Pic of the Week: High Tides

Twickenham is by the river. People park their cars by the river. Sometimes there are high tides. Sometimes the cars get flooded. Oh dear. It’s not news. Get over it. It’s just a shame, a damned shame, but then we all experience a little bit of schadenfreude. You might as well just admit it.

Geese check out Audi

Geese check out Audi

Golf and barge. Twickenham

Golf and barge. Twickenham

Maybe these will help…
* Environment Agency
* Tide Times


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11 responses to “Pic of the Week: High Tides

  1. Angelina Jolly

    Couple of years ago I parked up by the riverside gardens, all very normal – river where it should be. I spent about half hour shopping, came back to find the Thames lapping around the base of my car door. No choice, I waded in and opened the door (water was about 2 cm from flooding the footwells); but then I had to try to get into the car……really wished i’d not had that big lunch earlier..or had left the window open!

  2. Purple Haze

    Years ago I saw a bloke walk up to his half-submerged car then dissapear completely under the water as he stepped off the wharf into the river. He was ok but there was much mirth from the drinkers at The Barmy Arms!

  3. hey count your blessings!!! It looks like the cars may have been drivable at least when the water went down…..:P
    there is a place right beside richmond bridge, where cars get *totally* submerged!!!!

  4. Why the smugly aggressive tone in that original comment? There was no need for that! I live right there and the signage is completely inadequate.

  5. Yet people would pay a lot of money to have a riverview premises and location

    Perhaps water proof vehicles is next on the list of technologies

  6. janishaves

    This is true but the signage regarding the flood hazard is pretty poor. I think many people don’t even see the signs and get caught. The signs should be large and by the pay machine not on a wall you drive past while looking for a space.

  7. The pictures say it all. Thanks Twickerati. Hopefully not up to the door of my studio.