Pic of the Week: Heathrow vs The Arts

Expand the Arts not Heathrow! Whilst in no way condoning the defacement of adverts (of course, etc) we did find this one rather amusing. It’s on the corner of Staines Road and Elmsleigh Road and should raise a chuckle with the retired thesps in Brinsworth House opposite. Hey, perhaps there’s a connection? Look out for an aged actor armed with spray can and a long ladder roaming the streets of Twickenham after dark.

'Expand Heathrow' poster in Twickenham [courtesy of & copyright: Jodie Holland aka @dutchmrs on Twitter]

‘Expand Heathrow’ poster in Twickenham
[courtesy of & copyright: Jodie Holland aka @dutchmrs on Twitter]

Photo courtesy & we suppose copyright of Jodie Holland aka @dutchmrs on Twitter. As to a credit for the original artwork, we’re not entirely sure.


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5 responses to “Pic of the Week: Heathrow vs The Arts

  1. Anonymous

    WAY TO GO!

  2. Sally

    Good for whoever did that. The ads are enraging.Love the patriotic colours they are using. (Heathrow=Britain, expansion=national pride)
    I have written a furious letter to the RTT about the banner headline they ran last week -an ad from Back Heathrow presented as a factual headline. And the latest “survey” from Back Heathrow! So biased, so loaded so damn untrue ! (Plane noise “could be” on occasion identified as an issue but the new planes, number unspecified, will be noiseless etc etc).
    I haven’t seen such a dishonest survey since..wait a minute..

  3. stellagdb

    A great improvement.

  4. Hurrah – I wish I could have done the same to the so-called article in last week’s R&TT purporting to support Heathrow expansion. We were treated to a banner headline and two full page ‘articles’ supporting the extra runway at Heathrow. The Heathrow ‘communications’ department must have been taking lessons from Lord Pravda.

  5. Sarah Bland

    Well done to whomever did this!
    I am inspired – I so wanted to have a marker pen to hand on the Jubliee line recently. There is an extremely pernicious ad out from Heathrow.com. Prompted by this photo I have now located the ad that incensed me and send this link to a group fighting the expansion plans. Someone did have a marker pen handy and changed the wording: