Rugby World Cup 2015FYI. It’s just over a year until Twickenham will ring to the sound of Sweet Chariots of Fire, the thwack of boot on ball and the gurgle of beer in gullet as the grandest egg chasing competition of them all comes to town. That’s right, it’s the rugby World Cup! And it’s not just an event that’s at Twickenham, we can expect the whole thing to feel a bit more, err, Twickenhammy all over than your regular set of internationals. It’s a big deal. If you’ve got questions about it then you’ve now got a chance to ask someone. We mean, of course, about how it will affect you and the town rather than about the fine detail of Stuart Lancaster’s team selection. Those World Cup organising committee types are running a ‘community engagement event‘ on the afternoon of Friday 27th June and the morning of Saturday 28th to answer your questions. Want more detail about timings? The image says it all – literally. Click to enlarge it and ye shall find.