Boris Island Rebuffed

Some sky (where planes go)

Some sky (for planes)

And in other news this week, Boris Johnson’s vision of a brand spanking new hub airport in the Thames Estuary got put out to pasture by the Airports Commission. Top commission bod, Sir Howard Davies seemed to think it was all a bit of an Eton Mess and decreed it “not the right answer” to the connectivity needs of London and the rest of the UK. In fact he expressed “serious doubts about the delivery and operation” of the plan. This means that we’re now down to a straight fight between Heathrow and Gatwick for handling extra capacity. Or are we, especially as Boris has said he doesn’t regard the estuary hub plan as finished yet. Err, yes we are. In other words, get ready for the approval of a third runway at Heathrow in the near future.

The Airports Commission is not going to issue its final report until after the 2015 election but you can expect the lobbying, arguments and counter-arguments to continue right up until then. And beyond.

And on that very subject, Heathrow Airport are running their own consultation at the moment. The purpose? To help shape Heathrow’s “proposals for property and noise compensation” if/when their third runway gets approved. They are even holding sessions in Richmond (Oct 8th) and Twickenham (Oct 9th). It’s your chance to tick a box on a form. Enjoy.

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5 responses to “Boris Island Rebuffed

  1. dellboy

    Just received, in with the junk mail, another “back heathrow” consultation. I will be filling it in as negatively as possible

  2. odtaa

    Thinking about it should we not be campaigning for a ‘Consolidated Heathrow’ – that is an airport that stays about the same size?

    This would mean that if the pro-Heathrow supporters are telling the truth – than as aircraft technology improves we will get less pollution and less noise over the years.

  3. odtaa

    Interesting little article in the Telegraph

    The success of Dublin is that people from the north and Scotland are increasingly not using Heathrow as a hub as they don’t like it – it’s too big.

    I also think if you look into the future that the way business works will change – the upcoming generation of managers are using social ,media and fancy conferencing services – so a lot less need to travel.

    For holiday traffic any of the London airports will do. Price and ease of use will become more important.

  4. illiad1

    DO check where ‘isle of grain’ is! 🙂
    great for reducing noise, etc… BUT I think it was the cost that threw it out???

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve heard on good authority that when they were building terminal 2 all the electrics, tunnelling, drainage etc was put in for the 3rd runway so they can now argue ‘oh but the infrastructure is already there’