Pics of the Week: King Street In Flux

When it comes to pomp and ceremony we’re better than the Queen or at least equal to her. The changing of the guard. The trooping of the colour. What do they say to you? Tradition? Days when Great Britain really was great? Tourists getting in the bloody way? All of the above, maybe? But we don’t actually care about SW1, we care about TW1 and Twickenham now has its own version of these esteemed traditions. We are, of course, talking about ‘the moving of the bus stops’ and ‘the widening of the pavements’. These two great ceremonies have become central to Twickenham life over recent months and, judging by some of the feedback on here and on Twitter, might still be for some time to come.

It’s a TWAP thing of course (that’s the Twickenham Action Plan, btw). Under the TWAP King Street is to become a more pleasant environment with no bus stops, wider pavements, more bike parking and with vehicle traffic flowing safely and sedately through it. That’s the theory. During the work the traffic in adjacent streets like Heath Road and Cross Deep seems to have got worse. Some think it will stay like that. We must not rush to judgement. Now, we all know that to be one of the most irritating and pompous phrases around but it also carries truth. It would be unfair to rule on the success or otherwise of the plan until all the work is complete but we cannot stop people from speculating in the meantime. In fact, we actively encourage it.

Wider pavements

Some width in Twickenham

Some width in Twickenham

Central reservation changes

DIg for TWAP victory!

Dig for a TWAP victory!

But don’t just listen to us, have your say too.


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24 responses to “Pics of the Week: King Street In Flux

  1. Katy Carr

    I wish I understood how narrowing the roads would help traffic flow. And I agree that, if they were going to do it, it would make much more sense to put in a sectioned-off cycle lane.

  2. Letty Mooring

    Instead of wider pavements, what about a cycle lane?

    • twickerman

      I proposed to the Council that it was possible to install dedicated cycle lanes AND to widen pavements (by slightly less) in King Street.

      Sadly Council officers and Riverside councillors weren’t interested.

      Richmond Cycling Campaign also tried to make King Street & London Road safe routes for cyclists of all abilities. They were ‘listened to’ and ignored.

      Maximising vehicle flow was the overriding objective, despite falling numbers of vehicles & high levels of pollution versus increasing numbers of clean green cyclists.

      It’s time to take your blinkers off El Brute.

  3. anonymouse

    Yes , lets not be too quick to judge. Particularly now the deputy leader has advised that the USP of the TWAP is that we can get a bus direct to the door of the Cross Deep Surgery. Hoo-bloody-rah.

  4. King Street all covered in ISIS graffiti yesterday, lending it rather a sinister air.

    • Yes. Someone mentioned that on Twitter. Because it was on Nat West bank they were speculating whether the author had meant ISAs rather than ISIS.

  5. While I am slightly concerned about the build up of traffic in Cross Deep and Heath Road, I am quite excited about how the town will look when it’s done. Hopefully the traffic will improve once it’s all complete too. As central Twicks is also now buggy central (I count myself in this bunch) the extra width will be greatly the end of the day, I think the end result will be more than worth it

    • The randomness of the whole thing gives me a sneaky feeling at least some of the changes might just be positive, though deep down I know I’m going to be disappointed.
      I know what you mean about buggies. I walked down to the town centre on a Saturday recently and I felt like I was in a real-life game of Space Invaders dodging what seemed like hundreds of the things coming at me.

  6. stellagdb

    It really does seem locally as if all authorities have the aim of building over roads – e.g. filling in the valuable picking-up area in front of Twickenham and Richmond Railway Stations. Now driving areas will be pinched between wider pavements and new central paving areas.

    • illiad1

      its to squeeze the ‘ugly traffic’ into single file so the street looks ‘prettier’.. they dont seem to care about the lack of ‘drop in’ trade that will result… never mind access for large vehicles like ambulances, etc… 😡

  7. Paul Read

    What is this ‘Trooping of the Colour’ business?

  8. Anonymous

    funnily enough , whenever I walk or drive past the guys working on the improvements in Twickenham they seem to be either chatting, playing with a phone or simply not working, and apparently they’re French…..

    • What do you mean “apparently they’re French”? Are they wearing hard berets and measuring using garlic strings? Maybe you presumed they are not working where in fact they are actively on strike… I shall investigate this matter and report back. By the way I’m French… apparently 😉

  9. Hester Huttenbach

    Well I suppose we’ll be able to get past Cousins ever expanding display without being pushed into the road. It always surprised me that Sandy’s had to remove their beautiful flower barrow, yet Cousins were allowed to get away with taking over half the pavement.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, they need to get a proper retail unit. I remeber when their Christmas trees were all lined up Queen’s road taking all the pavement space there as well.
      Thumbs up for being a local business, but I think they are a bit cheeky with the prices most of the times, you can get better stuff at half the price in Kingston market.

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate having a local greengrocer however Cousins leaves much to be desired. The prices are very high and opening times are not great. Kingston/Hounslow have much better options.

  10. Barbara Owens

    Sitting in the queue of traffic in Heath Road every morning this week one does have more than enough time to admire all the colourful uplifting national flags wafting outside various presumably connected businesses but not sure why St George’s flag is hung outside Ritz snooker hall and with a Welsh flag outside derelict pub in Richmond Road ? No sign of a Union Jack in either roads?

    • Easily explained Barbara. It’s the England team so perhaps that explains the St George’s flag,clearly the flag of the Union is not required

    • Barbara Owens

      Fully aware of why it’s a St George’s flag but question why a snooker hall and derelict pub for such a flag? There must be a business that would represent the UK if not England regardless of football loyalties.

    • illiad1

      well was the pub last in use when wales had a match??? would help if I knew the pub name or adjoining street… there are lots of ‘richmond roads’ – lower, higher, upper…

    • anonymouse

      Good luck to England…and Wales in the World Cup 😉

    • michelangelo

      Pedant’s corner here: a “jack” is technically speaking a ship’s flag. Hence “Union Jack” should be “Union Flag”.
      Now everybody hates me!

    • I always understood that to be the case but apparently the usage of “jack” exclusively meaning a ship’s flag has been disputed by the Flag Institute (according to Wikipedia) and hence Union Jack and Union Flag are interchangeable.