Twickenham Station: Drop In Session on 29th Jan

Twickenham Station commuters

Twickenham Station commuters

Just when you started to wonder if the redevelopment of Twickenham station was all just a dream given the complete lack of communication over the last few months and, hey presto, a drop in session suddenly appears. So here we go! It’s time for Solum Regeneration to reveal the details and timing of their plans for the station and the flats and shops they’re building. Except that it isn’t going to be quite like that.

According to the blurb from the Council, the focus of the session which is being put on by Network Rail and the South West Trains Alliance (who they?), is on the platform level improvements. In fact, it even makes reference to the £1.6m funding from the Greater London Authority which, among other things, will be used to improve the footbridge over the tracks. The money, whilst welcome, comes not from the developer Solum but from one of Boris’s budget pots. Some have pondered on this very site why additional funding was needed to put basic platform and bridge improvements in place rather than them being part of the developer’s scheme. But what do we humble folk know about how such weighty decisions are taken?

The intention now seems to be to get some basic station improvements through before the 2015 rugby World Cup and leave ‘the big build’ until after the tournament has finished. In fact the details on the El Brute website make clear that this meeting is all about the platform work and not the wider project which means those interested in the detail of Solum’s plans will just have to wait a little longer.

The session is on 29th January from 4.00pm. A presentation is scheduled for 6.30pm. The fun takes place in the Churchill Suite at Twickenham Stadium.

* Richmond Council Press Release


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22 responses to “Twickenham Station: Drop In Session on 29th Jan

  1. Purple Haze

    Nice to see the mass of graffitti, broken bottles and urine that appeared on Friday night, under the station in Marys’ Terrace, still hasn’t been cleaned up. Total disgrace.

    • Rufus McDufus

      Those steps seem to have been a meeting place for people who like dropping cans, bottles and bodily waste for some years. Has anyone ever seen them?

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear
      Purple Haze and Rufus McDufus post about graffitti, waste and bottles and the people guilty of such offences. In reality this is just a coded complaint about Richmond College and the so called ‘anti-social behaviour’ of the students. You find it disgraceful that others don’t share your cultural values and they should conform to your middle class mores.
      When the Lib-Dems retake the council at the next election (and we certainly will), having your noses rubbed in some cultural diversity will take the smirk out of your smugness.

      Re-value houses for council tax, charge Capital Gains Tax on all property sales and build homes on allotments.

    • Rufus McDufus

      I think you’ve made a bit of an embarrassing mistake. Firstly they don’t have classes late at night as far as I can tell, and those steps near Mary’s Terrace aren’t on the way to Richmond College.

    • boanerges

      so you are quite happy for people to drop litter wherever they like?How about in front of where you live? And graffiti on your front door?
      I don’t think the Council is in charge of re-valuing for council tax or setting CGT. Perhaps you are visualizing a LibDem government? I think the appropriate comment is “doh”

    • Alexis

      Oh dear!
      I fear that RMcD and boanerges have been had by a cyber prankster who pulled the same stunt on those who defended Teddington which had been described as a “crap town” in an article in the R&TT. In that case, the only difference was that anonymous wanted to build 50,000 homes in Bushy Park – nice one, Sir or Madam!

      Does anyone else remember the wonderful “Henry Root” letters penned by the late Bill Donaldson which suckered in so many of the great and good?
      Sometimes things that look too silly, really are, so perhaps we should all lighten up a bit and have a chuckle especially since, judging by letters in the R&TT, the local election campaign seems to have got under way, led as usual by the ever-pugnacious LibDem, Sir David – perhaps anonymous is a closet Tory determined to get the first punch in before the dastardly LibDem attack dogs realise they might have been outsmarted?

      If so, excellent! Its high time they got back a little of what they have been so good at dishing out.

    • michelangelo

      I’m not so sure. To paraphrase the revered definition of inductive reasoning: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a LibDem supporter.

  2. When I read the post first, I thought that it referred to “slum regeneration”!!

  3. Jon-Paul

    I went to the presentation and the key facts are:

    * About £5.5 million is to be spent on the platform works
    * The platform buildings will be knocked down and rebuilt to be slightly slimmer, and will be glass and aluminium (perfect for vandals)
    * The coffee shop will be smaller & no other waiting rooms will be provided
    * The match-day footbridge will be demolished and replaced by a steel one, with the staircase up reorientated so the steps face London
    * The ceiling to the canopy will finally be replaced, after an absence of three years
    * The public footbridge will be sandblasted and repainted
    * The footbridge to the booking hall will just be repainted
    * Two new mini shelters will be installed further along the platform
    * St Mary’s Terrace will lose light as a wall of tall advertising signs will be built along the boundary – infilling the gaps in the wall.
    * The Station wont be painted until just before the 2015 Rugby World Cup

    The audience generally thought the only focus was on rugby spectators with no thought given to locals,e.g. lack of waiting room when coffee shop is closed, having to wait until 2015 for a repaint when it urgently needs doing now. Questions was asked why there was no soft landscaping and why the area around the Station like platforms 1 & 2 look like a landfill tip.

    Some thought an awful lot of money was being spent with very little to show for it.

    • anonymouse

      The million or so rugby world cup fans expected in 2015 had better start queueing now for the new stair lifts (aka step free access).
      Sadly, there won’t be any proper lifts until 2017 or 2018.

  4. twickerman

    The Mayor’s £1.6m contribution to the station platform and bridge improvements was added to Solum’s planning application at the 11th hour.

    But now El Brute and NR/SWT seem to be claiming that it’s not related to Solum. This is probably to sidestep the proper planning process and neighbour consultations (Community Liaison Group).

    Solum’s planning application was unusually vague about the platform improvements. It included 3 different options that appeared to have been sketched on the back of a fag packet.

    It now looks certain that the main station works won’t start until after the RWC in Sept/Oct 2015.
    Therefore it’s likely the 3 year build won’t be finished until late 2018…or maybe some time in 2019!

    I recall Lord True repeatedly promising that the station would be finished in time for the RWC. Maybe he meant RWC2019!!!

    • Simon H

      Yes, and you and TRAG are completely blameless, I suppose?

    • twickerman

      Residents have every right to campaign for a station that is fit for purpose.

      Had Solum presented an acceptable design it would have been finished in time for the RWC2015.

      Unfortunately, their approach and design were sub-standard, as was the planning process that was heavily criticised by the JR judge.

      On the other hand the sorting office development was well consulted and designed, and consequently sailed through planning with only minor modifications.

      It’s the station developer, Solum, that has failed us all, not the residents.

    • Simon H

      Bobbins. TRAG just didn’t know when to stop.

    • Purple Haze

      There are always going to be people who agree or disagree with this development and the way it has been handled.
      Ticking the thumbs up or thumbs down boxes is not a true indicator of opinion or of intelligent feedback either, as this is easily manipulated by vested interests.
      What has been disappointing throughout the whole business are the verbal attacks and personal slights aimed at TRAG and some of its members.
      -An organization that represents the democratic and legitimate concerns of a group of residents.

  5. Purple Haze

    At the meeting it would be interesting to find out why the £1.6m funding from the GLA will be used to improve the footbridge over the tracks, amongst other things.
    You might even question why the station and footbridge is in such a poor state in the first place because of the chronic lack of investment over the decades.
    Ask Solum and Network Rail why aren’t the proposed platform and bridge improvements part of their development scheme?
    Surely they are a crucial part of improving the station infrastructure?
    Or is the end game just to ignore all of that, get someone else to pay for it, and put those flats up asap?
    It all sounds like a sweetener from the GLA to the developers and the RFU, so things get tarted up before the rugby world cup.

  6. michelangelo

    The actual presentation isn’t until 6.30 and it won’t be by Solum but by British Rail. There is a rumour going round that Solum has withdrawn. Has anyone else heard that?

    • twickerman

      I’ve heard a rumour that British Rail were disbanded in the 20th century 😉
      Try the NR/SWT Alliance…or summat like that.

  7. Hmm, 4pm at the rugby stadium. That isn’t really going to capture your average commuter who will still be toiling away over their desk at that time. Why not at the station itself? Could it be that they didn’t fancy facing the commuters of Twickenham en masse?

  8. Since the majority of station users clearly can’t get to any one place at any one time – is the presentation going to be recorded or content otherwise put online to inform those who have a real interest but must be elsewhere