Reprieve for St Margarets A316 Footbridge

Twickenham Ice Cream Van in B&WGood news for fans of the footbridge across the A316 at St Margarets roundabout. As you will recall, last summer TfL proposed to do away with the footbridge and install a new ‘toucan crossing’ facility at the site. Cue much outrage from regular crossing users, not least the pupils (and parents) at St Stephen’s Junior School just next door. Improved crossings seemed sensible but doing away with the footbridge, perhaps the safest way to get across the road, seemed more like a way of saving money on repairs than improving anyone’s road crossing ‘experience’.

After an online consultation and much lobbying from various quarters TfL have now announced a revised plan. The new “at-grade two stage toucan crossing facility” (their words, not ours) will be installed as planned but the bridge will now be retained (and maintained) for a further two years beyond the installation of the crossing. TfL have also announced that they will consult again in the event that further proposals to remove the bridge are put forward. So, it seems that after much debate, discussion and plenty of bridge-related photo opportunities, a sensible outcome has been reached.

The new crossing will be in place by the time the Rugby World Cup begins in September of 2015. Happy now?

* TFL A316 consultation page


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5 responses to “Reprieve for St Margarets A316 Footbridge

  1. Adam

    It seems very strange to build a crossing in addition to the bridge. If the safety fears were of children running into the road, removing the barriers for a new crossing will be just as dangerous whether the bridge is there or not.

    I suspect this is a temporary measure so they can remove the bridge in 2 years after gather statistics on how many people still use it after the crossing is available.

  2. So there will still be a road crossing to cause further traffic problems on an already busy road.

    • Iconimous

      There are other pedestrian crossings in similar positions already on the A316 that have no impact on overall traffic flow. As long as the phasing is set correctly such crossings can indeed sometimes improve the overall traffic flow allowing it to move in pulses.

      Incoveniencing motorists should never be the aim of measures that make it easier, quicker, and safer to cycle/walk but if that’s an unavoidable consequence it’s often a price worth paying.

  3. Kevin Carter

    Good news, but what I’d like to know is why did TfL want to remove the bridge in the first place? There must have been some good reason for planning to incur avoidable expense in these times of austerity.

    • Of course the removal of the bridge would have nothing to do with the new development of ‘houses’ in what was Globe House offices and previous print works.

      I worked in that building, opposite St Stephen’s School, I trust the roof will have better sound insulation than we enjoyed, also there was no awareness of external areas at the back, all the windows looked out on the bridge, the traffic jams and the school.

      It is worth looking at the photographs of developmentt, the view of the bridge is clear from the living room. The properties are marketed by Dexters. I make no comment on the selling price, but one could buy a good size house, even (dare I whisper it on this site) in Whitton where the 1930s High Street is booming.