Nice One, Geyser!

Nice one, geyser. [Photo courtesy of @DPBedford on Twitter]

Nice one, geyser.
[Photo courtesy of @DPBedford on Twitter]

A plume of water rises into the air outside Sandy’s Fishmonger. A new idea as part of the Twickenham Action Plan or simply a burst water main? We reckon the latter but it made for quite a sight on a rainy Monday in October. Cue plenty of traffic disruption and local shopkeepers digging out their insurance policies.

Richmond Council have just announced that the temporary road closures and diversions will remain in place for 24 hours while Thames Water carry out remedial work. Here’s their page about it.

Thanks to @DPBedford on Twitter for the photo.

And here are a couple more…

This one’s from @originalrobyn

And this via @becksbake

The hole, complete with a fixed pipe, pictured on Tuesday morning:


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21 responses to “Nice One, Geyser!

  1. illiad1

    … and NO truth in the rumour that they were trying to use the water main to get fish to their shop EVEN quicker!!!! 😀 😀

  2. TW1-Person

    Apparently the operative that hit the pipe and caused all the flooding is being treated for trauma! poor person

  3. Anonymous

    What happened to Reels Amusements next door? It’s been closed for a while now and we are missing it’s mysterious Tomb of Tutankhamun displays in the window.

  4. mike hine

    Twickenham police today expressed their ‘general satisfaction’ with yesterday’s test of new crowd control measures in preparation for the Chelsea move but conceded that one or two ‘teething issues’ might still need to be ironed out going forward.

  5. Sally

    We were confidently told by the Thames Water bods last night that drinking water would be distrubuted to houses without water. No sign of this, so very glad to see the water back on this morning.The line is the spout was caused “by one of our operatives”. So the Water company didn’t know where the water main was??
    Poor Sandys-the nicest business in Twickenham.Suggest we all rush in and buy up big when they reopen.

  6. Temporary closures and diversions to remain in place until tomorrow (Tue) say El Brute:

    (… Although King Street was open as usual on Tuesday morning )

  7. Anonymous

    Plenty of water coming out of the ground, but none coming out of my taps right now. Quite the blitz spirit when I went to Morrison’s just now to get some of the bottled variety (of which there’s not much left).

  8. Anonymous

    Angry whale gets it’s own back on fishmonger’s? 🙂

  9. Digging work begins in preparation for new Glorianna site perhaps?….. lights blue touch paper and retires

  10. sarah

    Hope the people in the flats above have water insurance. Noticed an open window earlier!

  11. queby

    Hoping for some free fish/lobster floating (swimming) down the road but no luck!b