York House Gardens
York House Gardens

The time is nigh. Residents of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames are about to vote. They’re about to have their say on who they want to represent them at York House. They’re about to express their democratic right to decide whose promises and plans they want implemented to make this part of south west London a better place for all. And yet, and yet, it’s still more than that. They’re about to hold their heads up and cry, “Yes! In this glorious borough, in this very Twickenham, in this green and pleasant corner of the greatest city on earth, I voted that person onto the local authority!”

We’ve got to say that apart from plenty of discussion in the comments on our mega-humongous “Twickenham Decides” thread, the campaigning from all sides has seemed, well, a bit half-hearted. And this applies in equal measure to the elections for our beloved would-be MEPs  – whoever they may be – as it does for our local councillors. A couple of leaflets, the occasional stand outside Santander and that’s been our lot. No posters up. No door knocking. No soap box demagoguery. Thank God for that!

But we’re not here to judge the campaign to control LBRuT or even to tell you who to vote for. With polling day imminent, we’re just after really simple predictions. Who will be the Brutes? Who is going to control York House come Friday morning?

And if you need a reminder, the current composition of the Council is:

  • Conservative   29
  • Liberal Democrats   24
  • UKIP (elected as a Conservative)   1
  • Labour   0
  • Other   0

Conservative majority = 4.

18 wards x 3 councillors each = 54 seats.

There, we’ve done the maths for you, now it’s your turn to predict (briefly) how it’s going to pan out.

* The twickerati ‘Twickenham Decides’ mega-commented election special