More TWAP for Twickenham

Some TWAP going on

Some TWAP going on

We’ve all been enjoying the road works in Twickenham over the last few months, haven’t we? After all, who doesn’t like a good old queue? We’re British, we were born to it. The good news is that more roadworks are on the way and, as with the last lot, it’s all in a good cause, the TWAP. Newer readers may not be familiar with El Brute’s Twickenham Area Action Plan (aka The TWAP) but it’s all about improving Twickenham. Unfortunately the Council seem to be making increasing use of the phrase ‘Twickenham Rediscovered’ for this work which makes it sound like we should be lacing up stout footwear and filling our Thermos flasks for a stroll through our historic town rather than watching pavements get widened and roads get dug up.

The latest stage in ‘Project Twickenham’ will see a re-vamp of the junction of King Street, York Street and London Road. It will take place between 11th and 25th August. In the first stage London Road will be closed with traffic being diverted via York Street and Arragon Road while in the second phase York Street will be closed with traffic going via London Road and Arragon Road. In other words, avoid it if you can. And as a warm up there will also be some night time resurfacing of the Arragon Road / London Road junction between 28th and 30th July.

The work will also involve the introduction of a cycle contraflow running from west to east/north on Holly Road. And if you thought Holly Road wasn’t actually wide enough to accommodate a cycle contraflow then you might find one or two others to agree with you.

After months of work most locals will be looking forward to the finished article and here at twickerati HQ we fall into that category. The work so far seems to have speeded up the flow of traffic through King Street at the expense of bigger jams in surrounding roads. But, as Grace sang way back in 1995, “It’s not over yet”. We’ll take those wise words on board, nod respectfully and wait on.

To sum it all up: It’s jam today but will it also be jam tomorrow?

Twickenham (bathed in evening light)

Twickenham (bathed in evening light)

* LBRuT Press Release


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3 responses to “More TWAP for Twickenham

  1. Ah yes – the spanking new King St. junction and the new rules which include not being able to turn right into Water Lane during rush hours. I’m so looking forward to that because who, possibly coming from Kingston and having queued for ages down Cross Deep, doesn’t love having to drive straight past the road where their own garage is and take a ‘little’ detour along York St, into Arragon Road and back down London Road just to get home? How we Embankment residents love queuing at 5 sets of lights instead of simply nipping down to the river. Or maybe we’ll still do it and argue the toss in court if we have to. Happy days…

  2. Hester Huttenbach

    The cycle lane road signs seem to be already up in Holly Road, albeit covered in black plastic..or maybe it’s something more sinister hiding on all those posts!