Pic of the Week: Church Street Canal

We thought we’d take a picture of the new street and paving work going on in Church Street. At least, we thought it was new paving when we took our initial picture. Imagine our surprise (that’s right, it was just mild surprise) when less than a day later we discovered what is really going on. As part of the Twickenham Action Plan, aka the TWAP, it seems El Brute have decided to transform Church Street by converting it into a waterway. Colin Cooper snapped this picture for Twitter saying, “@twickerati have you not seen the new Church Street canal? Very Venetian. I’ll be visiting @EelPiepub in my gondola!”. Sounds like a good plan. We just wonder if LBRUT’s contractors have spotted that Church Street is not actually flat. Or maybe we can expect a few locks, a dry dock and a home for a certain royal barge too.  Images of Council Leader Lord True sporting a striped shirt and straw boater belting out “Just One Cornetto” spring to mind. And can never be erased.

Church Street Canal picture: Colin Cooper @colin_j_cooper

Church Street Canal
picture: Colin Cooper / @colin_j_cooper

Picture by Colin Cooper on Twitter aka @colin_j_cooper


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18 responses to “Pic of the Week: Church Street Canal

  1. Emily Pull

    View from Eel Pie bridge in the afternoon sun!

    Emily Pull

  2. Gavin Corbett

    I can see a Rialto Bridge being built with ice cream, cappuccino and pizzerias. Just keep the striped polo tops to a minimum after all we are essentially English!

  3. Venice/Church St, you’d be hard put to tell the difference!

  4. Anonymous

    I always tell my friends that there is a river in Twickenham ?

  5. Amir Tahir

    Looks like Sterling’s Plan B to me …………..

    • Purple Haze

      That’s right, Amir. Lord True, aka The Blue Baron, will be organising trips on the Gloriana up and down the length of Church Street. 🙂

    • Alexis

      Nice try Messr’s PH and Tahir but no rise from me this time other than to commend other readers to the R&TT today in which there is a wonderful shot of our revered elder statesman, LibDem Councillor Martin Elengorn playing scrabble on his Council funded laptop during the debate about our Council budget. I know that £9.4K is not a fortune for a few hours of purgatory but then, at least he hadn’t nodded off!
      The three accompanying posts are most interesting.
      PS: Excellent photo by Colin and I look forward to having a chat with him as I do on most Saturdays at the Twickenham Farmers Market.

    • illiad1

      The article did say that he was trying to block out the ‘ritual sparring’…
      I am sure he is capable of doing one thing while listening whether they are actually talking sense or not…
      The author of the article is clearly not a player 🙂 , ‘elengorn’ is NOT a legal word! they need to put ‘councillor’ somewhere 😀

    • Sally

      I don’t know…I went past today and that hole seems to be getting deeper and deeper… and was that a glittery prow poking out? Of course! Sutton Hoo!

    • Alexis

      What fun!
      I see that LibDem Councillor Elengorn’s addiction to scrabble has got him into the Evening Standard and hot water with his boss:
      Perhaps Sally would like to see him chained to one of Gloriana’s oars to serve out his pre-retirement penance? Sutton Hoo seems a bit extreme.

    • To be fair, we can all probably admit to having occasionally become distracted when Cllr Samuel gets going.

  6. Sally

    Thank you for a good laugh. I thought the hole was a bit big for paving, now I see all.

  7. Mumto1plus2

    Thank you twickerati and Colin Cooper for the best laugh of the day! So, when is the alleged deadline for completion of works and who can make the most accurate guess as to the actual date we will get Church street back with or without canal?

  8. What the hell ARE they doing??? why the terrible tarmac pavement? why not re-brick it to keep the nice look the street had before as the prettiest road in Twickenham?