Pic of the Week: So Long, Sorting Office

The old Royal Mail sorting office site is finally getting demolished to make way for new flats, houses and a ‘community building’. The sales & marketing suite has already gone up and will open soon, and now work has turned to tearing down the old buildings.

Farewell to the old Royal Mail sorting office

Farewell to the old Royal Mail sorting office

We’ve covered the development a few times already on here but if you fancy buying a pad in ‘Brewery Wharf’ then you can take a look at the official site here.


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10 responses to “Pic of the Week: So Long, Sorting Office

    • michelangelo

      just so., This has been in the public domain for more than a year. They have had several very helpful open days etc. There has thus been plenty of time to put in complaints and suchlike, so why have people started now?

    • The Scout

      Possibly because Farage has been seen on the gravy train.

    • not so, the site plan was updated last august, less than a year ago… keep them eyes open! 🙂

  1. The Scout

    Gosh how exciting if we got a whole UKIP council – they could all employ their wives and friends just like their leader. Can’t wait!

    • Sazzy

      How many MPs employ wives friends and children – most of them – so just a few then. Perfectly legal too sadly so is getting the poor taxpayers to fund your mortgage – an it would seem cover your parents rent.

  2. The Scout

    Indeed where is the affordable housing, where is the school? Where is the health clinic?
    I know this Conservative Council has been obsessed with vanity projects, but where are the facilities that the people in the Twickenham Riverside Ward need and pay for?. It’s only to be expected really. the Ward has had only one Councillor to fight for them in the last three years and she has been cosily wrapped up in Cabinet representing her Party not the people. We need Councillors who represent the residents in the Ward. Roll on 23rd May when we can sweep the self satisfied dross away.

    • Sazzy

      Yes agree – but Riverside has had Councillor fight to represent his ward residents and not tow the party line, and the Councillor above and co, had him de-selected. Lets hope Cllr Naylor gets re-elected then!

  3. Angie King

    Where will all the children who live there go to school? The local schools are always oversubscribed!! And where’s the affordable housing?

  4. J

    Are you sure this isn’t the aftermath of the post Army v Navy match shenanigans at the weekend?!