Runaround… Now! Twickenham bus stops on the move

A new bus stop... in Twickenham

A new bus stop… in Twickenham

The long-awaited, much-discussed and oft-disputed move of central Twickenham’s bus stops from King Street to adjacent roads takes effect on Monday 2nd June. Expect mucho confusion on day one… and maybe days two and three but we’ll get there in the end. Probably.

The aim? To improve traffic flow and the general vibe of King Street by getting rid of the bus stops to Heath Road, Cross Deep, York Street and London Road. It’s a TWAP thing, of course. Where there were broadly two bus waiting areas (one on each side of King Street), let there be nine! Okay, so most of those are already in existence but we never like to let facts get in the way of a good story.

Will it achieve its objective? Will an improved King Street be worth the extra shenanigans for bus changers as they trek from stop to stop? Will the new central section and 20mph limit turn King Street into a traffic-calmed Utopia? There’s only one way to find out… and so, as Mike Reid would have growled back in the 80s… Runaround nowwww!


* LBRuT bus stops page

Another new bus stop...

Another new bus stop…


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41 responses to “Runaround… Now! Twickenham bus stops on the move

  1. David

    As a bus user (most posting here seem to be drivers) can i ask any others to complain to TfL that the Countdown codes on the new stops – well, certainly Stop G – don’t work, whereas those on the old defunct stops (Stop K) still do! HOW long did they have to prepare to get this right?

  2. Walkinthepark

    I saw a fire engine come down the bus lane in Heath Road flashing lights and siren going today and then inevitably get blocked in when the bus stopped at the bus stop. The cars in the next lane had nowhere to go, eventually some edged forward into the lay by and it managed to mount the paving of the central reservation drive to get across the junction on the wrong side of the road. I wonder exactly what the Council’s modelling had shown for effects on response times for emergency services ……….

    • rickyandbianca

      I saw the same thing with an ambulance….I can’t see it being a problem for too long once those double red lines are painted..;)

    • Walkinthepark

      And a Police car today, though they may have just been late for lunch ….

  3. anonymouse

    If only the Riverside councillors would help out with the omnishambles that Twickenham town centre roads are becoming.

    Unfortunately, they have already been Truely whipped into See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil (of council plans) monkeys.

  4. All 5 bus routes from Richmond stop at the new stop G in York St – it’s conveniently sited at its narrowest point so it is easy to find and to dash across the road to, as the traffic there will be stationary for long periods

  5. bemused

    This is so stupid it makes my face hurt

  6. Anonymous

    Guess it means groups of people hanging round the main junction waiting to see what bus comes first. Ah sensible!

  7. njagnz

    So to go to Teddington, instead of going to the two stops next to each other and catching the first Teddington bus to come along, we now need to decide which bus route we wish to travel on and go to the right bus stop. There is no longer any location where all the buses stop. It feels like all the pedestrians are being moved out of the town centre to let vehicle traffic flow through. I can’t believe someone actually _planned_ this.
    I can quite understand why the borough’s cycling plans appear to struggle to win money when the disaster of a stupid 15m inaccessible bit of red grit in front of M&S is what they think passes for a cycle lane.

    • illiad1

      of course it depends where you start your journey.. ๐Ÿ™‚ many will just stay on the bus until they are past twickenham…. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  8. Sal Magundi

    Quick question: what happened to the plan to move the Farmers Market to the new riverside square? Does that space ever get used?

    • michelangelo

      Could you explain precisely what “that space” is? The new Town Square is, as far as I gather from the Riverside Conservatives election literature, hoped to be constructed in the future in the area now occupied by the Santander building and car park behind. I understand this area has very recently been bought by the Council from the owners of 1-33 King St. See also TAAP E.

    • illiad1

      I would not use the vague speculation and bad reporting as anything more than rumour… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Unless Santander decides to move its premises (that will take years of planning permissions, etc) and also ‘M& Co’, Superdrug, to say nothing about the flats above those…
      the space behind these is currently ‘allocated parking’ for these shops…
      the only thing left is for the council to finish the rest of the riverside development by demolishing the remaining buildings there…

    • Sal Magundi

      I mean the space that was formerly the swimming baths, adjacent to the playground and cafe!

    • illiad1

      it has been used for various events.. I think ‘Twickenham alive’ used it last year, nothing on their site yet… I hope it’s not some stupid ownership/ cost/ permission thing that stops them seeing that as the ‘town square’ ?????

    • sazzy

      Yes and no. The Council has handed Twickenham Riverside to the Twickenham Riverside Trust who organise events there. Twickenham Alive had permission to run an event last year but the Trust have now taken over the running of the Gardens. The Town Square idea was also a UKIP Riverside Candidate Pledge Michaelangelo, and yes the local was/is to be Santander and behind.

      With regard to the TAP Report it is interesting you mention this presumably as a Conservative, since the panel was set up by them and was supposed to represent local views on the area plan to the Council. They did, reporting that for many reasons their report was against the huge Solum development. The Council refused publish this and circulate it to their planning meeting and even the Judge who decided on the TRAG Appeal stated “It will be apparent that I am deeply unimpressed by the way the Council handled the TAP report.” So they commission a Panel and a Report and then conceal and ignore it because they dont like what it says. Thanks to our Conservative Riverside Councellors. Twickenham wont forget you.We will have tower blocks in the centre of town for the next few hundred years. Well done – oh and thanks to the Lib Dems too – it was your original policy the Tories passed.

    • michelangelo

      That “space” is The Diamond Jubilee Gardens, opened in June 2012. There are five or six events on it each year. Last Sunday (25th May) there was free Pimms and lager, a craft tent for children, childrens’ entertainer, 50s and 60s music. Next event is Borough’s Best Banger (Sunday 22 June), where residents taste and vote for local butchers’ sausages from the barbeque. See

    • michelangelo

      Sazzy – TAAP = Twickenham Area Action Plan, as Adopted by the Inspector. As they say in exams “please read the question carefully”

    • TW1-Person

      there was never a plan proper to move the farmers market. Jubilee Gardens was measured and found to be Not Big Enough. Also the market manager carried out a poll of it’s customers and I do believe they voted for it to stay in the car park

  9. mike Milestone

    agreed, let’s wait and see as we are at the critical mass for annoyance, Day Lewis an Macs Diner mast be going bananas but it is coming together. The narrowing at Heath Road is because there will no bus lane I presume? , The pavements are being widened there as well aren’t they? i am not sure it has ever been good for cycling

  10. illiad1

    if the links still don’t work, try this..

  11. Can anyone tell me what the strange new bit of pavement extending into the road and blocking the bus and cycle lane on Heath Road is actually for?

    As Hester says above, it makes cycling awkward and dangerous – and there’s a bus stop too, further blocking the reduced space when buses are picking up. I assume many cyclists will simply ride on the pavement to get past the obstructions. Is that the idea?

    • illiad1

      just another example of stupid bureaucracy… you heard the joke about ‘you parked a mile from the pavement’??
      well, now there is a bus-stop a mile from the pavement edge…. :/

  12. anonymouse

    Let’s be honest, the Council have made a complete horlicks of Twickenham’s roads for drivers, bus users and cycloids.

    The only humanoids to benefit are the paving stone suppliers and contractors. And I bet their chunky, costly slabs don’t come from York.

  13. illiad1

    well get ready for more traffic chaos, angry passengers, and be NICE to the poor drivers who have to manage all this rot from their bosses… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hester Huttenbach

    I agree with the above comment. As a cycle user I cannot now get to the bottom of Heath Road without being trapped by vehicles and then have to wait for at least one more change of lights before I can even get into King Street. I honestly don’t see the point of the cycle strip in front of the bus stop outside M&S if you cannot get into it! As for the distance between the 281/267 stops from Waitrose all the way to Heath Road, that’s one of a hell of a walk. Not sure it’s going to do the shopkeepers along King Street much good either as they will lose the footfall. It’s no wonder that Richmond weren’t awarded any of Boris’ bicycle improvement cash.

    • illiad1

      twickerati, how about a ‘sort’ feature so the the ‘new’ comments actually appear *below* the old ones????? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

    • illiad1

      ugh, the ‘reply’ part works, now how about the ‘not reply’ ones?? :E

    • illiad1

      Hester, doing main roads by cycle is only for the young and super-aware, and made worse with the central island… :O
      take a right into copthall gardens and left into holly road to avoid it!

    • illiad1

      oops, left, then right…. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Holly Road is supposed to be becoming the, err, ‘cycle super highway’ isn’t it?

    • illiad1

      ROFLMAO till it hurts….. :/ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      for those that do not know… holly road goes from copthall gardens all the way to london road.. *only* the first few yards at each end is wide enough for two cars!.. then it goes down to 8 feet, and only 6 feet in some places!

  15. Unfortunately I can’t open the link โ€ฆ but I’m assuming the change in bus stops means that now if you want to get to Richmond from central Twickenham there are 2 bus stops instead of one – not near each other! Heath Road for H22 etc and Cross Deep for R68 and 33 – that you might want to use. The whole thing is madness and completely lacking in consideration for anyone using buses. I also keep tweeting LBRUT that the new traffic lights at Cross Deep are as out of sync as the old ones: the westbound changes 4-5 cars before the eastbound causing unnecessary backlog of traffic along Heath Rd going towards Richmond. But they’ve ignored me โ€ฆ all those people hanging around. Does no one actually check things are working properly!! Does no one ask us, the drivers and bus users, if any of their crazy plans make sense? What would have made sense with the wide pavements is to introduce safe cycle lanes to encourage more people to get on their bikes. Thanks for keeping us up to date – very useful.

    • illiad1
      should work…
      – lets see how badly the smartphone apps all crash on monday???
      I can recommend this one, it does all phones.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • michelangelo

      why don’t we all wait and see how it works for bus users after it has been in operation for while, and then make comments? Personally, I never liked the crowded pavement outside Waterstones, and I had my wallet removed after having gone to the cashpoint there

    • illiad1

      I appreciate your comment, but it will be just the same round any busy bus stop… {roll eyes} ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • sazzy

      Thanks iIliad1 – great idea – send even more lunatic drivers racing up to the 30mph limit down the side roads making more rat runs even more dangerous for local people. Am guessing you dont live in Copthall, Holly or Tennyson/Cross Deep?

    • illiad1

      luckily, no.. but I do often use it to avoid the mess that is king st, etc.. (my sympathy to those that live in those tiny houses there.. โค )
      I dont think many will get any speed down there, too many potholes, bits of concrete sticking out where the width suddenly drops, etc, never mind a lorry in the way!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sazzy

      reply to Illiad1 – I agree re Holly road – hard to get speed up down there – sadly not the same for Tennyson and Cross Deep. We had applied for 20mph /speed calming last year with 100% of the 85% of residents who replied to survey wanting speed calming but LBR decided unilaterally (without consulting residents) to refuse it. I am filing complaint with LGO.