Pic of the Week: Station Work Underway

The stone cutters and angle grinders are out, cranes have roamed the site like mechanical dinosaurs and men in garish orange overalls have been measuring, hitting and cutting anything that they can lay their hands on. It’s brutal out there. Yep, work on Twickenham station has shifted up a gear and is accelerating faster than the overcrowded 07.53 to Waterloo. There’s a new footbridge between the platforms – currently not open for use – and the bridge running from Mary’s Terrace to Cole Park Road is also out of action – shrouded in covers… and mystery.

The major part of the redevelopment of the site is going to take place after the Rugby World Cup next year which, let’s face it, is almost certainly what would have happened judicial review or no judicial review. However, some of the platform & station related improvement work should be complete by the time the event kicks off. The footbridges, step-free access, better lighting, resurfaced platforms are all set to be finished by May of next year.

Work at Twickenham station

Work at Twickenham station

Oh, and if you want to comment on this item please do so. And “oh” again, if you want to get into a mahoosive station-related political debate about who said what, when and why then you can use one of the existing election threads for that.

* Network Rail


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13 responses to “Pic of the Week: Station Work Underway

  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the existing public footbridge is being refurbished, or replaced?

  2. Sal Magundi

    It beggars belief that two stair lifts should qualify as ‘step free’ access at a modern station. Surely Network Rail can do better than this! I note that they have provided lifts to every platform at Clapham Junction, why not here? They are doing the absolute minimum despite the housing development sweetener. Would like to hear from local councillors on this, especially as they are paying lip service to campaigns to improve other local stations.

  3. twickerman

    It took Network Rail just 3 days to replace the concrete platform bridge, but it’s going to take them 20 weeks to replace the public footbridge.

    You can see where their priorities lie, but why did El Brute’s planning officers allow such a lengthy closure of a popular right of way?

    BTW, ‘step free access’ doesn’t mean much needed lifts or escalators. It means 2 new stana-stlye stair lifts (that need station staff to operate them).

    • illiad1

      AFAIK ‘Network Rail’ is private property, so permissions, planning, etc is much easier…
      the public footbridge is council property, and you know how S L O W the council is about that…. 😦

    • anonymouse

      WTF is AFAIK?

      My chum Dangermouse informs me that NR OWN the people’s BRIDGE, but the COUNCILOIDS are responsible for the FOOTPATH. A sort of FOOT-BRIDGE-PATH

      Any questions? Ask Lord Cabloid.

    • illiad1

      As Far As I Know you seem to have forgotten your {sarcasm} tag… 😛 🙂
      {groan} trust the council to make it **even more** complex!!! :/ :E

  4. Are the steps on the new footbridge facing away from the main station? Strange decision.

    • illiad1

      yes, I guess to avoid any clash with the new development.. Note the whole station building will close during the building, so the new footbridge will avoid having to use some temporary access… 🙂

    • twickerman

      The bridge is clearly designed to exit/feed in rugby crowds as quickly as possible, rather than serve the regular passengers (who use it 340 days/year).

      Presumably it’ll be tested this weekend with two major matches on at HQ.

      Does anyone else think it looks a bit wonky?

    • Anonymous

      Is there a slope on it? Or aren’t we allowed to say that sort of thing anymore? 😉

    • illiad1

      WOT?? well we don’t want the drunken punters ‘sliding off’ do we????? 🙂
      your honour!!! I’m innocent!!! :¬$
      YIKWYM…. :E

  5. Yvonne Hewett

    Two matches this weekend, kicking off at 15.00.

  6. illiad1

    ‘ judicial review or no judicial review’ ??? well AFAIK they did get a few floors removed???…. 🙂