Like Twickenham? Here at twickerati HQ we do. What about you, Sir? And you, Madam? Well, local mum and dog owner, Michelle Reynolds, certainly likes Twickenham. In fact she likes it so much she’s written a guest item about it especially for us. Here’s what she has to say…


Michelle + baby + dog
Michelle, plus baby & Ronnie

On the plane home to the UK after living in New York for three years, my husband gave me his ‘to do’ list for the year ahead. “Get a dog. Buy a house. Have a baby”. So we turned our back on city centre life and three years later, here I am in leafy Twickenham, living the dream! Yes I am one of those mummies with buggies who steamroll over you the minute you step outside of your Twickers abode. I also tend to be dragged along by Ronnie, an unruly Boxer cross mutt. Factor in the other hairy boy in my life – my husband – and we are quite the traveling circus.

It turns out that Twickenham is the ideal spot for us to pitch our tent. Not only are there many beautiful parks in which to walk our hound (Crane Park and Marble Hill are my favourites for avoiding ‘Fenton’ type incidents), but so-called ‘Nappy Valley’ has many shops, cafes and amenities open to a mummy with a baby and a doggy.

The home away from home for any sleep deprived Mum is, of course, the coffee shop. H&H also cater for your furry friend with doggy latte (a water bowl) and an endless supply of dog biscuits, but if you prefer to support your local independent caffeine pusher, check out Coffee Lab in Twickenham and Grounded in St Margarets. The barista at Coffee Lab won the heart of Ronnie with lots of tickles and didn’t seem to mind when my little girl used her toy dinosaur to flick the foam from her babyccino around the cafe.

Other establishments who welcome patrons of the nappied and collared variety include:
– Most of Twickenham’s pubs – special mention to The Turk’s Head and The Sussex Arms.
– Arthurs on the Green who can normally be relied upon to rustle up a spare sausage for your pooch.
– Happicraft who allowed me to road test my new buggy in their shop with the mutt at my side.

What really makes Twickenham feel like home however, are the supportive communities of parents and of dog walkers. I can’t leave the house without bumping into someone I know because either our kids or dogs play together. We discuss dog training methods or how to get a baby to eat their greens and every time we make a connection I feel happier about moving away from the isolated and transitory life that characterises city centre living. It turns out that Twickenham is indeed home sweet home for my furry boys, my sweet baby girl, and me.

Michelle Reynolds is a local mum and dog owner. And, as of now, she can claim to have contributed to twickerati too.

So you’ve just read about some of the things that Michelle likes. What about you? What do you love about Twickenham?

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