Pics of the Week

You’re bored with pictures of high tides and flooded cars, aren’t you? Of course you are. Well here are a few pics that don’t show that kind of thing. Well, not quite exactly that kind of thing.

Some blue skies at last over the River Thames by Richmond Bridge. More please.


But the recent rain & strong currents have all proved a bit too much for this boat, poor little fella.


A fallen tree along the towpath. Or a woolly mammoth emerging from the swamp? Now that’s more like it.


Marble Hill House and its temporary lake. A prototype for next year’s winter ice rink perhaps?

Marble Hill House (& lake) [courtesy of  Garth Tucker]

Marble Hill House (& lake)
[courtesy of Garth Tucker]


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3 responses to “Pics of the Week

  1. Ed

    Apparently a sink-hole opened up on the A316 this morning, explaining the afternoon traffic chaos

  2. Yvonne Hewett

    Definitely a woolly mammoth.

  3. The little boat survived another tide but on a different note and prob one for the High Street update, what has happened to the Kings Arms in Albion Road ? all boarded up and big bloke down pub told me and I quote..yeah its closed down but watch this space…..