Heathrow Airport Consultation – Last Call

Some sky (where planes go)

Some sky (where planes go)

If you love big aeroplanes flying low overhead then Heathrow’s expansion plans are just the ticket for you. Despite the intention to kick any official decision on a third, or even fourth, Heathrow runway into the post-2015 election long grass, there’s still plenty of lobbying and debate going on. The airport wants to hear the views of local residents and businesses (apparently) and there’s an opportunity to provide feedback up until 16th March. It’s focused on their shortlisted proposal of a third runway to the north west of the airport. The main point seems to be about gauging people’s priorities in terms of their concerns. In other words, it’s very much about how to address the issues “when planning a new runway” rather than the question of whether or not there should be one in the first place. Obviously the airport’s view on this is a resounding ‘yes’.

There’s also a series of “local consultation events” where folks like you (yes, you) can turn up, see the plans in more detail and ask questions. Several dates have been and gone but remaining fixtures include sessions in Richmond (5th March, Duke St Church, 12.00-8.00pm), Hounslow (6th March) and Brentford (8th March).

So, if you want to find out more, tell Heathrow what you think of their plans, or simply need somewhere to dodge the latest downpour, then these could be for you.

* Heathrow Airport Local Consultation Events
* Heathrow Airport Consultation Page  (Deadline 16th March)
* Richmond Heathrow Campaign
* El Brute Heathrow Page


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4 responses to “Heathrow Airport Consultation – Last Call

  1. david

    Does anyone know how many Heathrow Consultations there have been – bit like the DFS sale isn’t it – as soon as one ends…. another one starts

  2. twickerman

    My vote goes to Gatwick as its easier to get to than Heathrow. Although it wouldn’t be if there was a proper rail link to Heathrow from Twickenham.

    Gatwick’s also cheaper, quicker & easier to deliver and NIOBY!

    • Rufus McDufus

      Actually you can get some bargain taxi rates to Gatwick too, cheaper than Heathrow.

      I just know even if there was a rail link to Heathrow, they’d probably charge the earth for it, plus the extra trains would create even more havos with the road crossings.

  3. Paul

    Would you prefer to be stabbed in the front or the back ?