Get Ready For… The 4th Annual Twickenham Twickerati Social Thingy

Remember, remember, the thirteenth of November. Why? It’s only bloody time for the 4th annual Twickenham twickerati hyperlocal meet up thingy, isn’t it?! Some might call it a ‘social’, others a ‘tweet up’, and others might just wonder what the hell we’re talking about.

The point of it, if indeed there is one, is to have an informal ‘buy your own drinks’ social for any Twickenham-based tweeters, ‘likers’, bloggers, scribblers, web hosters, Facebook posters, business folk and folky types who want to get together. It’s a chance to talk Twickenham (or even not), swap ideas, put faces to names, and even make some contacts. Or just have a beer or a glass of wine. And that’s it! There’s no hard sell, no presentations, no group hugs.

There have been three previous events, with the last two years attracting over 40 people. Yes, really. This year we’re delighted to be going to The Cabbage Patch, one of Twickenham’s best pubs.

As FDR might have said, had he been alive and inclined to come along, “Do not be shy. You have nothing to be shy about except shyness itself”.

Date: Thursday 13th November 2014
Time: From 8.00pm
Location: The Cabbage Patch, London Road, Twickenham (in the space at the back)

One last thing… if you do run a local website, blog or whatever and you do want people to know who you are (which might be useful) then feel free to wear some kind of name badge. It would be a great help.

Any questions? Ask them below or email us: twickerati @ gmail .com

Right then… who’s in?


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13 responses to “Get Ready For… The 4th Annual Twickenham Twickerati Social Thingy

  1. Ben Makins

    Thanks for a great evening. A pleasure to meet enthusiastic people who care about their community and to share views and a range of opinions. I felt more would get sorted out in this environment over a pint or glass of wine than in a thousand dreary council meetings run on party lines! Thanks as well to “The Patch” for hosting and free food! Good to see its still working at being a community pub in the way former owner, Frank Dupree, would appreciate. The place was buzzing; quiz night, the Eel Pie Club upstairs, Twickerati in the back room. The new live music room was good too on Sunday for the Twickfolk night; going against the trend with pubs and live venues closing all around. Great “social capital”.

  2. Thanks to everyone who came down last night. It was a great evening with some familiar faces and some new ones too. And of course a special thanks to the Cabbage Patch for providing some tasty food to help maintain energy levels what with all that beer and wine going on.

    If you couldn’t make it, there’s sure to be another one sometime in 2015.

  3. Pat Pending

    I’m in. See you down there.

  4. twickerati

    And in case you’d forgotten about this…. It’s on Thursday 13th! Come down for a spot of mingling with Twickocentric people. It’s not proper networking, it’s just mingling!

    • Judy Astley

      Could we please wear name badges? (only if you want to) I’ve been to other Tweet-up thingies and the badges were useful to identify others that you’d talked to but never met.

  5. Anonymous

    Yup, I’ll be there as per, any excuse to imbibe 🙂 @swfoodblogger

  6. Great. I was planning on going to the Eel Pie Club that evening, so the venue is very convenient!

  7. Judy Astley

    I’m in! When you say ‘space at the back’ do you mean that back room or the bar at the right hand side?

  8. Tessa Lush

    Sounds great but any chance it could take place this year 😉


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  9. George

    Sounds good. Beer & Twickenham go well together. Will you be parked up outside in the van?