Embankment Progress & a Cultural Hub

Cor blimey Guvnor, will you look at the size of that! Huge is what it is! And what it is, is the Twickenham Embankment taking shape with new trees and a new road surface.

Where trees but no cars go?

Where trees but no cars go?

For a piece of land that’s been covered with tidal water a fair few times over the last couple of months and with cars for much of its time prior to that, it’s coming together nicely. With no cars on the tarmac it’s possible to see just what an impressive piece of river frontage it really is. Look a little closer and you’ll see spray paint markings which we assume are for the re-institution of parking bays. The scheme plans do include four crossing points but it also seems likely that much of the car parking will return. That’s a shame. Now, we’re not saying that all parking should be done away with and replaced by some kind of cycle storage for wearers of Lycra and Hush Puppies (ideally not at the same time) and we’re definitely not recommending a giant shoe rack for pedestrians either, but as well as new planting and surfacing work, a reduction in the number of cars parked along Embankment would make a significant improvement. We’re guessing Eel Pie Islanders might disagree but the Council should help make other parking available and, well, sometimes you just gotta take one for the team.

Meanwhile El Brute has been trumpeting the proposed community arts building thingy that’s planned for the Royal Mail Sorting Office Site development. This isn’t new news but the Council seem to want to talk about it. D’oh, and now we are too! The intention is for it to include space for theatre, music, dance, films, exhibitions and events. Opening is planned for the spring of 2016. The Council have been in discussion with the developer St James about it and more consultation is planned although it’s not entirely clear who will actually run the thing once it’s built. It’s part of the much bigger regeneration of that site and as we’ve said before we reckon it’s a pretty good development. There’ll be 82 new homes. Part of the scheme will be a gated development which we assume is for people who want to live in Twickenham but not really be part of the community. As for the name, Brewery Wharf, well apparently there used to be a brewery nearby. But as for a proper wharf on that shallow little River Crane of ours, we’re still waiting to hear more about that but aren’t holding our breath.

Former sorting office site

Former sorting office site

* LBRuT Embankment work press release
* LBRuT community building


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3 responses to “Embankment Progress & a Cultural Hub

  1. Tanya

    Thought you might be interested to know that the company have released some pricing details for Brewery Wharf – this was emailed out to people who’d registered an interest:
    “Indications are that our 1 bedroom apartments will be starting from approximately £450,000 and 2 beds from £520,000 with a separate launch for the houses later in the year.”
    £450,000 for a one bed flat? Didn’t the council trumpet that this devlopment would feature affordable housing? Am I just being really naive to believe the council??

  2. Anonymous

    I thought I couldn’t be a bigger Twickerati fan, then you go and put an Arcade Fire reference in your photo caption…