Pic of the Week: Eel Pie Pub Refurb

The Eel Pie on Church Street is currently getting a major makeover. The ground floor space is getting extended into where the toilets used to be and the ‘facilities’ are being moved upstairs. The new look will divide the pub up into more clearly defined different areas (the sporty bit, the relaxy bit, etc) and they’re even going to start doing food n everything. It’s the modern way, you know. The pub is due to re-open later in February. Good luck to ’em.

The Eel Pie - work in progress

The Eel Pie – work in progress

You can take a a look at more updates on their Facebook page.

Meanwhile, at the other end of town, The Prince Blucher is also getting the major refurb works. Work is well underway and it too is set to re-open later this month. You can see a picture of the work there on their Twitter feed.

(And in other news, we’ve seen that The Royal Oak looks set to become a sports bar – or at least that’s what one pub website said)


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13 responses to “Pic of the Week: Eel Pie Pub Refurb

  1. For a recent update on the Royal Oak please look at the “What Pub” website or app from CAMRA,

  2. Chris

    I’m pretty sure that the Royal Oak won’t be a sports bar – looks like becoming a precitably on trend upmarket pub/bar called Stokes and Moncrieff. Looking forward to seeing of it’s any good.

  3. Bess

    The lease at The Royal Oak is currently for sale with Fleurets – apparently not under offer yet…Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that its not going to be a Sports Bar!

  4. Are they including wheelchair access?

    • Anonymous

      as I remember, the eel’s toilet was quite small, as are many others.. many new ones have stairs, so can provide far better facilities… yes, I HAVE been in a loo, that is only barely wider than me!!! :/

    • Anonymous

      ah, you need to look at face book… 🙂

  5. Hester Huttenbach

    Why is it that all the pub refurbishments decide to put the loos upstairs..the Fox, the Blucher, the Eel Pie. Us older individuals do not count as disabled (will there be disabled loos downstairs?) but start to struggle with stairs!

  6. @twickerati. Did you mean the Prince Blucher or were you referring to cost cutting somewhere ?