Pic of the Week: Where’s This Then?

It’s the summer silly season and things just would not be complete without a fatuous test of your Twickenham knowledge. It’s really very simple. Where is this tile? Or rather where are these tiles? There are a few of them. They’re not hidden away, they’re perfectly visible from the street. So where are they? Where is our gallant knight Sir Gareth?

A tile... in Twickenham

A tile… in Twickenham

We’ll give you the answer… soon.

In fact we’ll do it now… it is indeed part of a series of tiles between the shops on London Road, The Munch Box, Ke Suushi, the new Bonjour dry cleaners etc.



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6 responses to “Pic of the Week: Where’s This Then?

  1. And where have the Holly Road cemetery hedges gone?

    • Robyn

      They took them away for safety now that bikes can ride the opposite way. They also took down the brick wall on the corner

  2. johnnyreilly

    Ooh, ooh! Topps Tiles?

  3. Sam

    Its between the shops in london road. I only spotredthem for the 1st time on Sunday 🙂 they are lovely.

    • Purple Haze

      They are by Victorian designer and artist John Moyr Smith. His name is on the tile beween the legs of the two standing figures.
      There was another panel but it was purloined or lost many, many years ago.

    • Yes, Sam, you are correct. There’s about three sections of them between the shops (near Ke Sushi, the new dry cleaners etc).

      Thanks for the additional info Purple Haze. Interesting.