Sandycombe Lodge, the house designed by the painter JMW Turner and used as his ‘country retreat’ between 1813 and 1826 will be saved thanks to a £1.4m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The villa in Sandycoombe Road, Twickenham (yeah, so what if it’s really St Margarets, deal with it!) can now be restored and opened to the public.  Although the house does currently allow for some visitors, it’s on English Heritage’s ‘at risk’ list and in need of significant restoration. Turner designed the house himself although the original structure has been modified since Turner sold it in 1826. These modifications will be removed as part of the work. After the completion of the project it is expected that the house will be open for 46 weeks of the year from 2016 and will include state of the art visitor information and offer an expanded range of educational programmes.

Good news, and well done to all those Turner in Twickenham fans who worked hard to make this happen.


Turner's House, Twickenham
Turner’s House, Twickenham


Next stop: Rebuild the Temeraire!

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