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UPDATE: Twickenham gets featured in the Homes & Property section of the Evening Standard this week? Are they right, are they wrong and have you learned anything new? Here’s a link to the article.

PREVIOUSLY, IN TWICKLAND: We’ve just heard that the Evening Standard’s Homes & Property Section (aka @homesproperty on Twitter) is going to feature Twickenham in its next edition. Woo! Get in! And what’s more they’ve even asked us if we’ve got any top tips. Or rather what they actually said was “Hi @twickerati our next @HomesProperty area guide is on #Twickenham. Pls tweet your local tips, comments etc to include on Wednes. Pls RT”.  Well, needless to say there’s bloomin’ loads of good things about the area although whether we really want every Tom, Dick or Harry from across London turning up here is another matter. But, in the spirit of true generosity, let’s do the sharing thing. Here’s a very quick list. Why not add yours too?

  1. Excellent local website. And then there’s twickerati too.
  2. Lots of green space. It’s by the River Thames, convenient for Richmond and Bushy Parks.
  3. Some excellent pubs – and we don’t just mean rugby pubs either. Check out The White Swan, The Eel Pie, The Fox, The Sussex Arms and pretty much all the others.
  4. Some great local shops. And we don’t just mean the Poundland. There’s Rubens Bakehouse, Sandys Fishmonger, Laverstoke organic butchers. And we’re even seeing some green shoots of recovery on the high street. Again.
  5. If you like coffee you will never go short. There’s the usual chains and a host of small independent cafes.
  6. Some good restaurants and a sprinkling of boutique shops, especially down ‘historic’ Church Street. Talkin’ tapas, Italian, curry, deli food & more
  7. Easy to get to. Easy to get out of, should you want to, that is. Good transport into London and easy to head west.
  8. Convenient for Heathrow or if you just like plane noise.
  9. It’s not just about rugby… but it is home to the national stadium and Harlequins, a Premiership rugby club.
  10. There’s a Twickenham festival in June with loads going on, especially down by the river.
  11. Good schools.
  12. Arty types doing creative stuff on Eel Pie Island
  13. And of course, it’s cheaper than Richmond!
  14. You get to see this kind of thing….
Thames sunrise

Thames sunrise

And this…

Misty April Morning, Marble Hill Park

Misty April Morning, Marble Hill Park


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27 responses to “Twickenham Tips

  1. Of course there’s also Darth Vader and the storm troopers up by the green

  2. @upend

    did anyone mention the rugby?

    • Purple Haze

      “Network Rail’s plans for the redevelopment of Twickenham station on the other side of the road is more controversial. The plan from developer Solum Regeneration, a joint venture between Network Rail and Kier Property, has 115 new homes in several tower blocks and as well as a new station there will be two new public squares, shops and restaurants. The development was opposed by a group of local residents but has now got the go-ahead, although work will not start until November 2015.”

      …115 new homes in several tower blocks… two new public squares, shops and restaurants…
      Do they know something we don’t?
      As for those pesky residents eh?

    • illiad1

      yeah, very narrow view in that article… no sign of ‘Twickenham, the home of rugby’… and only a vague reference to the old rock history of eel pie island…
      “Twickenham spreads from Richmond bridge to st. margerets and then down to strawberry hill” is what the author seems to think… :/

      lots of picture postcard scenes, and millionaire houses tucked away behind marble hill… new visitors are going to get a shock…

  3. Purple Haze

    The Evening Standard ran an article about Twickenham in their Homes and Property Section a short time back.

    [Edit: from 2010]

  4. Loads of cracking independent shops that bring something different to the high street? Did you say Craft beer scene? There’s plenty of that at the Real Ale shop, Aleksander pub, The Sussex Arms…to name a few. I’ve also got to give a shout out for the community focused Kneller Park and the Crane river walks up to the shot tower…one of Twickenham’s best secrets!

  5. Purple Haze

    Here’s some pictures of Twickers in the golden olden days.

  6. Anonymous

    Does anybody know which day the Twickenham section will be included in the evening standard?

  7. Coco

    SSSShhhhhh! We don’t want all of London knowing how great it is to live here!

  8. Jon Paul

    And we have Strawberry Hill House.

    Despite what some snobs may like to think – that area is part of historic Twickenham too 🙂

  9. Morgs

    Don’t forget the beloved statues and our own beer…..

  10. vsteveo

    Cheaper than Richmond, yet still has the riverside and parks and 20 min train from Waterloo. York House gardens are beautiful by the river and great pubs for all weather. Sussex Arms for it’s real ales, white swan for river locationa and log fires, fox and eel pie for church lane fun. And the number of TV adverts and programmes that use Church Lane as a backdrop is numerous!

  11. Kate H

    Moved here from Chiswick recently and its been a total revelation. There’s a great festival/event scene – more than just the June Twickenham festival – there is the strawberry hill festival, and Twickenham Alive puts on lots of stuff like the ice skating, dragon boats, regattas. Also the French market and all summer al fresco eating on church street. Christmas fairs. The Farmers Market. Sailing and rowing clubs. You can get spa treatments, you can catch an ‘ancient’ ferry for a pound, there are many, many playgrounds (even a beach playground). Love the pubs and restaurants, food shops, and green and riverside. Oh yes – and I even really enjoy that it’s a rugby town. Is that enough enthusiasm for you?

  12. Alexander Pope

    An area full of history where many famous and not-so-famous people lived. Possibly the greatest concentration of historic buildings outside Central London. And an excellent, free, local history museum, staffed by knowledgeable volunteers. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

  13. Very baby friendly for those in the family way, breastfeeding in public is not a stoneable offence, most restaurants can accommodate push chairs, scooters and smaller bikes and have high chairs and toddler friendly menus.

    Nuffield, Virgin, Almawotsit and that other Gym near the station for those inclined to sport plus Rugby, Cricket, sailing, and shooting clubs in walking distance of the town centre. I assume there is a football club as well given the running and shouting I see by craneford way.

    Low crime rate except on match days when public urination can be an issue.

    a few celebs to stalk if you’re into that kind of thing

    all in all It’s just a nice place to live

  14. What’s the problem with Tom Dick or Harry ?
    Are they ” too common ” for the likes of posh Twickenham ?

  15. Ben Makins

    Easy access to green spaces, the parks and Thames tow paths, for walking dogs or yourself, cycling, jogging……you don’t need to drive to find countryside. Rowing boats for hire. A growing range of cycle routes. Remember our rediscovered river, the Crane. The community orchard in the Medeway. Allotments. Vibrant arts scene of, choirs, theaters (Mary Wallace) and am-dram. Our own museum, arts groups, home of JMW Turner. Civic amenity and preservation groups, Friends of Radnor Gardens events, the Strawberry Hill Music Day. Sailing and rowing clubs. Growing foodie scene, with the farmers market in addition to specialist shops. Athithi, the best and most original Indian restaurant for miles. Good charity shops. How about our new promenade….better than Blackpool. Shouldn’t we do illuminations?

  16. Yvonne Hewett

    Great houses: Strawberry Hill, Marble Hill, York House, Turner’s House, and galleries – Orleans Gallery (complete with the Duck d’Orleans) and the Stables Gallery.

  17. Patricia Yonwin

    Our daughter has just moved to Twickenham, and we have enjoyed visiting her from deepest Dorset. Exploring the Oak Lane Cemetery, going to St.Mary’s on Easter Sunday and visiting several hostelry’s in around the town icluding Arthur’s on Twickenham Green. It’s on the right side of London for us travelling back and forth too. I went to school in Isleworth and we lived in Fulwell until 1983 when we moved to Dorset. Twickenham certainly is much more trendy nowadays than it was then. Here’s to more visits and I’m particularly looking forward to exploring Marble Hill Park, Ham House and the shops in Church Street.

  18. Mustn’t forget the amazing Twickenham music scene.The legacy of the Eel Pie Island and the British R’n’B scene is masses of local music from the Eel Pie Blues club, to Twickfolk, Bloomsbury jazz and Drumfire Live.

  19. Alan Winter

    15. The town is also home to one of the few remaining stamp and postcard hobby shops in the UK. Check out Twickenham Stamps & Postcards at 1A Water Lane in the Town Centre. Open Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30 – 5.00.