Town Square Name For Sale

Town square site, Water Lane

Town square site, Water Lane

The saga of the Twickenham Action Plan aka the TWAP has taken yet another twist. Regular readers will be aware of the Council’s purchase of the Santander site in Water Lane with the intention of opening up the space down to the river and creating a new town square. So far, so good, you might think. But now it seems that financial pressures caused by the lengthy road and pavement work have led LBRuT to seek new solutions for completing the project and managing the costs. In a press release from York House, Richmond Council have announced that corporate sponsorship may be used to shore up the scheme and generate a stream of much needed revenue. The document quotes El Brute’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance, Geoffrey Samuel (from Central Casting) as saying, “We have been looking at options to keep costs down for hard pressed Council Tax payers and have agreed to sell naming rights to the new Twickenham Square in much the same way that football stadia and concert venues do. We believe this innovative approach will be welcomed by the residents of Twickenham. Furthermore, we have already agreed a naming deal with the FM Conway the contractors who have been working tirelessly to improve Twickenham’s roads and pavements for many, many months. We believe that when complete, Twickenham’s newly named “FM Conway Square” will be a real asset to the town”.

Conway: Proud sponsors?

Conway: Proud sponsor?

The Council have also indicated that the naming rights would be re-tendered every five years and that there has already been significant interest in the proposal from a range of parties including various telecoms companies, Heathrow Airport and even the retailer Poundland. Naming rights to Water Lane may also be included as part of the arrangement which will almost certainly upset some vocal locals. It’s rumoured that Thames Water Plc may be considering this as an option.

So, are you looking forward to picnicking and partying in FM Conway Square? Or is it time to break out the banners and rock up to York House to campaign to get the name “Twickenham Square” placed firmly on the map? 

If you want to complain to LBRuT you have until midday on 1st April in which to do so.

* Full LBRuT Press Release
* April Fools Day – Wikipedia


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32 responses to “Town Square Name For Sale

  1. Here’s a picture of the letter to the R&TT about this terrible idea.

  2. Riversidevoter

    Oh dear, just realised Mr Edwards, someone who actually rises rather spectacularly to the challenge of Lord Trues epithet of “certain well ventilated voices” has also not yet rumbled your scurrilous 1 April rumour mongering……

  3. Riversidevoter

    Well done Twickerati, it’s April 10th and the joke is still running, someone has written to the Richmond and Twickenham Times to complain that “Poundland Square” lacks class, and that someone should fire the idiot in the Council who came up with the idea …….

    Next? Lord True speaks out to defend the Council against certain well ventilated scurrilous rumour mongers?

  4. barryedwardsukip

    I would suggest that the logical name for this area of the Town is called “Kings Sq”. It is obviously not the Town Square that was promised in the Barefoot consultation. This was down on the Riverside. So far this new experiment has cost £6 Million, no one has been asked about this, we have not see any plans or had any explanation of how this will revitalize Twickenham.

    I would like to get the whole town enthusiastically behind a plan for the town, but the community is being kept in the dark; as usual, by both the Tories and Lib Dems.

    Twickenham is owned by the people of Twickenham and should be run for the benefit of the people of Twickenham, not some road contractor. FM Conway Sq, sounds like “the way of the con”, yet again.

    Real change is long overdue, but with just a bit of common sense, a bit of wisdom and most importantly to let the people decide and we could have a great town.

    • dellboy

      someone didn’t click on the LBRuT full press release, and someone is so careful over the “facts” !!

  5. Tina Cooke

    HILARIOUS!! You got me. Good and proper. Bahahaha

  6. michelangelo

    Twickerati – you really should have taken this down after midday, as the tradition is that A.F. are only played in the morning of April 1

  7. J Mclean

    What happend to the 1000000£ we saved on the boat house ? Can’t we use that to build the square. Then we can call it True Square.

  8. True and Samuel are ‘stock characters”.
    Two for a penny with their pink faces, over combed hair and in one case grey suede shoes. B movie stuff.

  9. mjk

    Its April 1st. Was almost fooled. Poundland Square (lol) Nice one

  10. stellagdb

    April Fool. Surely?

  11. Paul

    What does “from central casting” mean?

  12. Purple Haze

    As it’s going to be a large drinks patio provided by the council for the rugby crowds, like outside The Cabbage Patch, a statue of The Blue Baron with a load of old balls should be erected there.
    And we ain’t fooling around either. 😉

  13. upend

    how about Portaloo square in deference to the RWC?

    • Don’t encourage them. True and Samuel might just try it. They are devious enough to push it through just before the next local election.

  14. geoffhaves

    Ha ha! I was hooked until the bit about Poundland Square. Well done, happy April 1st!

  15. Ha ha ha! Excellent! I think… it IS a joke, isn’t it? Aaaagh!

  16. dellboy

    has anyone clicked on the “full press release”?

  17. Yvonne Hewett

    Good one, Russell! You nearly had me there.

    OTOH, should you be giving the Blue Baron ideas?

    Yvonne (chortle)

  18. Ex Twickenham Resident

    Sorry…didn’t get me..nor did the R&TTs Dinosaurs in the park, nor The Grauniad. However truth is stranger than fiction. Are you aware the new town square is actually going to be a hexagon and named ‘Six nations Square’ in readiness for the World Cup…? Expect an announcement soon!

  19. Oh ! The contract renewing the pavements have been hard pushed ? A handful of them have been at it so long I didn’t notice ! And the slabs already laid are filthy and soiled , need to restart.
    By the way up in a Wimbledon they have had a refurbished town centre like us for ages, so too many other London Boroughs, we are getting nothing new there! Everyone is getting the same.
    If getting rid of Santander etc means we will one day sit in Poundland Square for our coffee, so be it, Secretly I am grateful to the council for this new Square, the sooner the better. Irrespectine of name. Much better than the previous inactive sleepy administration which sat on the Baths site for years and then wanted to sell it off for evecutive housing.

    • Or indeed Lord True and Co who were seeking royal patronage by destroying Orleans Gardens by putting up a barge house the size of two blocks of flats.

  20. I think this is a great suggestion how about crowd funding the new pavements blocks in church street, for 50 pence you can have your name chiselled into said blocks creating a walk of stars do i have any takers

  21. Consider my hat duly doffed in you general direction. Well played sir, well played.

  22. Hester Huttenbach

    Actually I now wonder if this is an April Fool!

  23. Hester Huttenbach

    FM Conway has no relevance to Twickenham. Half the time the workmen seem to have disappeared and considering that most of them have no connection to the town Conway is this a done deal because if it is I wonder how much the council accepted?

  24. Adam

    I think “Santander Square” has a nice ring to it.