Twickenham House Fire Caused By Nutella Jar

Nutella jar was used to store loom bands

Nutella jar was used to store loom bands

A blaze which tore through a family home in Twickenham was caused by sunlight refracted through a glass jar on a window sill. The fire took hold on Sunday 15th February at the home of the Murphy family in Fielding Avenue in Twickenham and caused substantial damage to the property and led to the death of the family’s pet dog, Chilli. Mr and Mrs Murphy and their two children (aged 7 and 3) were not at home at the time. London Fire Brigade investigators identified a glass Nutella jar which was being used to hold ‘loom bands’ as the source of the fire. The combination of sun’s rays and glass jar were sufficient to cause blinds in a bedroom to catch fire.

Loom bands

Loom bands

The fire brigade has advised people to be aware of the risks presented by glass and crystal left in direct sunlight. News websites quote the fire brigade as saying that in the last five years there have been 125 fires caused by the sun’s rays and that these can occur in winter as well as in summer. This sad and bizarre story has now even made the news in the USA and Australia.



Pictures on the London Fire Brigade Flickr stream:

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4 responses to “Twickenham House Fire Caused By Nutella Jar

  1. Purple Haze

    The London Fire Brigade say 125 fires over the last 5 years were caused by glass objects.

  2. Anonymous

    Very sad and .not what you’d expect but it nearly happened to our house once.. Our bedroom faces due south and the sun shone on a plastic sheet fresnel lens on a shelf above a desk. This focussed on papers on the desk. Fortunately I went into the room and saw the smoking paper before it got out of hand.

  3. Dorothy

    What a truly awful fire. I feel for the family and the little dog.

    Hopefully they have insurance!

    Perhaps Twickerati could set up an appeal for the family now that they have lost their home and possessions.