Richmond Election Result Special – Conservatives Increase LBRuT Majority

polling station sign in lbrutThe polls are closed, the counting is complete and the seismic shift in the political landscape of the borough has… drum roll… not happened. With all wards now declared, the Conservatives have held Richmond – no surprise there – but with an increased majority. In 2010 the Council comprised 30 Tory councillors and 24 Lib Dems. After yesterday’s vote, that now becomes 39 Conservatives and 15 Liberal Democrats.

East Sheen has returned three Tory Councillors, including the Blue Baron himself, making another episode of The True-man Show a certainty.

“And what of Twickenham?” you cry. Well, in Twickenham Riverside there were rumblings of a possible upset especially with the UKIP charge being led by Tory defector and station-opposer Scott Naylor. The result? The Conservatives returned three councillors, just like in 2010. Susan Chappell the incumbent topped the list followed by newbies Benedict Dias and Helen Hill. The Lib Dems led the ‘also rans’, then the Green Party candidate, then Labour and bringing up the rear, Scott Naylor and his fellow Ukippers. UKIP’s strong campaigning yielded fewer than 300 votes for each candidate. Ouch! We wonder if ‘Nails’ might have actually fared better standing as an independent.

In St Margarets and North Twickenham, previously a split ward, the Liberal Democrats picked up all three seats, a gain of one councillor at the expense of Conservative Chris Harrison. If you live in that ward, Geoff Acton, Ben Khosa and newbie Alexander Ehmann are your class reps.

South Twickenham stayed blue as Clare Head, David Marlow and David Porter all held their seats with very comfortable majorities. There was no UKIP presence here seat although the Green candidate did beat the Labour trio.

In West Twickenham, what was previously a ward of three Lib Dems has ended up with a yellow and blue split with Liberal Democrats Piers Allen and Helen Lee-Parsons being joined by Tory Jane Boulton. Heathfield returned two conservative and one Lib Dem, a gain of one blue seat over 2010. And that forms a bit of a theme in other wards across the Borough with the Conservatives gaining individual seats from the Lib Dems here and there, such as in Fulwell and Hampton Hill, Hampton, and Hampton North, to give them their increased majority.

Interestingly, the Conservatives’ share of the vote was unchanged from 2010, 44.9% compared to 44.3%, while the Lib Dem share dropped from 42.2% to 31.8%. The Lib Dem votes appear to have gone to Labour and the Greens who both increased their share compared to 4 years ago (12.5% v 9.5% and 6% v 2.5% respectively). With 3.9%, UKIP made a small impression. It’s hard to think of disaffected Lib Dems going purple so perhaps these ‘newKips’ came from the blue corner which, given the stability of the Tory share, could suggest some Lib Dems defecting to the Conservatives to make up that shortfall. Either way, this feels a lot like an election lost by the Liberal Democrats rather than won by the Conservatives. Turnout was 46%.

The Conservatives will be delighted with the result and the Liberal Democrats will be left pondering what went wrong for them. And perhaps Vince Cable will be getting a little nervous as he looks ahead to next year’s general election.

So there you have it, check back soon for more news and views.

Happy now?

* El Brute Results Page
* BBC Politics
* Richmond & Twickenham Times

[post updated to reflect final results]


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60 responses to “Richmond Election Result Special – Conservatives Increase LBRuT Majority

  1. Alexis, You are dead right – and I still think it was a piece of utter vandalism to consider selling off the Riverside to a private, somewhat (apparently) iffy developer. The local Lib Dems know exactly how I think. The land must belong to the people of the Borough. I repeat my warning about the Richmond Riverside Trust, it must publish on its website the terms of the Trust and we must have detail about how it is to be self-supporting. The Trust cannot rely on hand-outs from the Council tax payer. Actually I would like all the land from the gardens right up to the corner of Water Lane landscaped and protected in perpetuity from developers. We also need to keep the area free of vandals and druggies.
    As for scrutinising, I am a very active person Alexis, I mean to get about a lot. The Tories in their literature circa 2014 blamed the Lib Dems for failing in the period up to 2010 to mend the roads. It isn’t rocket science you know to keep reminding Lord True and his colleagues that the roads still need to be repaired. And I will keep reminding them until the job is done.
    Likewise with their many other promises – they will need to be followed through and I rather hope Alexis that the voters, particularly those who selected the Tories will remind them too. Don’t just sit back and wait until the next election – make sure there is action, that promises are kept. I have lost the election, but I owe it to my very loyal supporters, to make this regime work hard for all of us.

    • Yvonne Hewett

      Do you mean the TWICKENHAM Riverside Trust?

    • illiad1

      he is right , y’know… 🙂
      may talk about ‘Richmond upon Thames’, but that is the ONLY one that includes Twickenham! otherwise ‘Richmond’ stops when you go over the bridge into East Twickenham… DO check the difference… 🙂

    • Alexis

      Thank you Dr Burningham, what a refreshing approach – I thought I was right.
      I’m sorry you were not elected but I think it was the distrust of your party that failed you rather than your own efforts. I hope you will stand again.

    • The Scout

      I woke up on Sunday feeling positively feisty. Thank you Alexis for the compliment.
      One of the things immediate things we need to look to are our libraries. Are they safe in Tory hands? Are the Tories hoping to cut costs by using volunteers? Time to get the sniffer dogs out all you who care.

    • nemesis

      I thought it was ‘holes in bellies’ rather than holes in the road that you were more interested in here;
      I would be interested to know, had you gained office, by how much more you would have had to raise council tax to cover all these priorities of yours. Or perhaps you were intending to raid that magical money tree orchard behind York House.

    • Alexis

      Ouch! It looks as though my judgement was wrong again – best I start my summer break now.

    • Alexis

      I know I said that I would shut up about the LibDems but their latest internal spat is simply too good to miss. Here’s a link to the Evening Standard for those who haven’t seen it or listened to Vince Cable ducking and diving on the Today programme this morning:
      I’m intrigued to learn that a poll was commissioned to check out Vince’s own re-election prospects – I wonder what the results looked like and who commissioned and paid for it?

    • nemesis

      I think a little Schadenfreude is allowed Alexis. Judging from the articles I’ve read, the Lib Dems are fast on the way out.
      And Dan Hannen rues their historical roots;
      “Has this sublime tradition, the tradition of Edward Coke and John Hampden, of James Harrington and Algernon Sidney, of John Milton and John Locke, of Pitt the Elder and Edmund Burke, of Earl Grey and Viscount Palmerston, of Richard Cobden and John Bright – and, yes, of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson – truly found its quietus in the person of Nick Clegg? The thought is almost unbearable.”

    • sazzy

      Clearly Susan does mean the Twickenham Riverside Trust. And I agree that it must be more transparent as to who runs it and how it is funded, how decisions will be made and based on what – consultation with local people I hope. It must also be made clear who may apply to join the Trust and rules of membership etc. There must be no infiltration by politically motivated partisans. However, the reason it was handed over to the Trust in the first place was to try and protect it from Susan’s Party, the Lib Dems, who lost the last election because of their insistence, against the wishes of 94% of local people, to sell of this public land to a VERY iffy property developer. It was down to a campaign coalition of local groups, that the Riverside was saved. I dont remember seeing you there every week protesting with us Susan but maybe I am wrong. In fact I dont remember any Lib Dems campaigning to Save the Riverside.

    • The Scout

      I can only refer you to my speech to the Council in 2009 when members of the public were permitted to speak; I believe it was mentioned in the local RT&T. I also signed the petition against the plans (I believe the petition was called Save our Riverside’ and was there at the Death March when the Riverside Coffin arrived on the steps of York House. No I didn’t stand outside the on the street every Saturday – but if you have any records you will find my signature alongside that of my husband.
      Sorry you don’t remember, but perhaps you are either very young or suffer from a selective memory.

    • Sazzy

      My memory is fine thanks. Your insistence that you were part of the Save our Riverside Campaign is frankly disingenuous at best and delusional at worst. Thousands signed the petition and many protested regularly but you werent there. I also gave a Save our Riverside speech at a council meeting and was rudely heckled by your colleagues. At for the Death March i was there as it was my idea. Again dont recall your presence.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly Sazzy you have a selective memory. For that reason I’ll not bother to discuss saving the riverside with you. You are stuck in the days when sadly we tax payers believed they were being ‘consulted’. (What an over used word that is).
      However we forward thinking mortals are asking how the Trust plans to be come self reliant.
      Criticially the Trustees need to find a way to ensure the police have the authority to enter the gardens and move on the drunks and drug takers who take up residence in the evenings, also protect the fabulous people who run the cafe from abuse.
      In addition several residents on Eel Pie island have concerns about the height of the flood wall that divides the gardens from the riverside footpath. The wall is essential – but how to prevent would-be gymnasts falling onto the pathway and breaking their heads?
      Hopefully the gardens will mature – and the land up to Water Lane also be opened up for public use.
      It would be a good thing to support the Trust and help them with ideas.

    • michelangelo

      I can’t help noticing that people who complain endlessly about potholes very often have not bothered to tell the council about the pothole.

  2. Alexis

    Could I please remind Dr Burningham that this was my comment on on this forum about her candidacy for election in Twickenham Riverside ward on or about June 2nd 2013:

    “Dr Susan Burningham.
    Supporting the call-in of the cabinet decision to sell-off Twickenham Riverside, expressed the following views on 2nd June 09
    “The Council should be congratulated on seeking to regenerate the area but some doubts remained.She welcomed the principle of the river centre but did not support the scheme.She had experience of raising funding for major projects and considered the Business Plan summary and update to be inadequate, woolly and still evolving.”
    Very fair comments and the lady looks like a candidate who may well have our interests at heart as well as those of her party. Good luck to her.”

    I thought that was a pretty reasonable summary, so I’m a bit disappointed by her disparagement. I’m with Nemesis – how is she going to do all that she says as an unelected citizen just like you, I or Roger Crouch who says that he is also going to scrutinize decisions? Pressure groups are fine but is there some sort of secret Quango made up of failed politicos who are “one of us”?

  3. illiad1

    well I hope the lazy voters are happy… a vote for a ‘small’ party is a wasted vote I say… when you moan about policies, just remember who you voted for, and who COULD have got in, but for a few more votes….:/

    • sweeneyted

      I don’t think anyone is ‘happy’ with any of the parties. In the end we got the ‘least worst’ result. Another four years of freedom from Lib Dem spite based policies should not make us relax too much. We need to guard against Tory venality and secrecy. The Teddington Studios/ Egerton Road development stinks to high hell. The Tories should remember the Lib Dems lost in 2010 largely because of the planning debacles over the previous years. Let’s keep them on their toes. Good news about Kingston though, lets hope this contraction of the Lib Dem base in SW London is permanent.

    • illiad1

      you know irony?? maybe I should have said ‘satisfied’ instead … :/
      what is it, when you buy something everyone says is good, and find it is awful??? 😛 ho hum..
      Just wait to see how bad the Tories go, without the Libdems to make them *think* first before wasting cash on hopeless projects..

    • sazzy

      Absolutely right

  4. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    Well we all know the results and it certainly has been an interesting chapter of Twickenham politics.

    I respect Sarah’s stance on the riverside and her opposition to Solum Towers, but do not support UKIP’s central policy. For better or for worse I believe in the EC. I would like to also reiterate that opposition to the Lib Dem riverside plans in 2010 was cross party.

    No gloating from me…and I genuinely thank Sarah for her discussion’s on this website. We need people like Sarah to hold to account the council and their plans. You never know it might even be Brussels that could help in these matters. If i ever come across Sarah I would happily buy her a drink or a coffee and we would probably find much in common on local matters and on wider politics perhaps agree to disagree.

    God willing we can reconvene on this website for some good natured political argey – bargey next year for the big one. One final thought…54% or so of the borough did not care enough to vote. These are the people who the political parties must appeal to. Get half of them onside to whichever party and you have a seat whether it be blue, yellow, red or green.

    • sazzy

      Thank you – I would really like to meet you too. I think we would agree on most things too! 🙂 I will ask Twickerati if they can forward my personal email to you via this comment. I totally concur with you that the Riverside Campaign was cross party and a coalition of campaign groups – I managed to get a reply in the RTT on Friday to the NAS comments last week along just those lines. Best regards Sarah

  5. Alan Winter

    Twickenham is in a redeveloping / re-thinking itself situation. The Conservatives have already taken it so far with plans in hand to continue. If any other party had been returned in this local election it would, by definition, have delayed and changed what is already happening. Let them finish the project at least! If we don’t like it then we can change it but let us get to the end game at least once in the last 60 years!

    • sazzy

      Oh yes great idea. Lets have a huge massive ‘Croydon on Thames’ tower block over the Station – yes super – let them finish that project and create a massive eyesore, a blight on Twickenham which will be there for the next few hundred years. What are you doing to do if you dont like it? Blow it up?

    • illiad1

      meanwhile all the traffic (and customers waiting for buses!!!) is avoiding the transport nightmare that Twick has become, so I see more empty shops coming… 😦 😦

  6. Andrew

    Glad to see Scott Naylor lost his seat after switching party during his term as a Richmond Councillor. Never mind Scott, I hear the Lib Dems may have a few unexpected local vacancies, why not give them a try?

    • sazzy

      Its interesting Andrew that you think switching parties is a bad thing, when the party is doing something completely against the wishes of local people. At the Conservative celebration of Saving the Riverside the Conservatives and their guest Boris Johnson, said there will be “no more high rise for Twickenham” They then approved the massive tower blocks over Twickenham Station despite enormous dissent from local people and TRAG. Only Scott Naylor had the integrity to stand up for residents and not tow the party line, unlike the other “yes” men and women. Councillors should represent the residents of their ward first. Scott has done more for Twickenham than any other Councillor and it is Twickenhams loss that he was not re-elected. As for Lib Dems – Scott was also a major part of the Save Our Riverside Campaign against the Lib Dem sell off. What have you done? Your comments are puerile.

    • ‘Glad to see Scott Naylor lost his seat after switching party during his term as a Richmond Councillor. Never mind Scott, I hear the Lib Dems may have a few unexpected local vacancies, why not give them a try?’…………

      Is this what this forum is for? I personally could do without personal petty political comments coming into my mailbox. Lets play nice children?

  7. anonymouse

    I’m hearing rumours that a massive statue of his Lord Truly will be the central feature of Twickenham’s town square.

    I also hear he will be depicted handing out gifts to Catholic children, the RFU and Network Rail.

    I doubt there’s much truth in these rumours…

    • Alexis

      Isn’t that a bit churlish anonymouse?
      After all, the Tory victory wouldn’t have been anything like as comprehensive if the LibDem attack dogs hadn’t put so many voters off by their similar and relentless personal attacks. It didn’t do them much good in Twickenham Riverside even though Roger Crouch and his two colleagues conducted their campaign with decorum. I bet they wish that the dogs had remained chained up in their kennel!
      Regular readers will be aware that I am no fan of the LibDems, so I am not at all sorry to see that Sir David Williams has finally lost his seat. He seems to have become something of an “eminence grise” of late and his departure will probably allow the party leadership to take a good hard look at their policies and relationship with those they purport to serve; we, the poor hapless punters. Something that was woefully absent under his and Lourie’s rule.
      Perhaps its time to rethink their concept of local government. Is it “for us” or “of us”? Judging by the Tory election success here and in Kingston, they seem to have worked out the right way to go. Good for them.

    • anonymouse

      No, not churlish, just the next in line of his Twickenham vanity projects, which BTW will also include a bandstand for Lord Trumpinton’s tea dance orchestra.

    • Walkinthepark

      Not churlish, satire which is what “regular” readers come to Twickerati for, especially if it concerns the Blue Baron. It is what we enjoy about witty Twickerati and come back for more of. Sorry to disappoint you Alexis if you think it is the rather less witty and entertaining “personal petty political comments” we are here for

    • Alexis

      I’m sorry to have fallen short of your exacting standards Witp – I hadn’t realised you were the self-appointed upholder of behavioural standards on this forum. Perhaps you could issue guidelines to good behaviour for those of us who are not so well informed about the etiquette required or do you think that’s a bit risky?
      PS: Referring to the leader of our Council, Lord True as “the Blue Baron” seems a tad disrespectful even for a satirist – doesn’t it?
      PPS: I seem to have upset a few others – oops!

    • anonymouse

      Hear hear, WalkinthePark

      Alexis needs to read Twickerati’s description of this site:

      ‘Twickerati is the premier hyperlocal website for Twickenham. Probably. It contains news, comment, ill-informed opinion and occasional humour.’

      I believe twickerati came up with the Blue Baron & Yellow Knight names (amongst others such as El Brute) which thousands of his followers enjoy.

      If Alexis dislikes the satire on this site I suggest he comments on the R&TT site instead. They badly need some support for their shoddy reporting.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, anonymouse. For a moment we were concerned that credit for ‘the Blue Baron’ might go somewhere else. We have to say that we prefer that to the Duke of York (House) – an earlier incarnation which still gets occasional use – because, after all, he is a Conservative Baron.

      We also like writing it as ‘Lord’ True although that could be construed as a tiny bit disrespectful. We sincerely hope that someone who’s had a long and successful career in politics can rise above such petty things on an inconsequential local blog.

      And of course, we’re always on the lookout for more alternative names for our beloved councillors, regardless of which party they represent.

    • Walkinthepark

      Twickerati, I definitely never intended to take credit for the naming of the Blue Baron, I assumed “regular” readers would be familiar with the skirmishes that take place in the virtual world here between the Blue Baron and the Yellow Knight.

    • Thanks, WitP. The concern was not others taking credit, it was based on a genuine concern that they should not take the blame. Making up stupid names is a grave responsibility and one that is not carried lightly here at twickerati HQ.

    • Walkinthepark

      Alexis has clearly never trawled the local twitterati. Sorry, you may need to lie down with a cold flannel after you have seen this

    • Alexis

      My thanks to Witp for the links he or she so kindly provided. My flannel, liberally infused with rosewater is chilling in the fridge and smelling salts are at hand.
      I’m also sorry that I was taken quite so seriously about the “Blue Baron” reference. That said, Lord True is a Lord and has been leader of the Council. LibDem leader Stephen, the “Yellow Knight” is not and has never been leader of the Council nor has he been ennobled – yet. However, given the arcane way the LibDem list works, he will probably rise to the top of the list, as he did to win his his well paid unelected GLA seat and become a Knight in due course in recognition of his jolly good public service.

      Some regular readers, of which Witp may be one, will probably be relieved to learn that I’m taking a summer break from sniping at the LibDems since their relevance is now marginal here and in Kingston.
      Perhaps Ed Davey and Vince Cable also need to think about the security of their seats?
      PS: To those who gave me thumbs up – thank you

    • anonymouse

      Oh dear, Alexiserious seems to have missed the bleedin obvious. Stephen IS a Knight.

    • We enjoyed meeting so many residents and thank those in Twickenham Riverside who voted for us. Where scrutiny and opposition is required, we will provide it. Where cross party support is justified, we will offer it.

      It was pleasing that hard working councillors, irrespective of party, were re-elected. I hope no ward ever faces the situation again where a councillor elected for one party defects to another or abandons the ward for another part of the country.

      Scott need not apply for membership but anyone who is of a liberal mind set and wants to get involved can contact me at

    • Alexis

      Roger Crouch disappoints me. Having conducted a pretty fair campaign, he now bangs on about two Tory ex-councillors, one of whom chose to relocate and the other who defected on a point of principle about the station redevelopment.
      Have no LibDem, SDP, Liberal, or whatever other iteration of the party ever done the same? What’s the point of relentlessly banging on about something that has no significance any more other than to express a bit of understandable pique? Given the election result, it seems unlikely that their resignation and a by-election would have produced a different outcome, but then, I guess party hacks insisted on a load of pointless puff and splutter.

      In this weeks R&TT article about the Tories success, Councillor Gareth Roberts, who romped home on his battle bike in Hampton, “the second safest LibDem ward in the borough”, uttered these words of wisdom, doom and gloom: “The Conservatives will face several problems over the next few years”. (won’t we all) “The tightness has been testament that it has been far from the ringing endorsement they like to think it is.” (it was a well deserved drubbing). Perhaps Mr Roberts is lucky to enjoy another four years of relative obscurity in opposition rather than having to confront the schools brief which he may well have had hopes of fronting as Cabinet member?

      The LibDems seem to be making the classic corporate mistake of looking inwards and blaming everyone else, including us, their customers, for their problems and failure. I rather hope they take a long time working out how to put it right.
      PS: Hampton’s not so safe now is it Gareth? Many congratulations to Petra Sale – newly elected Conservative Councillor for Hampton.

    • Alexis

      A follow up, my apologies.
      I forgot about this twitter gem from Gareth Roberts to Twickerati:
      “I wonder if Labour considered they’d be handing the Tories the council on a plate by fielding 51 paper candidates in 17 wards?”.

      I never saw hide nor hair of my LibDem or Labour candidates in South Twickenham – perhaps they were all paper candidates as well?
      Mark Goodrich who stood for the LibDems in Hampton Wick grudgingly acknowledged his candidacy when I outed him on these pages yet still seemed to spend a lot more time supporting the Twickenham Riverside candidates rather than canvassing in Hampton Wick where he hoped to be elected – no wonder he only earned a few hundred votes – perhaps he was also a paper candidate?
      My word politics is a dirty old game, but then. Twas always thus.

    • Sazzy

      Alexis. You did not “out” mark goodrich- we had already agreed we need 20mph in rat run residential school run roads! We agreed on that and despite standing previously as a conservative (only leaving to support scott initially) i believe he is in my limited knowledge, a good man who cares about speeding cars on roads children and the elderly use. We may not agree on other things but i dont thin you “outed” him.

    • Alexis
      You won’t catch me blaming anyone – even the fibbers who claim to have ‘created’ 540 school places (a bit like the way God created Adam one might suppose or perhaps most of those places are at the ‘special interest’ RR School); nor will I point my finger at the disingenuous who blame the Lib Dems for the potholes. Who’s been in charge then for 4 years?

      What you will find me doing Alexis is holding the Tories feet to the fire. I expect to see all those potholes filled throughout the borough without residents having to bid for funding and all our pavements carefully maintained and cleaned – they have cost enough; I expect LBRUT to ensure there is ‘substantial investment’ in Twickenham (clarity on what they consider to be substantial would be much appreciated); I expect to see ETNA very well protected and to hear that there are no concerns about lease renewal or higher rents for the next four years; I expect to see the graffiti removed from the entire borough; I expect to see the so called Community Building in the old post office site flourish as the entertainment centre of Twickenham at no extra cost to the local tax payer and without taking money from our other centres of art, and I expect the residents of Beauchamp Road and Marys Terrace to be relieved of all vandals when the footbridge reopens in the Autumn; I expect to hear that our local charities are treated with respect in the certainty that they know the Borough and have specialist knowledge.
      I look forward to the ‘mobile health checks’ – and good maintenance of all centres for the elderly. I ache to see Twickenham regenerated, Church Street and the embankment preserved for future generations. I hope to see the Richmond Riverside Trust now in charge of the Diamond Jubilee Gardens flourish at no cost to the tax payer – some information about the Trust on it’s website would be a good start – and the police given the freedom to move undesirables away from the gardens at night.
      If one of the newly elected Councillors is deselected or moves from the Borough I expect there to be a by-election. Councillor Samuel, is a fool to think it’s possible to represent residents via email – we expect to see our Councillors out on the streets making themselves known to residents and picking up on the many and diverse problems of local residents. No virtual Council then – but some good hard work.
      Perhaps Alexis you might warn our Tory babes to buy themselves fireproof socks. They will need them – and soon.
      Yours most cheerfully, without a splutter or a puff, toasting fork at the ready.

    • I am sorry to disappoint you Alexis but I would say similar about any councillor, including those of my own party, who decided to defect or leave the ward. I thought it was deeply unfair on Susan Chappell and the residents but as you say it is history.

    • Sazzy

      Roger. A Councillor should represent the people that voted for you. Yet again we dont have that. Just same old ‘lib dem we know best” or tory “we will consult but ignore if we dont like it”. We now have people installed who tow their party line and listen to their ward occasionally, but then ignore because for ‘yes men’ like you, and those you quote , party is more important than people.

    • nemesis

      I suspect Susan Burningham might spontaneously combust holding all those feet to the fire.if shes not careful.

    • michelangelo

      Sazzy states in her 6.20 pm post ” A Councillor should represent the people that voted for you”. Sorry, Sazzy, but a councillor should represent all the residents of the ward, not just their supporters. A councillor is the servant of the people – that is what democracy is about

    • sazzy

      Fear not Roger, I think Scott would rather emigrate to Siberia that join the Lib Dems given he campaigned against you for trying to sell off the Riverside, and thats why he got elected in the first place. He also had the intergrity to defect from the Conservatives in support of the residents of his ward, because the Conservatives and his fellow councillors, broke their promise of “no more high rise” for Twickenham. It takes courage to defect to another party, it is those who do NOT have the courage of their convictions and the “yes men and women” of politics who get nominated and elected for “doing as they are told” who are the reason so many are disaffected with politics today.

    • anonymouse

      Hang on a moment Sazzy, Scotty was rejected by the Tories. But, I do agree with you that he was a Tory defect.

    • Sazzy

      Really? A defect? Who has ever elected you anon troll? How much did you do to save the riverside? You just logon and make nasty negative personal comments and do nothing positive. I guess you dont have the guts or integrity to “come out”.

    • anonymouse


      This is what your party tweeted about Scotty:

      @UKIPRichmond: #ukip our newest defect, fresh from the Tories. At dinner with the ukippers celebrating a rebirth!

    • Sazzy

      Great twickermum. Your lovely lib dems were selling off the public land on the riverside for rich peoples (‘blow in’ bankers?) private housing. Very lib dem of you then. Very met elite of you. Were you living here then by any chance? Your lib dem luvvies planned to relocate the childrens playground onto the embankment where the car park is where cars park now – frequently under water. Great twickerMUM. Your children can learn to swim and swing and get Weils disease at the same time. Good idea? You go ahead and celebrate. Next time, do your homework.

  8. Rufus McDufus

    “Richard” Porter’s real name is David, I believe.

  9. I am sad for Sazzy, who ran a heartfelt and honest campaign, much of what she stands for I agree with, despite the fact I am deepest blue. Come back to us Sazzy…

    • Anonymous

      She, Scott and Barry fought for what they believed in, and for the Riverside residents. Look what we have now on the Riverside compared to what we could have had. I salute their commitment to providing us Twickenham residents with a riverside to be proud of, now let’s see if the Blues can take it to the next level…