Floods: Council Information Page & a Dose of Community Spirit

And again on Monday...

Twickenham Embankment

El Brute has responded to the current flood risk by creating a page on its website on all things flood related. Some areas of the borough are at risk, namely riverside properties in Teddington, Hampton and Hampton Wick. Residents identified as most at risk will receive sandbags. The page gives additional details about sandbags, helplines and provides links to advice and information sources. And of course, with all that water in the Thames plus some high tides we can also expect to see plenty of the wet stuff sloshing around Twickenham Embankment and Riverside too.

So, we’ve seen Cameron, Clegg and Ed Minibrand all don waders for a photo opportunity. The question on everyone’s lips must surely be, “When will we see the Blue Baron doing the same?”. Watch this space. Meanwhile the Council’s flood risk strategy consultation is still open for comments.

* Richmond Council Flood Page
* Previously on twickerati: El Brute consulting on flood risk strategy

Those friendly folks at Arthurs Restaurant on Twickenham Green are collecting food and drinks to take to people in Shepperton who have been flooded out. If you have something you’d like to donate then drop it off at Arthurs. They’ve already taken one van load down there and will be taking their second delivery on Saturday. Make sure you take any donations there by 3.00pm on Saturday 15th Feb, and ideally between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on that day. We’re guessing the flood victims won’t have much, or indeed any power, so bottled drinks and food that doesn’t need cooking might be best?

https://twitter.com/ArthursTwick or http://www.arthursonthegreen.co.uk/


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20 responses to “Floods: Council Information Page & a Dose of Community Spirit

  1. nemesis

    Maintenance of infrastructure, upon which so much depends should be one of the top priorities for Government. But much of that maintenance is boring and invisible to everyday experience – until it fails.
    The powers that be do not think long term and far prefer to splash the cash on eye-catching vanity projects HS2, windturbines etc.

  2. Ok so why are they selling off Richmond riverside ? ..scuse my ignorance here

    • michelangelo

      The Rich & Twick article states that it is to be bought by Orchard Street on behalf of St James’ Place. It does not say is/are who the “they” bob asks about, but it is not the Council, as the article reminds us that this land was sold by Richmond Council 20 years ago

  3. Sazzy

    Spot on boanerges. Didnt “interfere” when 96% of the Parish of St Marys Twickenham (aka his constituents) voted against the LDs selling off Twickenham Riverside and refused to criticise his colleagues for ignoring public opinion…hence the shift in power..

    • Alexis

      I’m with Sazzy and Boanerges about our LibDem MP Vince Cable, even more so since reading “Battle cry from Cable” on page 7 of this week’s R&TT.
      Somewhat patronisingly he refers to his Conservative opponent, Dr Tania Mathias thus: “I have met her a few times and she seems nice enough, but I do not consider her more of a threat than those I have seen off in the past” He goes on to say. “I start with a large majority of well over 10,000 as well.” So, no threat to the security of his seat then!
      This smacks of remarkable arrogance from someone who has spent a long time in the hunt for election and power, the achievement of which seems to have gone to his head. I see no respect for those who will probably vote him back into power, simply an assumption of right.
      If we don’t think about it, we get what we deserve. Sadly, unlike Richmond, our end of the borough seems to think that he’s a jolly good chap although few can say what he has actually done for us – remember that he doesn’t get involved in local issues especially when the LibDems are in power.

    • Walkinthepark

      I think a lot of us are very grateful he has come out with some good sense on schools. Quite a few wouldn’t be faced with finding out shortly that they do not have a school place, or one they can access, or not being allocated a place at any of the six schools they expressed a preference for, if good sense had prevailed and faith schools had heeded his appeal to be more community minded and have inclusive admissions. Or even if the only new primary and secondary school in the borough, gifted with the perfect site, had agreed to his proposal to give priority for only 50% of it’s places to those meeting the faith criteria. Just wait for the letters in the RTT when the consequences become apparent. Many more applicants than places this year at primary, and secondary, level…………

  4. http://www.richmondandtwickenhamtimes.co.uk/news/11009846.Investors_shell_out___64m_for_Richmond_Riverside/

    Sorry to go O/T here with all this serious stuff…but this caught my eye.

    I recognised this part…
    Anyone have any idea what’s going on here
    Someone buying up a chunk of Richmond right near the bridge ?

  5. Simon H

    Not having been in Twickers much of late, has the embankment really flooded or is just high tides?

    • Ed

      Anyone who lives on Eel Pie will tell you that waders are often required to get off the island on a high tide. The “flooding” there has been no different to normal spring tide stuff.

    • Rufus McDufus

      The water level has been managed by the lock system so the level has been consistently high, but not flooding. Sadly the poor saps upstream have been getting the worst of it partly due to this flood management.

  6. Walinthelake

    Have they been monitoring the noise on social media? I looked earlier this week for a concerned old lady and it was basically saying get on with it yourself, not helpful if you are virtually housebound. There was also an interesting multi agency floodplan missing pages 3-13. http://www.richmond.gov.uk/lbrut_flood_plan.pdf Given the slickness of current consultations etc, it looks like something someone not very skilled, or important, knocked up on Word. I suppose well done for coming back from that state of priority to doing the right thing.

  7. Garth Tucker


    I very much enjoy receiving the twickerati email, and as someone who occasionally takes his camera with him when walking around Twickenham how could I offer you the occasional snap?

    I have attached a photo as an experiment but as it does not portray flooding it lacks a certain topicality. But, who knows what may lie ahead?

    All best wishes.

    Garth Tucker

  8. bob

    yes, its a ‘flood page’, nothing really there, just the normal common-sense advice… at least there is a link to the Environment agency.. direct link to map, just put in your town.. 🙂

  9. Diana Safieh

    hey loving your blog but maybe cos i am new to twickenham i am still trying to figure out who/what u mean by el brute. the council? vincent cable? Or is he the blue baron? Thanks! Dee

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      El Brute = LBRuT / London Borough of Richmond upon Thames / Richmond Council (irrespective of which party is in control). Based at York House in Twickenham.
      Blue Baron = Tory Council Leader Lord True. Sometimes referred to as the Duke of York [House].
      The Yellow Knight = Stephen Knight, Lib Dems leader at the Council. (Works well when Baron versus Knight phrasing is needed).
      Vince Cable = Doesn’t really have a name as he features less in local news but sometimes referred to as “St Vincent de Cable” or “Our Vince” because everyone loves their local MP being a bigwig in central govt. Don’t they??

    • boanerges

      Twickerati rightly says “Vince Cable = Doesn’t really have a name as he features less in local news..” – that is because he is seldom in the constituency. He did say in 2009 that he “does not interfere in local matters”!

    • Well Vince did support the ” save twickenham film studios ‘

      But that have been a photo opportunity