Twickenham Theatre to Close?

twickenham theatreThe new Twickenham Theatre above the London Road bar (on London Road, obviously) has closed after its very first run. Why? Well, it wasn’t down to lack of interest from west London theatre goers. Its first production, Sweeney Todd, received excellent reviews and even added extra dates to meet demand. The closure is all about the venue. The London Road has been sold by its owners and, according to the theatre’s Executive Director Tony Green when quoted in The Stage, “The new landlords do not ‘figure theatre as part of their plans’.” Here at twickerati HQ we reckon that’s a big shame.

Mr Green is now looking for a new venue in the area to build on the success of Twickenham Theatre’s first, but hopefully not last, production.

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7 responses to “Twickenham Theatre to Close?

  1. Ananke

    Star Pubs, which is the UK leasing arm of Dutch brewer Heineken, said it had provided a comment on behalf of Murray Laird, the new landlord of The London Road pub, who also manages The Waldegrave Arms, in Teddington.

    Mr Laird said: “The Twickenham Theatre was asked to leave The London Road as it didn’t have a legally binding contract and didn’t fit into our future plans for the pub. Until December we shall be running a pop up bar and smokehouse at The London Road. In Early January we’ll be closing the pub for a refurbishment with the intention of making it more food orientated when we re-open.”

    No idea why they think playing loud music through outside speakers is going to entice the punters in either.
    Still sounds like yet another rubbish pub for Twickenham that will just make money on rugby days.

    • Sally

      I agree. The theatre would have given the place charm and character, and would have been an asset if they really did want to be more food orientated. I can think of a few pubs which are joined with a theatre and they are great. Nope-looks like another crummy, noisy dive is planned.

  2. It's a Twickenham thing....

    Well there’s one pub I won’t be drinking in – peasants!

  3. Brewery Wharf – the new developement oppostie the staion – promises a ‘cultural venue’ I wonder if that could be the new home.

  4. Anonymous

    They’ll probably turn it another failed pub and nightclub like The Loft just to get the binge drinkers in. Pathetic.

  5. Sally

    I am so sorry it is closing-what are the new landlords on about? The theatre was a success-unlike a previous string of failed nightclubs etc on the site. I hope they find a new home soon

  6. Tony deserves as much support as possible to keep his vision alive.