Strange news from the not-so-mean streets of Twickenham today, 17th February. The closure of Grimwood Road near the station led to questions being asked on Twitter. Was it a gas leak? Was it some kind of explosive device? Where exactly is Grimwood Road anyway? It turns out that weapons and ammunition were found at an empty house in the street. The Evening Standard reports that the stash was seized after police were initially called at around 12pm on Monday. The house was then secured overnight and when additional ammunition was discovered on Tuesday, a security cordon was put in place. Later on Tuesday @MPSRichmond tweeted, “Firearms found inside an empty house in Grimwood Rd #Twickenham – cordons were in place for house search – now removed. Enquiries continue.”

The Standard cites the Metropolitan Police as saying there was no indication the find was terror-related. Either way, it’s not the kind of thing one normally expects to hear about in London’s premier leafy suburb.

* Evening Standard