Super September’s Station Shutdowns

A station. In Twickenham

A station. In Twickenham

It’s happening. The building work at Twickenham station has really begun. There are bits of scaffolding, a new bridge, assorted hoardings, men at work and the demolition of Puccino’s cafe and the toilets on platform 4. Despite the toilets being out of action we presume drunken men are still free to continue using the nearby stairway from London Road down to Mary’s Terrace as an alternative toilet facility.

So far the disruption to rails services has been relatively small although residents in the immediate vicinity might feel that they’ve had their share of noise already. The project covers a number of improvements in the run up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup although, as you know, the “big station build” is not now going to happen until some time after England Captain Chris Robshaw lifts the Web Ellis Cup at Twickenham Stadium next October. The work is being partly funded by a grant of £1.6m from Boris’s budget. Nice one. But as we’ve said before and we’ll say again, it’s always been a bit of a mystery as to why the overarching Solum Regeneration development plan was not able to stump up enough dosh to fund all the basic station improvements required. Funny dat.

Anywayyyy… the work includes new footbridges (one between the platforms and one over the whole line) and platform resurfacing. The impact? Well, before we’re ready to enjoy a whole new and improved ‘rail customer’ experience the station needs to be closed for several days. This is going to happen over assorted weekends and all lines through Twickenham will be closed all day. Expect disruption, cranes, scaffolding, more men in orange suits and plenty of noise during those periods.

The affected days/weekends are:
13th / 14th September
20th / 21st September
Sun 28th September
Sun 9th November (morning)

We’re not being pessimistic, just realistic, when we say to you, “Check travel websites the morning after the closures in case it all overruns”. If you want to find out more about the work (but not that elusive “big build”) then there’s a public meeting hosted by El Brute and Network Rail at the Brunel Room of the RFU on Wednesday 10th September between 7.30pm and 9.00pm.

During the closures there’ll be mucho mucho changes to timetables with buses replacing trains in the Twickenham area. And when it comes to getting that crucial replacement bus service, just make sure you’re better prepared for it than Messrs Jackson and Attenborough. Good Luck!


* South West Trains Engineering Works
* El Brute Twickenham Station page

Orange man, Twickenham

Mr Orange, Twickenham


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10 responses to “Super September’s Station Shutdowns

  1. Sally

    Here begins the months of noise, disruption etc etc plus the promise of a lovely huge high rise which the council cannot afford to keep clean or police, and of course of vacant shops-how many are empty in Twickenham right now??? All this because Lord True is so very fond of Solum and the RFU.I swear, in True’s eyes Twickenham-unlike, say, Richmond or Sheen- is just one big development opportunity.For him its a dump which serves only as a sort of appendix to the Stadium.And a place to put up a big shed.
    Anyway, we must all take heart. Remember his Lordship has explained that it is impossible to do up a station without putting a high rise on it, Can’t be done. (Unless in the cases of Richmond, Sheen…)

  2. twickerman

    FYI, the November works are due to take 27 hours. i.e. 2 nights & 1 day.

    At the end of these works the public footbridge should be reopened (after 6 months), the platforms will have been resurfaced (again), and there will be concrete slabs where the platform buildings used to be.

    There will of course be more station closures over the next year to finish the platform works prior to RWC2015.

    And after RWC2015 there will be many more closures over the 3 years it will take to build Solum’s tower blocks.

    Station lifts should be operational by 2019 or maybe 2020 if things go vaguely to plan, which is unusual in NR land.

    Solum, so much fun.

    • thanks 🙂
      I just wonder it will turn into another big white elephant, with empty retail units sitting there for years, while solum counts its profits, and NR thinks about how it can put *another* inflation- busting increase to pay for it!! 😦

    • twickerman

      The November works are for 15 hours, not 27.
      This means the station will be closed until 4pm or so…

    • Adam

      Now the wrappers are off the footbridge, it looks exactly like before except for a coat of paint. Did it really take several weeks just to paint it? And did it need to be closed to the public all this time?

  3. anyone know what the plans are??? no, the full work will not start until after the rugby world cup.. 5 Saturdays in November, all 82000 fans!… :O

  4. t

    I need the birds to be gone. That’s all I ask

  5. So helpful. Thanks Twikerati.