mr Edwards was the author of the R&TT letter however he declined to respond. A simple yes or no will suffice Barry then we can all have a chuckle or not and get on with our business.

  5. Amir Tahir

    Definitely didn’t get the joke.