Pic of the Week: Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Richmond Council are laying down the law. To themselves. In an unusual piece of Kafkaesque logic El Brute have advised everyone, including themselves, that putting up posters in empty shops is simply not allowed. The law will be enforced! And the best way to communicate this message? By means of posters in empty shops of course. Or perhaps it’s simply a Council job creation scheme. As they’re no doubt saying down at the civic offices, “See me in court, sucker!”.


Irony post?


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4 responses to “Pic of the Week: Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

  1. observer

    Any council which (a) erects naff little signs in tasteful heritage colours on any innocent piece of grass larger than 6 metres square giving it a name, welcoming the reader to it and then stating the name and address of who’s responsible for it ( LBRUT itself inevitably) and (b) allows any old car-dealer or estate agent to plonk nasty little signs on any flower-planted roundabout claiming that they’ve ‘sponsored’ it, is not really in any position to moan about others’ poster-sticking proclivities. Are they?

  2. Yvonne Hewett

    Premise? Another blow to the English language.

  3. Alan Winter

    This would appear to be a reaction against the very visible mass postering of the town by the recent circus and travelling fairground promoters. Many of these were for events as far away as Putney and Sutton!
    It is a great shame that the council can’t differentiate between these and genuine local community and charity events.
    The vibrant street scenes throughout Europe are all supported by local event and information posters.
    I’d like to see our council attempt to bring legislation against a travelling circus! – No chance!
    So dear LBRUT, perhaps less of a sledgehammer to crack this walnut please.
    Please remove your own posters and give the local community a chance to raise awareness of events that bring a vibrancy to the town and support local worthy causes.