Going, going, gone? You might hear that but for today at least it’s more like a case of ‘hello, hello, hello’. High Road Auctions, newly open on Heath Road in central Twickenham, has its first sale today (19th May). The idea? Well it pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s a high street auction house where you sell things you don’t want and buy things that you do. The catalogues and details of the sales are online or you can just go in and have a look for yourself. Regular auctions take place and you can either bid in person or online. The company already has one branch in Chiswick and have now opened their second here in Twickenham. All those who expect every new business in town to be a café of some kind will be relieved to know that there’s one here too but this does feel like something interesting and a bit different here in lil’ ol’ ‘Nam. Good luck to ’em, we say. Let us know how you get on.

High Road Auctions, Heath Road, Twickenham
High Road Auctions, Heath Road, Twickenham

And here’s the evidence of a decent turnout at their first Twickenham sale.

First auction, Twickenham

* High Road Auctions