New Sign Planned To Put Twickenham On The Map

Richmond Council will promote the Borough’s various ‘villages’ by using a Hollywood style sign on Richmond Hill. The aim is to increase awareness of the different parts of the borough by erecting 45 foot high letters spelling out the name of each village. Twickenham is first to go and the sign will stay in place for two months before being replaced by Teddington in June. Richmond itself is next in line for the treatment. Plans to follow that with East Sheen have been put back until 2015 as the Council grapple with the thorny problem of how best to represent the space between the words ‘East’ and ‘Sheen’. A consultation on this point will take place and will be followed by an online referendum and a substantial delay.

Of the plans, a Council spokesperson said, “The wonderful view from the top of Richmond Hill is very famous and, quite rightly, protected. This new scheme gives borough residents something to enjoy when looking back up at the Hill. Passengers taking off and landing at Heathrow airport will also be able to see this iconic new landmark and we hope it will encourage new visitors to our towns. At night the lettering will be picked out in green neon. It’s a win win arrangement for the Borough of Richmond”.

The consultation opens on 1st April with full details available on El Brute’s newly revamped website.

So, will this put Richmond on the map or is it just another gimmick? Have your say below.

Another proposal to put Twickenham on the map

Proposal to put Twickenham on the map

UPDATE: In a press release dated 11.59am on 01/04/14 Richmond Council announced that after a backlash from residents on Richmond Hill the plans have now been shelved.


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17 responses to “New Sign Planned To Put Twickenham On The Map

  1. Believe it or not there actually was a proposal in the sixties or early seventies for a flyover somewhere around Twickenham Green. Blighted properties for a little while.

  2. Purple Haze

    This reminds me of something many years back when some trusties from a open-prison did some creative gardening.
    They were planting daffodil bulbs on a massive road embankment to brighten the place up, but got a bit bored with it all and decided to arrange the bulbs into shapes.
    So when the flowers came up in the Spring, they spelled out profanities when viewed from a distance or the air.
    Maybe we could try something like that in Richmond Park to entertain air travellers?

  3. anonymouse

    They’ve got a sign like that in Basildon, despite the lack of a hill.

  4. Twinkle Lady Love

    april fool fat and boring

  5. Anonymous


  6. It’s no dafter than the new sites for our bus stops.

    • boanerges

      O Mr Squire – how lucky to have foresight that you know the newly sited bustops are going to be a “daft idea”. Why not wait to see if the plan actually works, and then grouse if it doesn,t?

    • Busrideinthepark

      erm it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the new M&S stop involves either the bus stopping in the layby several feet in front of the shelter, where the passengers will presumably have to lunge from the shelter to the front doors of the bus or (/and, if there is more than one bus ) by the shelter where the road narrows to one lane. It also precludes anyone catching the 33 unless they walk across town to the York House stop.

      It all seems a bit daft, and probably beyond a joke if you are elderly and struggling…….

  7. carolyn wilson

    HAHAHA! Love it.

  8. Karen

    Happy April Fools !

  9. Robert Smith

    A quite brilliant idea. If you temporarily forget where you live all you will need to do is lift your eyes heavenwards and there will be the answer in 40ft high letters! Also it will help children lucky enough to live in this area with their reading from an early age. One solution to presentation of the gap between “East” and “Sheen” would be to revert to the ancient spelling and just call it “Shene” although I have a feeling that Shene referred to what we now call Richmond. Anyway, a great leap forward.

  10. Anonymous

    Brilliant idea! Love it. Make letters bigger tho

  11. Anonymous

    Good one !

  12. Yvonne Hewett

    Love it! Happy April 1st.