Twickenham Indoor Market Arrives

Twickenham Community Market at Mac's Diner

Twickenham Community Market at Mac’s Diner

Way back in 2013 we featured an article by Alan Winter about his idea for of an indoor community market in Twickenham. Alan’s plan to was find a space where local craftspeople, collectors and traders could set up market stalls without being subject to the vagaries of the Twickenham weather (which is a bit like the British weather except that it’s actually even more local). The main focus would be on arts, crafts and collectables with the idea being that stall holders could rent tables by for a period of time or even by the day. Alan’s idea generated a lot of interest and support but one of the stumbling blocks was finding a suitable location. Twelve months on and that problem has been overcome. Alan’s vision for a Twickenham Community Market is just about to become real. You say, “Where?”. We say, “At Mac’s Diner on the corner of Cross Deep and Heath Road”. You say, “When?”. We say, “Every Monday and Tuesday”.

Mac's Diner. Home to Twickenham indoor market.

Mac’s Diner, Twickenham

As Alan tells us, “It has taken a year or so but I am pleased to announce that the Twickenham Community Market which will focus on arts, crafts and collectables with local stallholders will open on Monday 21st July to a fanfare of good music, unusual and unique products and goodwill. It has taken a while because introducing a new addition to the Twickenham townscape of this magnitude always will. If you were one of the locals who fancied running a stall with your own arts, crafts or collectables please get back in touch with me. There will be fabulous refreshments too. Anita McMahon, who owns Mac’s Diner, has come up with a ‘Market Menu’ featuring very affordable and tasty breakfasts, snacks and lunches so come and meet your friends, browse and shop at the stalls and have a bite to eat. There will be some different stallholders on a daily basis to keep the market fresh and interesting for everyone. It is a not for profit, social enterprise and will feature a different local charity each week.”

The official opening will be at 12.00 on Monday 21st July where the Mayor of Richmond and Trevor Baylis will do the honours and there’ll even be live music to add a soundtrack to the occasion. Yep, local rock n rollers Nark Drool and the Shudders will be playing sounds from the 50s and 60s outside Mac’s at 11.30.

Here at twickerati we think it’s a great idea and with the new High Road Auctions just down the road it provides something a bit different for Twickenham’s shoppers. Get in touch with Alan if you want to find out more about taking a table for a day or on a regular basis.

* Alan Winter. M: 07875 578398 E:

* Previously on twickerati (May 2013)


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7 responses to “Twickenham Indoor Market Arrives

  1. Yvonne Hewett

    Thanks, Alan – off to a great start.

  2. illiad1

    erm, only one thing.. any chance of sat or sun, so *everyone * can see it???? 🙂 🙂

    • Alan Winter

      It has taken 18 months to find the current location to site the Community Market in the town centre. It is an excellent location but it simply is not available at weekends. Please bear in mind that this is a not for profit social enterprise to enhance the town centre shopping experience and provide opportunities for local residents. If we can make a success of Monday and Tuesday I am more than happy to explore ways to extend the market to other days. To make a success of it we need people to come along, browse and /or purchase at the stalls and I’m also still looking for additional stallholders. Contact me here or on

    • illiad1

      my sympathies… 🙂 No chance of late opening??? even just to 7 pm, you would get a LOT more custom… 🙂 🙂

      I am reminded about a *very* successful TV show, that went on to Sky TV, and wondered why almost no-one watched…. :/
      My guess: they went from Freeview to Sky (pay to view) , and not many can afford it… 😥

  3. George

    Good idea. I hope it goes well.

  4. Sally

    Thats a great idea Alan, thanks for working so hard to get it happening.

  5. Yvonne Hewett

    Well done, Alan. I’m really looking forward to it.