Roads Closed for TWAP Work

How are you getting on with them there road closures then? And what about that narrow cycle contraflow in Holly Rood too, eh? According to El Brute’s timetable, we’re about half way through the work to re-vamp the London Road / King Street / York Street junction. Despite it being holiday season there have been some pretty impressive tailbacks in the town centre recently but, let’s face it, it’s hard to re-build a road junction without disrupting traffic. Work is supposed to end on 25th August. Or rather, this current piece of work is due to end by the 25th. It’s a TWAP thing, and it’s because we’re worth it.

Road closed, Twickenham

Road closed, Twickenham

* El Brute press release


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13 responses to “Roads Closed for TWAP Work

  1. nemesis

    In general, street scene seems much improved with the removal of the Colditz inspired pedestrian barriers.

  2. Sally

    The new pavements ARE looking increasingly flithy, which is no great surprise. The Council have always been very clear that they won’t/can’t spend any more money on street cleaning. That begs the question: why create great acres of new, pristine, pale pavements knowing you can’t keep clean your existing ones? All we get in Twickenham are poor souls with brooms going through occasionally smearing all the debris into a sort of grey paste.
    Its nice to have wider footpaths, but there seem to be no new trees, benches, anything. Its not inviting. Old trees which were taken down during the road works haven’t been replaced and we have a series of blank squares where once they stood.There also seems to be a problem with finishing off so we have a few fenced off areas of broken/unfinished pavement, happliy filling with rubbish.
    Nobody at the Council seems able to just walk through the shops and think what would make them want to linger. Somewhere to sit? A bit of greenery? Vacant shops cleaned up? (See: next to Cousins)

  3. Mrs Jackson

    I am a regular user of Holly Road car park arriving from the Richmond direction, I turn right across King Street, into Queens road (between Cousins and the TSB) then first left into Holly road to get there. There is a present a small lowered gap in the central reservation opposite Queens Road to enable cars like to turn right to get into Queens road. Now I see that they are planning to move the main crossing so that it is opposite the George. Won’t this be too close to traffic turning into Queens Road from the other side of the road? I have looked at the plans but cannot make out how it is going to work. Can anyone explain

  4. Anonymous

    well the GOOD news is the roads are open since the 25Th!! 🙂 🙂

  5. David

    Not oblivious. Just don’t give a sheet.

  6. upend

    blinking chaos last night. they were resurfacing at the junction with some temp lights. all well and good until they started surfacing the “open” lane and just help up all traffic whilst they did it. Chaos I tells ya, chaos.

  7. Yvonne Hewett

    The state of the pavement in Cross Deep has reached the Richmond and Twickenham Times, /

  8. Also your El Brute link is dead

  9. jbuzza

    Most of the delays in last two mornings seemed to be caused by Cousins grocery van being parked outside their shop on Kings Street blocking an entire lane. Doors open but no obvious sign of unloading actually occurring and oblivious to the delays being caused. .