Heathrow announces early cancellation of current airspace trials

A useful update from Teddington Town on the recent Heathrow departure trials and the airport’s decision to bring them to an early close after significant adverse feedback from local residents (including the TT initiated petition), groups and MPs.

Teddington, Middlesex, UK

NewsHeathrow announced today that it will be ending the current airspace trials on two months early, on the 12th November 2014.

This is in light of residents feedback (thanks to all those that signed the petition and included comments) and meetings with local groups, authorities and MPs. Yesterday we met with Heathrow to discuss the trials and their effect on the local community – full write-up of the meeting & other info will follow soon.

LHR then expressed their wish to end the trials early due to the massive number of complaints they had received but also needed to ensure enough data was recorded to have results analysed.

The reasons for not widely publicising the trials in advance included not wanting to skew results, also the first trial Jan-June this year only received just over 100 complaints. LHR thought feedback to the second trial would be similar numbers so thought…

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3 responses to “Heathrow announces early cancellation of current airspace trials

  1. Sally

    Its great the trial was stopped. Is it that the bad publicity from the trials was getting in the way of the big sell for the third runway? Or does Heathrow really, really care about our experience of noise..? They do? Excellent. No third runway then-and a letter from all at Heathrow: “We admit its a terrible spot for an airport. What have we been thinking?”