Ice Cream VanPerhaps you’ve forgotten our “Your Twickenham News” page. Perhaps you haven’t. Perhaps you never knew it existed in the first place. We haven’t given it a plug for a while but we’ve decided that it’s time to give it another push, not because there’s nothing on it but because there is. It’s the place where anyone can post news, questions or information as long as it’s totally Twickocentric and not overly dull or overtly political.

On Your News at the moment we have the following:

A request for information from Rick Wilson about shops in Twickenham and St Margarets – especially Edmund, F.C. Yates and Slater & Francis – in the period 1947-51 and about the Reverend Hugo Charles of All Hallows Church. The reason? It’s background research for a novel set locally. Can you help?

Information about a film being produced by local outfit Stormhouse Pictures. Anders Hammer of Stormhouse gives the lowdown on the movie, Comedy Festival for the Deaf, and is looking for crowd sourced funding.

Details about live music from the legendary John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett hosted by Drumfire Live at Patchworks at The Cabbage Patch pub. It’s on 24th April.

An unusual event at Twickfolk where tales of cuckolded molecatchers, a lone oak tree that grows at Gallipoli, medieval pilgrims and more will be presented by folk experimentalists, story tellers and multi-instrumentalists Harp and a Monkey. It’s at Twickfolk at The Cabbage Patch on 19th April.

There’s also regular information about Orleans House Gallery, Richmond Film Society and Arthurs’ Film Nights. There’s a link to a new Facebook page for events in Twickenham. One poster even poses the question everyone finds utterly baffling… why do some dog owners bother to pick up dog crap in a poo bag but then leave the bag on the ground. Truly, that is one of the great mysteries of life. We’ll leave that one with you.

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