Twickenham Station commuters
Twickenham Station commuters
Just when you started to wonder if the redevelopment of Twickenham station was all just a dream given the complete lack of communication over the last few months and, hey presto, a drop in session suddenly appears. So here we go! It’s time for Solum Regeneration to reveal the details and timing of their plans for the station and the flats and shops they’re building. Except that it isn’t going to be quite like that.

According to the blurb from the Council, the focus of the session which is being put on by Network Rail and the South West Trains Alliance (who they?), is on the platform level improvements. In fact, it even makes reference to the £1.6m funding from the Greater London Authority which, among other things, will be used to improve the footbridge over the tracks. The money, whilst welcome, comes not from the developer Solum but from one of Boris’s budget pots. Some have pondered on this very site why additional funding was needed to put basic platform and bridge improvements in place rather than them being part of the developer’s scheme. But what do we humble folk know about how such weighty decisions are taken?

The intention now seems to be to get some basic station improvements through before the 2015 rugby World Cup and leave ‘the big build’ until after the tournament has finished. In fact the details on the El Brute website make clear that this meeting is all about the platform work and not the wider project which means those interested in the detail of Solum’s plans will just have to wait a little longer.

The session is on 29th January from 4.00pm. A presentation is scheduled for 6.30pm. The fun takes place in the Churchill Suite at Twickenham Stadium.

* Richmond Council Press Release