Pic of the Week: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

First we had the short-lived Church Street Canal, now it seems El Brute have opted to bring more of a Wizard of Oz feel to Twickenham. The paving stones seem to be going in at a rate of about one a day, so whether we’ll ever get to the Emerald City is debatable. And as for who might play the Wizard, the Cowardly Lion, the heartless Tin Man, the brainless Scarecrow or the Wicked Witch of the East, we can only speculate. Or perhaps you should.

We're off to see the Wizard...

We’re off to see the Wizard…

Just click your heels together and repeat, “There’s no place like Twickenhome”.


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9 responses to “Pic of the Week: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Purple Haze

    According to the LBRUT website, the Council has allocated £11 million across the borough to fund uplift work and the regeneration of Twickenham. Work to improve Twickenham Town Centre began in June 2013 and improvements to York Street have been completed. These have included: replacing the kerbs, repaving footways with york stone and improving the junction at Arragon Road and the area around the Civic Centre. Work will continue to improve paving and footways, install cycle lanes and upgrade junctions.

  2. Purple Haze

    Does anyone know how many £millions this repaving of Twickenham has cost, whilst a lot of the residential roads remain in a dreadful and dangerous state, full of potholes and broken drains?

  3. Rufus McDufus

    Saw the new paving today. It looks like the stuff they use in any modern shopping precinct. Not really in keeping with Church Street.

  4. OK, we’ll admit to playing around with the colour a bit in that photo. It’s as much pink as it is yellow.

  5. Rickytwicky

    The yellow brick road a Lib Dem election ploy, but beware this road leads you straight into the Thames

    • Alexis

      What a bizarre choice of paving and I wonder how many more struggling Church St shops will succumb before this unnecessary and inappropriate makeover is finished.

      Perhaps its time for landlords to share the pain with their tenants? I doubt anyone other than the Council wanted it. I spoke to a trader a couple of days ago and he was bemused by the whole exercise and wondered how the draymen would deliver heavy barrels of beer to The Fox once double yellow lines are painted on most of the street. Isn’t Church St, The Fox, real ale and that bit of the riverside part of the heritage we wish to support? After all, most of the rest of Twickenham is pretty ordinary so why mess about with that which is still unique.

      Interested readers might also like to have a look at the way the failed brick wall adjacent to the graveyard in St Mary’s Church is being replaced by totally inappropriate modern red bricks with grey inlaid motifs. Since the Church had no money available, the Council stepped in to help and engaged Conway, their Twickenham makeover contractor, who are probably using leftover bricks from elsewhere despite the fact that the old ones are piled up in the graveyard. For those of us who have relatives buried or remembered there, its awful. I took photos but don’t know how to post them.

      Where are all those who were so vociferous in their condemnation of Lord True and his plans to house Gloriana in nearby Orleans Gardens?

    • Sally

      You are kidding – they are not using the original 18C bricks the Church so helpfully piled up? to hand?? Investigations needed. Surely the original wall should be restored carefully, using the original bricks if at all possible. And the job has been given to the slothful bricklayers currently paving Church St, a hideous yellow?

      I will ask the Vicar. There must still be some Norman broadswords in the crypt for repelling barbarians.

    • Amir Tahir

      Good God, Alexis. I agree with you. It must be spring!
      Naïve of me probably, but I’d always imagined that local authorities would have someone with some sensitivity in these matters to oversee the kind of works which you refer to here. Most house owners these days seem to have the nous or taste to use appropriate bricks or paving when doing work on old houses and local authorities are supposed to be in a position to ensure, when necessary, that they do.
      As far as the church is concerned the contractors should have to rip them out and start again as they would have to if it was work for a private householder. As for Church Street, the pedestrian precinct look is probably what the council stipulated in their ‘vision’.