A new bus stop... in Twickenham
A new bus stop… in Twickenham
The long-awaited, much-discussed and oft-disputed move of central Twickenham’s bus stops from King Street to adjacent roads takes effect on Monday 2nd June. Expect mucho confusion on day one… and maybe days two and three but we’ll get there in the end. Probably.

The aim? To improve traffic flow and the general vibe of King Street by getting rid of the bus stops to Heath Road, Cross Deep, York Street and London Road. It’s a TWAP thing, of course. Where there were broadly two bus waiting areas (one on each side of King Street), let there be nine! Okay, so most of those are already in existence but we never like to let facts get in the way of a good story.

Will it achieve its objective? Will an improved King Street be worth the extra shenanigans for bus changers as they trek from stop to stop? Will the new central section and 20mph limit turn King Street into a traffic-calmed Utopia? There’s only one way to find out… and so, as Mike Reid would have growled back in the 80s… Runaround nowwww!


* LBRuT bus stops page

Another new bus stop...
Another new bus stop…