Twickenham Theatre’s Sweeney Todd

twickenham theatreYou will recall that a while ago we told you about the launch of Twickenham Theatre? You don’t? Well, we did. Anyway, its first production is now underway. It’s a version of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd. Remember Sweeney Todd? Demon barber? Dab hand with a cut throat razor? Liked a pie? That’s him. The production is billed as a ‘musical thriller’ laced with wit and dark humour. It stars David Bedella and Sarah Ingram and runs until 4th October. And where is Twickenham Theatre you might well be asking. It’s at 68 London Road above the London Road Bar, that’s where.

So, are you going? Or have you gone? Give us your thoughts or reviews here.

* Twickenham Theatre


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7 responses to “Twickenham Theatre’s Sweeney Todd

  1. Well, that didn’t last long – sad news in the Rick & Twick today, new landlords have pulled the plug apparently.

  2. Charlotte Piper

    All thumbs up! … a brilliant evening

  3. Good luck – Great to have a new theatre in Twickenham

  4. To be supported – hopefully the theatre will begin to pay its actors a real wage soon – just now it’s the usual poverty economy for the actors.

  5. The stage is supposed to be very impressive. I hear sales are going very well with most shows selling out as they only have 60 seats per night so very cosy…..

  6. Robyn

    Going on saturday & looking forward to it. Good reviews so far!