Heathrow Airport has submitted updated plans to Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission which feature a third runway spreading across the top of the M25. Not literally of course. That would be bloody carnage. Literally. The proposals show a third runway, slightly to the south-west of the previously touted location, which extends over a newly tunneled section of the M25. The artists impression shows a very green airport with new buildings galore. You’d hardly recognise it but perhaps that’s for the best. But we think they’ve missed a trick. Surely a quieter plan would be to have the runway underground with the M25 on top? Why haven’t considered that option?

Heathrow has also proposed increasing the compensation for those affected (for example, by having their homes demolished) to £550m. Sounds expensive doesn’t it? Meanwhile, Gatwick has submitted more detailed proposals for its second runway option. No decision on airport expansion will be made until after the 2015 election but with only a year to go, the lobbying is only going to intensify.

* BBC News