And again on Monday...
Twickenham Embankment
El Brute has responded to the current flood risk by creating a page on its website on all things flood related. Some areas of the borough are at risk, namely riverside properties in Teddington, Hampton and Hampton Wick. Residents identified as most at risk will receive sandbags. The page gives additional details about sandbags, helplines and provides links to advice and information sources. And of course, with all that water in the Thames plus some high tides we can also expect to see plenty of the wet stuff sloshing around Twickenham Embankment and Riverside too.

So, we’ve seen Cameron, Clegg and Ed Minibrand all don waders for a photo opportunity. The question on everyone’s lips must surely be, “When will we see the Blue Baron doing the same?”. Watch this space. Meanwhile the Council’s flood risk strategy consultation is still open for comments.

* Richmond Council Flood Page
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Those friendly folks at Arthurs Restaurant on Twickenham Green are collecting food and drinks to take to people in Shepperton who have been flooded out. If you have something you’d like to donate then drop it off at Arthurs. They’ve already taken one van load down there and will be taking their second delivery on Saturday. Make sure you take any donations there by 3.00pm on Saturday 15th Feb, and ideally between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on that day. We’re guessing the flood victims won’t have much, or indeed any power, so bottled drinks and food that doesn’t need cooking might be best?