We thought we’d take a picture of the new street and paving work going on in Church Street. At least, we thought it was new paving when we took our initial picture. Imagine our surprise (that’s right, it was just mild surprise) when less than a day later we discovered what is really going on. As part of the Twickenham Action Plan, aka the TWAP, it seems El Brute have decided to transform Church Street by converting it into a waterway. Colin Cooper snapped this picture for Twitter saying, “@twickerati have you not seen the new Church Street canal? Very Venetian. I’ll be visiting @EelPiepub in my gondola!”. Sounds like a good plan. We just wonder if LBRUT’s contractors have spotted that Church Street is not actually flat. Or maybe we can expect a few locks, a dry dock and a home for a certain royal barge too.  Images of Council Leader Lord True sporting a striped shirt and straw boater belting out “Just One Cornetto” spring to mind. And can never be erased.

Church Street Canal picture: Colin Cooper @colin_j_cooper
Church Street Canal
picture: Colin Cooper / @colin_j_cooper

Picture by Colin Cooper on Twitter aka @colin_j_cooper